The Skin Insanity

*different streamers talking* *streamers sreaming like little girls*
*Ear Rape* Skinsanity. Skin. Insanity. Today i’m gonna be talking about that. ♫ Intro music ♫ So a lot of you (at this point) are pretty aware on what the skin insanity is. I’ve referenced it in many videos. Prior to this one. In short the skin-insanity is basically a disease. No one knows whether it’s airborne, blood borne or something the government put in the water. The skin-insanity itself, manifested individuals by giving them an unquenchable thirst To obtain every single skin in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Each individual tries to obtain the skins in their own unique way. Some will steal their dad’s credit card and attempt to gamble all of his earnings to get more CS:GO skins… …and further feeding the insanity. While other individuals purposly overreact on a twitch stream in an attempt to get the money back, they lost betting on the skins and to the few individuals that have no means to feed the skin insanity they devolve into something we like to call “Stomedy” Stomedy: “Guess who it is? Guess again. Wrong!” Stomedy: “It’s Stomedy.” So before we delve into the skin insanity, we need to talk about the origins of the skin insanity. Where did it come from? What is this world wide phenomenon that has caused so many retards to scream at their computer monitor when they get a knife made of fucking pixels… ♫ halloween style music ♫ The skin insanity itself, of course, originates from gaming companies and the youtube legends “Silvermania” actually got an interview with Gabe Newell. If any of you don’t know who Silvermania are I think they insulted TotalBiscuit on a stream and that’s *mufffled* i …I think that’s all they’re known for… SIlvermainia Guy: “Hey, hows it going?” Gabe (God): “Eh.. Fine.. Greeetings.” Silver: “Alright Mr. Newell, I’ve got some questions for ya…” Gabe: “Call me Gabe.” Silver: “Okay, thanks… alright” “First question…” “What do you think of the current state of the gaming industry?” Gabe: “It sucks.” Silver: “You care to elaborate?” Gabe: “uhh, not really.” Now for Gabe Newell, one of the most influential people in gaming as a whole… …to say that gaming has pretty much gone to shit, that shows that… something is really really wrong. You see, gaming seems to have reached the point where… …game developers have stopped making games and… now they’re more interested in funding current games that they’ve already made. A perfect example is unfortunately again Valve. I was about to take the piss out of Blizzard but they’ve just released Overwatch so they get a pass for now. Even though i do have to admit, every single Blizzard employee is totally 100% brain dead for allowing lootboxes into a fully priced $60 game I.. I.. I love ♥Roadhog♥ so they…they get a pass. The problem is with Valve they’ve actually made a string of incredibly successfull games take DOTA or Left For Dead just to name a few. And the problem is now that they’re sitting on billions of billions of dollars, they’ve got… incredibly fucking lazy instead of developing new IPs or continuing new game franchises they just develop more into games that already existing and this doesnt sound bad by no extent but they seem to be developing their current games in a really negative way. Like for example the recent trend in “cosmetic” items. Items that give you no fucking benefits to the game whatsoever but “they look so shiny…” Oheahheah These cosmetic items are probably making companies more fucking money then if they released a new IP anyway. The actual community backing these skins is absolutly amazing and I’m gonna focus mainly on Counter-Strike for the time being but obviously there are many other games that have cosmetic items, that give you no gameplay advantage whatsoever, but “they just look shi-” now the other problem with cosmetic items is the community, and the thing is with Valve and other companies… they’re gonna keep making these cosmetic bullshit that makes them probably millioins of dollars turn over each year, if you keep giving them your money. Now by no means am i saying that every single person watching this video would steal their parent’s credit card and put it all on CS:GO rumble just so they can get the StatTrak fade fedora. But what i am saying is, no matter how little you put into the machine, you’re still keeping it fueled to some extent. Now we’ve addressed the origins of the skin insanity. I think it’s time to talk about part 2, the people that promote it. ♫ halloween style music ♫ Now when i mean a promoter of the skin insanity i mean an individual that is plagued with the disease and all it’s symptoms. And this individual of course craves the skins of CS:GO and instead of keeping it to themselves, in their room and simply using their dads credit card or some money they got from working at a pizzeria, the individual instead chooses to broadcast their misfortune on various streaming websites, such as Twitch where they unbox a bunch of shitty CS:GO cases and one in a million chance that they actually get a decent drop, they over react to total shit like a baboon just climbed up there asshole *insane happy cheering* now the majority of you watching this video, probably believe that these gentlemen in this video are absolute braindead retards. And when they get past the third letter in the alphabet, they’re rewarded with some alphabetti spaghetti which they proceed to eat with their elbows. But even though these people look like their synapses are totally defunced, they are infact, the most clever, sneaky crafty bastards probably to ever exist on the internet. Because all of these streamers have worked out an incredibly basic but valuable formula. Reaction equals exposure times profit so the more of a, bombastic and explosive reaction any of these guys give to opening a case or anything in anytype of video game the more chance that more veiwers will stumble onto their stream the more it will blow up therefore getting them more