The Try Wives React To Iconic Try Guys Videos

The Try Wives React To Iconic Try Guys Videos

– We are reacting to old Try Guys videos. – We’re making mulled wine. – Gettin’ lit! – I’m Ariel, this is Becky. I guess this is B roll,
so you already know that. – Now I’m better than Try Guys, watch. I thought mulled wine was
just like microwaved wine. – It’s just hot wine? – I thought it was just hot! Oh, yes. In this recipe. – Oh, yass.
– Yass. We used a bottle of wine. Smells like seven dollars. A bam of honey. Bam! Two oranges. – Apple cider. – Oh, you’re just eyeballin’ it. – Yeah! – Not like putting it in a cup? – Like four-ish cups. – Star anise. – There we go. Cinnamon
sticks. And cloves. – Hot sangria. – Yeah! – It’s kinda like a hot toddy. A wine toddy.
– It’s delicious. It’s actually delicious. – Hot tip, take the seeds out. – [Both] Try Wives Wine Time. – We don’t want to spill it.
Which is why it’s so slow. (peppy music) – I’m actually kinda into this. – I am not going to drink
anymore. Cause I’m already warm. I’m wearing a full fleece snood. – Snood? – Becky Habersberger.
You are from the Midwest. You should know what a snood is. – I’m from the Midwest, I
should know what ranch is. – It’s like a neck situation.
But also a head thing. – I think she’s describing what dogs wear when they go out, right?
The little like ski mask. A ski mask? – They’re like cool ski masks. You could probably get
them at Anthropology. Like you walk into an Anthropology and you go up to the person and you say. – And ask for a snood?
– Do you carry a snood? Do you carry snoods? – Okay, a snood, we digress. – Yes! – Do you see Miles filming? He’s filming. – I’m sorry, there’s
a point to this video? Go back in your dungeon. – God! Who made them the producer, right. – I know. – [Woman] Take three. – Makes it sound like it took
us three tries to do this. We’re so awful at it.
– We’re so bad. – We’re so, we’re so bad. Becky and I are connoisseurs
of Try Guy videos, I would say.
– Yeah! – Oh.
– Ooo. – We’re trying a week long pregnancy diet. – [Keith] I can’t have caffeine! – Okay, did Keith actually do the diet? – Keith did it for a
little and then broke, and then it for a little, which
is why I didn’t feel as bad about being evil Becky. It’s
not me! Gonna have my wine. – That’s really mean! Why
did he call you evil Becky? – Because I was being evil
when I was getting lit and making him go get me coffee. – Becky, my loving wife,
who isn’t pregnant, like her doting husband.
– Gettin’ lit! – Is getting lit. Oh god. – But I just think, if there’s
a time where Keith is doing something that I either deal
with in my every day life, or will one day deal
with, I’m gonna make it ten times harder for him,
– Absolutely! So that he understands…
– So he understands! Because when I get pregnant
that man’s not giving up coffee! – So let’s talk about your wife. – I would love nothing more. – My wife!
– My wife! – Your hair looks so nice there. – Oh, thank you! – Heard Ariel talk about
food and drink way more than I have about the actual birth itself. – Ned doesn’t drink that much anyway. So it wasn’t that big a deal
for him, to not drink at home, but we were at parties and stuff… – At my wedding. – At Becky’s wedding, oh my god. – That’s actually kind of a secret. Because everyone knew Ariel
was pregnant at my wedding. – No! No they didn’t! I tried to pretend that I was drinking at Becky’s wedding… – She was like, “Yeah
I’m having a vodka soda!” – I’m having a vodka with
lime! And Becky’s like, “Fuck that! You aren’t
drinking at my wedding!” – I was like, “Pregnant! Pregnant!” – It’s such a tell. It really really is. When are you gonna get pregnant? – Alright, just like the
comment section of Instagram over here.
– No, I wanna know! – We’re takin a Kim Kardashian butt photo! – Look at how young Keith looks there! – He’s a baby! That’s what happened. Buzzfeed aged him. He’s like 45 now. – Oh my goodness. It’s been a while. – This video caused a lot of controversy in what was then the
Miller-Habersberger household. – Oh tell me.
– Because I told Keith, you are not putting your naked butt crack on the internet for people to see! My parents are gonna see
it, my gram’s gonna see it! Your future children are gonna see it. We’re gonna be living on the
moon, and our 12 year old’s gonna be like, “Dad, I’m bullied, because your naked butt
is on the internet.” And he said he wouldn’t do it. – And then he did. – I feel strangely fine. – I don’t think I’m oily
enough, that’s for sure. – There they go. Ugh!
Why is Zack bending over? – Oh my god.
– Look at his back hair! – So hairy. – This is so painful.
How do models do this? – I think they made Keith’s
bigger than other people’s. Except for Ned! Ned’s is bigger! – It’s so white!
– They’re so pale. My little squirrel body.
– I know. ♪ (Tchaikovsky’s “March”) ♪ This was the weirdest
video! It was like… Four men came, and it was
just a hurricane in my house. – One pooped in your home. – No he didn’t flush!
– Ew! Ahhh! – Stealing the wine out of my fridge? Excuse me, Santa! Merry Christmas! I think we’ve been caught by Ned’s wife. I’m trying to wake Ned up, I
