The Try Guys Ruin ASMR ft. ASMR Darling

The Try Guys Ruin ASMR ft. ASMR Darling

(zipper) – Oh – Today, we’re trying ASMR. Make a soundscape. – It’s sound that makes you feel good. Everybody likes good feel good sound. (beads jingling softly) – Oh, yeah. – And we’re gonna do this
entire video in ASMR. – We’re just gonna whisper all video. (guttural vocalizations) (laughter) – This is making my mouth really dry. (loud swallowing) Much better. – If you don’t like this, I
imagine you’re already done. (laughter) (group vocalizations) – Do you mind introducing yourself? – Hey guys it’s me, ASMR Darling! – Hi ASMR Darling! – Hi! – When we talk to you,
should we call you Darling? (laughter) – Call me whatever you
want. Taylor, Darling. – For the first time in Try Guys history, my friends will have to be quiet. – Which is gonna be really hard for me because I like yelling! – Where are you from? – Florida. Orlando, Florida. – Oh! Keep it in, Ned. Keep it in. That’s awesome. – So, I’m going to teach you guys how to do some ASMR
with your own triggers. – (dragging mesh across face) And then you’re gonna jump
into your own roleplays. – Welcome to daddy-SMR. – Hold all my afternoon appointments. (whirring) – (loud crunching) – (crinkling) Thunder! Lightning! Oh, it’s roleplay? Zach keeps
telling us it’s cosplay. – It’s kind of both.
– We all got costumes. – I think we told you it’s roleplay. – You all said cosplay. – I think that Zach did
say cosplay and he’s lying right now. On camera! – I would never lie! An ASMR Cosplay You really want to do this
right now in front of Darling? You’re gonna argue with
me in front of fucking Darling?!
– Guys, calm. – Is this what you were expecting? – 100% yes. – Okay, it’s good to know our reputation precedes us. – Let’s head on over to the toy table and make some feelings. (laughing) – That sounded actually
really creepy in a way. – Yeah. – Let’s have her tee it up, okay? – Should I call it the toy table? – No, call it what you want. – Unless that’s what it’s called. – Are you guys ready to try out some ASMR? – [Try Guys] Yeah! – This is basically a binaural microphone. You have one microphone over here and another in this ear. And so, it kind of sounds like the sounds are all around you. – Oh my god. – There’s a difference
between this and this? – Yes. – You know what this reminds me of? – Yeah. – Ned Stark, first of his name. Hashtag Game of Thrones. Hashtag final season. Hastag spoiler, but not really ’cause you should already watch the show. – ‘Cause he’s beheaded? – ‘Cause he’s on a stake. – What do we think his name is? – Jason. (laughing) – It seems like ASMR is
not just the way you talk, but also how you talk. – Yeah, it helps to talk slow – Hi, Jason. – Welcome to the family. – And enunciate like T
sounds and maybe S sounds. – Can we all agree that Joffrey sucks? – Joffrey’s dead. – Can we do some vocal exercises? (percussive mouth sounds) (percussive mouth sounds)
– Sounds like we’re terrible at beatboxing. (laughs) (vocalizing Game of Thrones music) – Game of Thrones (tapping to beat of Game of Thrones music) Game of Thrones – Who do you think is
gonna trigger you the most? – Out of all you guys? – [Try Guys] Yeah.
– Why’d you have to say it like that? – Because that’s the verbiage. – That’s the verbiage? Who do you think is gonna
trigger you the most? See?
– Oh, it is gross, yeah. – Doesn’t it sound gross?
– I get it, it is gross. – Alright, who do you think
is gonna pop your brain boner? (laughing) – So, I am going to be doing
a classic ASMR simulation. You are my baby, and
(laughs) I’m your daddy. (laughing) But, you know, not in a sexual way. It’s time for you to take a bath. – Should our voice be like here or like whisper whisper? – Whatever your heart desires. – Really?
– But like, what’s better? – It depends on the person, but maybe if it’s like more down, you know?
– Down? Wow. – A close whisper. (stirring in glass) – Oh, the water’s so nice and warm. (plastic rubbing on glass) Pretend like we’re lying on
the ground with our mouths – Yeah. (laughing)
– Pretend like we’re lying on the ground with our mouths. – What does that mean?
– I understood what he means. – Yeah, yeah. – [Zach] What does that mean? – It’s like when you’re It’s like when you’re under the bed. – What are you talking about? – When you’re lying under the bed and you’re being quiet
– I don’t know what you mean. – It’s time to brush your hair. (gentle brushing of hair) – ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is basically a euphoric
