The Ultimate LG G6 Water Survival Test!

The Ultimate LG G6 Water Survival Test!

– Yo guys, Jonathan here, and
today is gonna be a fun day. LG reached out and wanted to sponsor an extreme water test,
and I was like wait, you want me to try and
destroy your phone with water? They said yes, so I was like, I am in, and now we’re about to put the LG G6 through its paces. So what we’re gonna do
is incrementally climb the ladder of extreme, so to speak. We’re gonna start out somewhat small, with a simple one hour in water test. Once it hopefully passes that, we can then move on, but as a disclaimer, do not do what I do. Just because this phone
can withstand the water doesn’t mean you should replicate the dumb things I’m about to do. Drop a like if you appreciate that though, because the last thing I wanna do is see you void your warranty. And with that out of the way, let’s drop this guy in water. (upbeat electronic music) So the hour’s passed and actually taking a look at the phone, we
got a little more than that. We’re currently sitting at
about an hour and 13 minutes. Everything looks good so far, but I’m gonna pull it
out just to make sure. Shake it off a little bit. So I’m gonna hop out of the timer and everything looks good so far. I do wanna make sure that the
speakers are still intact, so let’s go and actually
test out the screen with some audio playing. (dramatic music) So it definitely passed that test, which really wasn’t too much of a shocker. But what it does mean is that
we’re ready for round two. Part of the next test, we
are taking the G6 hiking. It might get a little wet. – [Camera Man] No man, we’ll be fine. – [Jonathan] This is just
the beginning, buddy? – [Camera Man] Is this it? Is
it gonna be worse than this? – Yes, your feet are gonna get wet. So we’re about 15 minutes in right now, and man, hiking is pretty good cardio, but we’re racing the light right now, hoping to find the waterfall
before it gets dark. So, we shall see. (upbeat techno music) All right, so, we made it, and I was kinda hoping that maybe we wouldn’t make it in time, with the sun dropping out, but now this means I gotta do it. (upbeat techno music) God, it’s cold! Oh, that is cold. Oh, it’s cold. Well, that was cold,
but, obviously the phone passed that test. We’re on to the final round. So next up, yes, I am standing on top of a washing machine. That is because we’re about
to toss the G6 inside. I will, of course, make
sure we use cold water, so we don’t shrink that sweet display. But now, let’s go ahead
and soak this baby up. (dramatic music) (clanking loudly) So, the cycle is completed. Honestly, we may have gone a
little too extreme with this, in the sense that there
is nothing but the phone. No pillows, no blankets,
no padding to protect it. But now, it is the moment of truth, and we’ve gotta see if it survived. I’m kind of a little bit scared. I heard it rattling and
smashing around inside. So, pop the door open, grab the phone. Holy crap, the phone is still alive! The screen is on! No dings, no damage, no cracks. The screen is working perfectly. I know it’s probably a little hard to see in this blinding, blazing sunlight. So as impressive as the water test, I may be more surprised due to the fact that it actually survived
being tossed around like a rag doll inside. But that means we are ready
to move on to the next round. So next up, it’s time to
whip out the heavy artillery. It, by no means, is this an
official IP69K test, nor am I an official tester, so please, do not do what I do. I’m about to blast this G6 full of water. Look at that. Notifications work, the
camera’s still recording. I think we should probably
bump up the test a little. (dramatic music) (menacing laughter) (upbeat music) So, at the end of the day, whether it was an hour underwater, a hike through a waterfall, being tossed in a load of laundry, or blasted with pressure and water, the LG G6 held its own and then some. Huge thanks to LG for
sending this my way early. Again, this is a pre-production model, so things may change in the final version. Again, don’t do what I did. But hopefully you enjoyed
it and had some fun. If you did, make sure you
guys drop a like down below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.

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  1. I trust LG product's and i have the same phone…. Does your phone worked the next day, I want to try it.


  3. Its a great phone until you get the message you have water in your usb port and it wont charge!! And my phone has never been in water!!

  4. I tried my phone in the water lg g6 but after that i cant charge it it says moisture detected could you help me fix this? i tried putting it in the rice and used cotton buds. ANyone please help me that phone is very important huehuee

  5. Can someone explain why if you destroy your phone or damage it with water it voids warranty? Makes no sense

  6. We get the point after the washing machine , no real life senerio will involve blasting your phone with water with your friends

  7. then there is mine which gives a warning when ever I want to charge which says moisture detected in USB port.

  8. i found water inside front camera glass of my lg G6 after using it in rain for a few minutes. and it vanished automtically after few hours. Don't know it is waterproof? is it okay? I don't know may be i got a mal unit

  9. Be cautious when listening to someone who has something to benefit from giving LG a good review. Absolute nonsense is shown in this video lol. Go and place your phone in even a small amount of water ACCIDENTALLY and see what happens. Be ready to buy a new phone. This phone nor any electronic device is totally water resistant. G6 seems to have a strong build but after average consumer use, any water exposure, even LESS than the amount and duration that LG claims will destroy the phone.