was like, “Ned! Ned! Wake up! The guys are here! Get out there, just go! Just go so I can go back to sleep!” And Ned was like, “What?” – Oh, Ned is a boxers man, I see. – Just for sleeping.
– Yeah. I was just gonna say, I
thought they only wore briefs, boxer briefs.
– Yeah, they all wear briefs. – Except for Eugene. – Ned sometimes wear
those, too. When he wears really tight pants. Doesn’t
Keith? That’s not a thing? – No.
– Secrets! – My name is Scott and
I own a male strip club. (audience applause) – Oh! I remember this!
– I loved this one! – Cause we got to go! Did you go? – Yeah!
– Yeah that’s right – I was on stage!
– That’s right. – Lap danced the shit out of Ned’s wife! – Stripped the shit out of Ned’s wife. – I remember, in the comments,
everybody was so jealous because Eugene’s stripping for me. – Oh, yeah.
– Eating whipped cream. That was fun.
– God, what a dream. I was jealous. I had Zack. – [Zack] Oh my god,
it’s the biggest thrill I’ve ever had in my life. – I do wish you had
chosen someone other than my girlfriend to dance on. – Doin little man push-ups on top of me. – This is just strange.
– So funny. – This is such a weird concept! – So weird. All oiled up.
And his broken… Yeah! – Oh my god, do you remember
his little broken pinky? Was that really necessary?
A full arm cast for a pinky? Okay what’s next.
– Yeah, what’s next? – Ah it’s your wedding! You look bangin, by the way.
– Thank you! You looked so good.
You looked so, so good. You were like, bronzed and … – I was sweating profusely. It was like 94 in Chicago at the end of
September. I was in a sunbeam. – We are five and a half hours out, and a groomsman has no pants.
– Mom? Hey, I don’t need… I just
gotta go to the store, alright? – Keith briefly told me
that there was a problem with the pants after, like
at the wedding he was like, “Oh there was a thing about Brian’s pants, but it was totally fine.” And
then when I saw the video, I was like, “Why didn’t
you tell any, just. Woman.” Any woman would’ve been like,
“Did you check the floor? In the closet?”
– You idiot! – Check the floor! – I cried. – I wanna have my wedding again! It was so fun, it’s like
just being at this dope party where everybody gives you drinks, but you never really get drunk. Everyone’s giving you food,
though you never really eat. – You’re wearing the prettiest dress. – Yeah! Everyone’s like,
“You’re so pretty!” And you’re like, “Oh my god, me?” – This is the story of
how we left Buzzfeed. – I love this one.
– This one is a good one. – This one just makes my heart happy. And I love how this video shows the lows, and then it also shows the highs. – In April, I left my job at Buzzfeed, after working there for
four years. The next day, I started a company with
my three best friends. – I don’t know how you felt
when they left Buzzfeed, I was terrified. I was pregnant, and about to have a child, and I was like, “What are you doing? How are we gonna take care of our child?” Buzzfeed has a really good
paternity leave policy. And we were planning on
riding that, but then they all decided to leave on April 1st, and I was like, “What?” – I wonder if anybody at
Buzzfeed thought it was a joke. Cause it was April 1st. They were like, “They’re not really leaving!” – Bye!
– Bye! – I like doing spreadsheets. – Aw! Baby Wes!
– I know! Look at that little nugget!
– Che che che chew! – I feel like, most of
the time, I was like, “They’re gonna be fine.
They’re gonna be fine!” – Right.
– And then people would start asking me more questions, and I’d be like, “I don’t know!” They’re like,
“Oh, do they have money?” I’m like, “Yeah? I think?” I was still just working
freelance, so I was like, “Wait, we can’t both not
really have a job right now.” That’s a little too many
people not having a job here. Also, Keith does this
thing, where he only vlogs when I’m not wearing
make-up. And I’m like, “Can you just, just once, be like, ‘Hey, I’m on my way home, take a shower.'” I don’t know what level of
shower I was in this video. – This is clearly first
thing in the morning. – Yeah. – Get back to sound, sound boy! – It was actually after this video that I was like, “They’re gonna be fine.” – I think my favorite
video was my wedding. No, but I liked seeing
the Magic Mike one again. I haven’t watched that in a while. – That one…
– I like that one. – That one came out of nowhere, I had forgotten about that
one. That was a good one. I also liked the Santa Claus
one. That one’s hilarious. – See, I think that one’s
my least favorite now. Re-watching it again, I was
like, “That was a fine video. I see why the fans are okay with it. – No that one totally
is one of my favorites. I cry every time. It’s so good. They’re all good. Well, the ones that you chose for us to watch are good. – Smash to subscribe! Ring that ball! – Ring that ball! Thanks for watching, guys. This has been: – [Both] Try Wives Wine Time! ♪ (Andy Powell’s “I’ll
Be There For Christmas) ♪ ♪ ♪ I’ll be there for
Christmas. Oh yeah. ♪ ♪ I said I’ll be there for Christmas. ♪ (exciting rock music) – It’s hot.
– It’s hot in here. – It’s hot in here.