tingly feeling. (laughs) (heavy sigh) People can get it on their scalp or their back or down their legs. Everyone experiences it differently. (gentle Kalimba melody) With ASMR, there is many
different kinds of things you can do to trigger it. You can tap on stuff, (tapping on metal) you can scratch stuff
(scratching on metal) – You can pour vodka in that and make a Moscow Mule. – Only some people get
the actual ASMR feeling. – How does someone know
if they’re special? (laughing) – What? – What is wrong with you guys? (laughing)
– we do the one interview as whispering, and you guys turn into insane people. (gentle brushing) – Does that trigger your ASMR? – Well, lets see. Me and Keith will whisper into
your ear at the same time. – Okay.
– And let’s see what this does for you. – Do it. (mouth noises)
– How are you feeling, Ned? – Eugene, you look jealous over there.
– Are you feeling it deep inside?
– Oh, that’s not a look of jealousy. Stay the fuck away.
– It’s not not doing anything for me. (gentle brushing)
– Meow, meow, meow I’m a kitty
– No, no, no. That’s not doing it for me.
– Meow, meow, meow, I’m a precious little kitty
– That’s not doing it for me. – I’m a little kitty.
– We’re going backwards. – I’m pawing at your ears.
– We’re going backwards. – I’m a little kitty. – Eugene, I feel like if you were a little more onboard I might, I might get a brain boner. (laughing) – I’m not gonna give
you what you just said. (laughing) – I’m Dr. Korndiddy, what
can I do for you today? – You dress up as a character, and then what do you do? – Yeah, you dress up as a character and you can use props that
your character would use. – Well, I do think that we’re
gonna have to go into surgery. (latex squeaking)
– And you use a variety of objects and you get into that character and whisper or soft speak. – Now, if you’ll just follow
me into the surgery room. (clinking in glass) – And I make notes and I have kind of like a mini script in front of me. – Joyce? Yes, Dr. Korndiddy? Please prepare my surgical tools. Oh, right away, Mr. Korndiddy. Doctor. I’m a doctor, damn it, please call me Dr. Korndiddy. I’m so sorry. – I just write down
things I know I should say that my character would say. – This is an experimental procedure, but I’m going to need
you to just trust me. – So, it’s like storytelling? – Kind of, yeah. (foam spraying) (whirring) (wet mushing) (latex squeaking on glass) (metal clanging) (foam spraying loudly) – It’s harder than it sounds. (liquid pouring into glass) – Well that’s not what I
though that tool would do. – Are there ever mid-roll ads in the middle of your (laughs) – Yes, I know a few people that do that and people hate them for it. Hate them. – Well, our audience is gonna love it ’cause it’s gonna happen right now.
– I’m gonna tell you right now I’m checking that box. We’re getting that money, dog. You’re good as new, let’s just
tape you back up, shall we? (loud unsticking) Where do you find the props that you use? – Anywhere, basically. Like, every time I go to
Target I just come home with a bunch of random props I found. – Are you just walking through the aisles going like
– Just touching stuff? – That’s exactly what I do. I will tap on things and I will not care if anyone sees me doing it. (metal scrapping on sand) Please don’t look at me like that. (laughing) (shushing) – You must look totally crazy. But then again, you’re in Florida. (laughing) – Don’t giggle, Zach. – When you see this
table what excites you? The fuck is going on?
– What is going on guys? – Oh, my god.
– We’re filming. – Take your shoes off!
– What the fuck? – Take your shoes off! (gentle tapping)
Oh, that’s good. Let me in there, let me in there. – Both you guys can try. (gentle tapping) – A lot of things make me giggle and I don’t want to be the
one that ruins this video by breaking the whisper pattern. (liquid pouring into glass)
(loud laughing) – Oh, man. – That was intense. – That was a lot. (shushing)
(laughing) – You gotta hold it
still, you can’t move it. (tapping) That’s a good plastic. (failed spritzing) – Is it even? – No, it’s spritzing at all. (successful spritzing) (laughing) ASMR. – So, what are some other ASMR triggers? – Anything visual that you do
to trigger that ASMR feeling like hand movements or using big feathers. I can see Keith is
getting into this a lot, I’m watching you over there. – Yeah, I’m amped about this. Today, I’m going to be a professor. Professor Habersberger. Oh, what a good book. Oh, hello there. – Am I allowed to snap? – Don’t do it.
