The Top TikTok Hits on Verified | Verified

The Top TikTok Hits on Verified | Verified

Flo Milli: How the song blew up, it was sort
of at the beginning. It went viral on Tik Tok. The Boyboy West Coast: The drink still in
my cup challenge, have you ever seen that? They’re just like dressing up like me and
they’re fucking singing and shit. Like people will just insert like things in my
hand and shit, like there was one where Fortnite, they had a chug jug in my hand or fucking
like people put like an ice cream cone or some shit. I think it’s pretty fucking funny. Bbno$: You know I get in the booth and I’m
like, “All right, all right here we go. Here we go, this is it.” And I’m like, “Nah, did I just really forget
that melody?” And then he just, maybe it’s like five or
six feet, seven feet like the booth? Y2k: Yeah. Bbno$: Maybe? And then he’s like, “No. No. No. No.” And then he just gave it back to me. And I was like, “All right, here we go.” KYLE: I actually have a really dope relationship
with the paparazzi. And it’s because they just know I’m like too
smart to give them some fucking super like, click-bait answer. You know what I mean? I been giving niggas such politically correct
answers. It’s crazy. I’m like the martial artist of politically
correct shit. And paparazzi knows I don’t get fresh to go
to the airport. So nigga, you’re not finna going to get nothing
out of this. I’m in finna roll out in some sweatpants tell
you the safest shit ever and walk away. 10k.Caash: Well the first thing I bought with
all my money that I had, the very very very very very very very very very very very first
thing that I bought. I know this might sound very very weird to
y’all, but it was a whole bunch of black tees. Like from Walmart, just a whole bunch of black
t-shirts, all medium. Cuz like it ain’t nothing like a black t-shirt. You can wear black with anything. G.U.N.: Shout out to Kaepernick man, took
that knee for everybody man. I done seen some twins in my life. Go Google guys, look up Double Mint twins. They’ll pop right up. I promise. I’mma put it like this, it’s some dudes
with some girlfriends that be on the TL like, “Oh I love my baby,” but I swear they
be with the gang. Sueco The Child: Well, anybody who has done
their fair amount of duties in the trap would know, 100 dollars is referred to as a “buck,”
25 is a “quarter,” 50 is a “fifty;” as to avoid arousing the suspicion of anyone
else listening. Ambjaay: I don’t know, something just told
me like, “Come off counting like uno, dos.” Basically, I was trying to make like a riddle
with it as far as the hook so they could catch on you know. Like it’s going to be stuck in your head. Knock them out their zapatos, like a gun,
like you feel me, knock them out their shoes. Luh Kel: I don’t like to play. Like I don’t take tests, you not finna test
me. Being in school having the song take off,
it’s good. Like people always coming to me congratulating
me at school, you know. Flo Milli: That came to me very automatically,
I was high. You don’t care about what other people think
of you. You just wanna make money and do you, and
stay in your own lane. Yeah because it’s like I’ve been in that position where girls didn’t like me over a nigga I didn’t even fucking like. Calboy: I always talk about being with the
mob. When I say the mob I just mean my gang. We so deep. I’m from the South Side of Chicago, but I
moved to Calumet City. So that’s where the 147 comes from, that’s
Sibley Boulevard is 147th. If we in a circle together, we don’t bump
heads, you feel me? We love each other. I was getting extremely high, bro, at one
point in time. And up here wasn’t all the way screwed in
so. The Boyboy West Coast: She was actually the
bartender. That’s how I…She was pouring drinks and
shit. Everyone wants to comment on the cup, but
it was just there. It was part of the…it was what I be doing. I be always sippin’ on my cups. I tried to incorporate vibes from other songs. Like, “Crib so large you could bring your
friends through” is kinda like P. Diddy’s, “You got your friends. I got my friends. We could be friends.” Lil Nas X: I wanted to be more of like a triumphant
kind of story. So it’s like the horse would be like not having much
and Old Town Road would be like that path to success and you know you taking the horse to Old
Town Road. One of the biggest memes were like…It was
like this guy standing on a horse. And he’s like riding it through some desert
or something. My favorite one though is like this cat and
it’s like hitting the whip and it’s like right on beat and like even the clap. Sueco The Child: I really fucking wish I was
an industry plant ’cause this shit would be way more fucking easier than it is right

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  1. 2:12 was not expecting him to sound proper at all! I'm like oh he's gonna sound like a lil Hood white boy , NO! TOOK ME OFF GUARD COMPLETELY.

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