profit in the long run. Now forgive me for not being a psychologist but, i’m pretty sure every single individual who has opened a case live on stream has had some kind of purpose overreaction in an attempt to hype up the situation more. Because all of these individuals know that if they give a bigger reaction they will get more profit in the long run. It’s basically an endless cycle of investment. They buy cases, they react, you watch their reaction, they get money. It’s a perfect cycle thats been going on for ages and people complain about it but, it’s gonna keep happening and probably never stop as long as people give in to the skin Insaniy. The worst thing is this buisness model pretty much originated from mobile gaming, like for example: Clash Of Clans You could build stuff or complete objectives and they would take fucking ages, days sometimes and you could skip it with what we like to call: A freemium currency, a currency thats in the game but not really obtainable unless you use real world money of course you could grind it but you probably have three generations of children by the time you got enough to get the amount that you need hense why spending money on a free game looks so lucrative. This is exactly why game developers don’t feel the need to develop new games… This is why they like to stick to what they’re doing taking money through these game transactions. Through these, freemium currencies, skins, even though these companies are not releasing games anymore they are still having massive profit turn overs from the amount of people giving into the skin insanity and to the people that think the skin insanity hasn’t jumped to the opposite sex yet… take a look at this clip: *girls mumbeling* *total overreaction* ♫ halloween style music ♫ Unfortunatly, we’re all gonna have to come the conclusion that the skin insanity is here to stay. It’s roots have gotten too deep in the gaming community to uproot at this time, and CS:GO is just a small case in a variety of games that have also developed the skin insanity CS:GO is just one in a million of diffrent games that have developed their own skin insanity. So if the skin insanity can’t be fully eradicated… The next best thing, is to control it these huge corporations want you to spend all your parent’s credit card money, they want you to make that extra gamble, they want you to lose they want you to win because no matter what happens they get some kind of profit from what ever action you’ve taken now by no means am i saying to stop gambling and no means am i saying to stop watching your favorite twich streamer, but you need to learn about… “Self Control” You need to train yourself and know when you need to stop. When you need to put the card down and stop betting everything you have in your hand becuase eventually you wont have anything left, and at that point you would have gone so insane you would’ve started rolling up cardboard and smoking it in an attempt to make enough YouTube revenue so you can start betting once more ♫ lit music ♫ ♫ lit music ♫
Stomedy: *coughing to death* The very worst thing you can do is see someone on twitch, gamble a bunch of a money to get a CS:GO skin or some kinda jackpot and they win and its glamorized to you it looks like you can win and its incredibly easy to do YOU, the everyman, can win and you can win big. But they know that they will profit no matter what and the revenue they are getting, the possible sponsorship that are involved and the veiwers watching, and donating. And chances are, you don’t have anything like that, you’re just going in blind and chances are your gonna lose quite alot of money, before you see any form of profit. If you really want that new camo or that new skin, just fucking buy it… go on the steam page and go and buy it yourself. If you really want to bet then go for it, but it’s not worth it except for the adrenaliine rush and once the adrenaline rush is gone your just left with the regret knowing that there are funds from your bank account that are missing. At the end of the day, do what you want spend your own money, just have some self control… or you could end up like Stomedy… Stomedy: *mumbeling* “fuck…shit” Stomedy: *screaming like a little girl* ♫ outro music ♫ I hope you enjoyed that video. I did feel it went a bit serious near the end but thats honestly just my opinion on the gaming industry and gambling on video games as a whole also you should go check out the guy I’m featuring right now. crowbcat, ive used some of his footage in my video today and he makes absolutely amazing content he doesnt do any commentary or voice overs he simply takes other peopes footage and uses that in his own video but sounds simple enough he crafts fucking master peices with them so be sure to check him out and give him a sub that will probably lower the chances of him copyright striking my video and again just to repeat myself i have nothing wrong with gambling or i guess any form of interaction with betting or losing or high stakes but you do need to learn self control somehting that these mega companies are not telling yo about they want you to spend every single penny you got. I hope the majority of you that watch this video took it in a more serious light i mean i did throw a few memes in there but it was honestly a more serious themed video if anything because ive had a lot of people i know that’ve basically got the skin insanity and its really ruined there life because of it. Thanks again for watching guys and new memes will resume tomorrow Audio recording: “surely you understand… it will never be enough” “so you have to ask youself, when youve finally got the ultimate promotion” “when youve made the ultimate purchase and climbed” “the latter of success to the highest rung you can possibly climb it” “and the thrill wears off” “and it will wear off” “then what” “how far do you have to walk down that road” “before you see where it leads” “none of it was really yours”

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