(snaps) Don’t, bro. Bro.
– You just ruined it. – That’s too much? Okay.
– We just lost 30 viewers. – At least you brought your
hand away from the microphone. – Yeah, that was smart.
– Yeah. – So, good of you to join me on this Teacher Appreciation Day. Yes, it is the day where you
all have brought me gifts for me to enjoy. – It’s not my personal favorite, but a lot of people love eating ASMR. (loud crunching) (moans) – Is it the crunch or
the wet mouth sounds? (laughing) (loud crunching)
(slurping) (soft chewing) (wet mouth noises) (chewing) I am the luckiest professor at Smith County Community College. – Are there any misconceptions about ASMR? – People can say ASMR is a sexual thing just because it’s people
whispering into microphones. – We love you, Jason.
– We love you, Jason. (soft kissing) – Some kid named Jason’s
gonna think this is so creepy. – Oh, Jason’s gonna love it. – But there are sexual
ASMR videos out there. (laughing)
– Yeah. ASMRotica. That’s what they call it. – It’s not sexual,
– But it could be. – but some people make it sexual? – Yes, they actual ASMR
feeling is not sexual at all. (soft kissing) – So, there was an ASMR
Super Bowl commercial. What are your feelings about
it becoming more mainstream and more people finding out about it? – I, personally, think it’s
amazing that it’s becoming more part of pop culture. – Also, Cardi B likes it a lot. – Does Cardi B like this?
– Yeah. – Cardi B, she likes it like that. – She likes it like that?
– How do you know that? – What?
– She loves it. – But how do you know that? You can’t just keep saying it.
– Because I know about Cardi B because she did a whole Vogue or interview or something in ASMR. – Are you watching this
right now, Cardi B? – Oh, my god. Hi, Cardi!
– Hi, Cardi! – Cardi? Hello!
– Hi, Cardi! Hi! – Welcome, to Fuchsia City. I am Pokemon Master
Eugene, Eugene, Eugene. – So, when you’re creating a roleplay, how do you build the story? – I basically decide what
props I’m gonna use first, and I kind of build a
storyline around those props. – Me and my best friend Pikachu, Pikachu. (soft tapping)
(percussive mouth noises) Pikachu. Pikachu. Pikachu. Pikachu. Have traveled the world
and made many friends, but also many enemies. How long should an ASMR video be? – Anything, I would say,
longer than about 10 minutes. Anything less than 10
minutes people will be like, “this wasn’t long enough” and freak out. – Leafeon. (branches rustling) Vaporeon. (liquid pouring and fizzing) Out came Jolteon. (crinkling)
Thunder! Lightning! (crinkling)
Thunder blasting! Why do you think ASMR is important? Why do you love it so much? – When I get the ASMR feeling, it puts me in a different world. I forget all my problems, I
forget everything around me I’m just in that moment. Whatever triggered me I’m
just paying attention to that. – Umbreon appeared. (material flapping) Sylveon, Sylveon. (gentle tapping on glass) Glaceon. (clinking in glass)
– Frigid. – You have to be open-minded
when you watch an ASMR video, it’s a whole different world
and I feel bad for people that just kind of make fun of it or don’t give it a try. – After the dust subsided,
we find Eevee safe and sound. – And I know for other
people, I’ve been told that I’ve helped with their
PTSD, anxiety, insomnia. Someone said they broke their leg, and they watched my videos
to help with the pain and I guess it really helped them. – That’s amazing. – The end. – Class is dismissed. (whirring) – Take this prescription, and they’ll give you all the good drugs. (creaking) – This was awesome. Thank you to ASMR Darling for joining us and most importantly, we all
made it through the video with no one breaking character. That’s huge. (screaming) Yeah, let’s go! ASMR baby! (screaming) We made your brains get boners! (screaming) (loud stomp) (upbeat music) (soft plop)
(laughing) – Dude, you are the worst at this.

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  1. Wow, this is like a compilation of all types of sounds I hate. I hope actual asmr is better for people who like it. I mean that sounds like a cool thing.

    But this is just painful and horrible for me.

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    On a side note, ASMR Darling videos are really well done

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    They then proceed to do an ASMR cover of Game of Thrones music.

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