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  1. Im waiting for Zach and Eugene to marry, but should Eugene marry to a guy— I'd love to see 3 wives and a husband scenario-

  2. That drink you're drinking is a very popular holiday drink in my country. It's called gløgg (gloeg)…
    No one asked…
    okay then…

  3. you know you've used the phrase too many times when your own wife mocks you for saying 'mY wIfEEEEE'

  4. After watching a few of the Try Wives videos, especially with the ones Maggie's in, does it feel like Becky and Ariel are so very different that sometimes it feels like their doing this for show…? They're really great to watch but it feels like there are times that Becky goes a little mean girl on Ariel. Does anyone else feel that way? I am sooo curious how they are together when the camera's are turned off. Separately I love them both. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. This is the first Try Wives Wine Time I've seen, but its AMAZING!!!! I'm going to watch all of them ? (And I used to think Try Guys Game Time was called Try Guys Gay Time ????)

  6. They really are feeling hot in their onesies! Ariel is actually visibly sweating. I like watching this so much because it feels like theyre relaxed and having fun, so I really just want them to be comfortable, you know? and not having to sweat and suffer because of the onsie look.

  7. I am a former ballerina, and I'm pretty sure Ariel doesn't have any idea what a snood is..
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  10. Im so glad they left i love their videos but didnt watch them cause i didnt like spporting the company. But now i get to watch them!

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