  10. Crazy. My g6 was in my pocket during a heavy rainstorm. Now I get moisture warnings every once in a while…

  11. No offense, but your washer is kinda dookey. The ones with the lids on top are better in my opinion. Because this video is about washers and dryers 😀

  12. I had accidentally put my LG G6 in the washing machine and I put it in rice so I don't know if it's waterproof or the rice helped then I watch this video and I am still confused???

  13. That could have been a custom sample for testing, it's bestter to let us see a production model.from the store go threw the paces, I have this phone and like it but I miss the IR remote feature of the G3

  14. Bruh i got the same phone and I'm scared to get it wet I guess tomorrow im showering with it😅 and do you even have a screen protector

  15. Just took mine out of the washer (yep). It was in there about 10 minutes, soaking. Dried it off, lightly blow-dried it, and it seems fine. Mine had a cracked screen, though, that I had filled in with a little clear nail polish previously. I think some water got in, and have to wait to charge the phone. Fingers crossed. Pretty happy with the phone overall, though. Whew!

  16. I have a lgg6 h871 that will not charge at all. It says charging blocked moisture in u s b port. I never got it anywhere near water.

  17. i tried using my G6 in the pool….underwater and recording video clips ..well it s fun…kudos LG….have save some great memories with my friends…

  18. I have a G6 also. Simple and effective. Powerful even though the chipset is now considered "old". Gorgeous screen. I placed it side by side with an iphone x. Absolutely no difference in color, quality, crispness, brightness, size. Plus it cost me a fraction of the price. Plenty of storage. Great cameras, the wide angle lens is amazing. Great sounding speaker. HD recording. Very fast powerful. Great battery life and power management. BEST camera software ever on a phone with a manual mode which lets you control every aspect (i don't even understand that all these things do). Only downside is that it could perform better at night as far as photos and videos go and that my unlocked G6 has not yet received an update to oreo (but I'm very satisfied as it is – solid as a rock, never ever crashed and I've had it for like more than a year now and i did a factory reset recently). Fingerprint scanner is very fast and works Azer every time perfectly. It is all metal and glass. A couple of huge drops kinda dinged the bezel slightly (but enough to annoy me jaja) but the phone still is beautiful and powerful and certainly set the bar high for next LG models and marked the huge shift in quality for LG smartphones. (Maybe i should work for LG and promote their phones jajajaja). If you go for the DS models with the extra DAC for the headphones and 64gb internal memory models it would be even better but even with the 32gb model that i have without the DAC storage is enough even after taking photographs and videos all the time and sound quality with Bluetooth and wired headphones is crazy good. It's one good phone suitable for many uses. I'm only concerned a little because you can't replace the battery and with so much use I'm afraid I'm gonna wear it out prematurely and then it will become useless only because of the battery. Still of course other smartphones i have had which were Chinese had far inferior quality batteries that started becoming useless way earlier… Maybe this one lasts…. I guess i have to ease off…

  19. So is my g6 a dud then? If I have my phone in the washroom when I shower (just on the counter, not in the shower with me) it sounds the water damage in charger port alarm and forget surviving a washing machine, I dropped a tennis ball on it from a few feet and one of the cameras shattered (still have other to take photos) and multiple cracks across the screen. I still love this phone though

  20. This is all a lie. If this phone gets one drop in the charging port you have to buy a new one. Glitch in the phone wont reset once it gets wet.

  21. You must have had a special version of this phone since I brought my phone on a vacation where it just very humid and now I get "moisture detected in the USB charging port". My LG G6 cant even withstand a humid environment. This is the first water resistant phone I've had and it happens to be the most water unresistant phone I've ever owned. Had it in rice for weeks, been unable to charge with a cord now for 3 months. Water resistant my ass.

  22. my fucking g6 got RAINED ON and now its 100p fucked. it was in my pocket and i got caught in the rain for about 30 minutes and then dried it off and kept it in rice just in case for 2 days… fucked

  23. If you do this to your G6 you'll want to have your bag of dry rice ready. Good luck charging your phone without a wireless charger.

  24. I still use thr LG G6.
    Love it so far even in 2018.
    2K screen Lit. Af. 🔥
    But yes I have to charge my phone atleast 2 times A Day because of Ultra Heavy Usage I have.
    Still I don't want to part with this phone because of it's Quality Design 👼

  25. Mam g7 od roku… Już niedługo wysyłam. Na gwarancję bo wibracje nie działaja a aparat gubi ostrość…….. Za te pieniądze ktore można go teraz dostać to ok ale i tak jak na tą samą linie co Samsung to slabo

  26. Stop the bullying with the poor phone!!! 😠😠😠

    He already prove that is stronger than you 💪💪💪

  27. At least my LG G6 is broken after visiting waterpark, and I didnt even go to swim with it. I just went under water for second steping down from tube. Water went in probably from sim-hole, which was properly closed. I had plastic case over the phone and water got between the case and the sim-hole and got in from there. Now my default camera app is not working, and wideangle lens and selfie camera with second-part application does not work either. Main camera works with CameraZOOM app. Headphone jack icon is all the time visible on top of the screen like headphones are connected and so I cant hear caller if i do not plug headphones in or do not switch to speaker.

  28. I have G6 for almost 2 yrs now drops more than 5 times and still perfect,use it under water video in Geneva lake😱 under water video is HD👍☺☺☺☺☺

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