The Ultimate Pilates Bootcamp ♥ Sweat + Tone

The Ultimate Pilates Bootcamp ♥ Sweat + Tone

welcome to your boho beautiful pilates bootcamp we are in beautiful koh mak thailand and this pilates bootcamp is really really special to me because i can finally share some real pilates workouts with you that have changed my life in many ways when i was about in my teenage years i suffered through a lot of different injuries. especially back injuries and… pilates was something that saved my life and I’ve continued to use pilates in my everyday workouts because it just works with my body so well and this is so amazing that i have the opportunity now to bring this top you guys and show you these exercises that you incorporate into your own life as well and hopefully achieve the results that you are trying to attain every day as you commit yourself to it your going to get stronger and stronger and over time you are going to see incredible results in your entire body you guys ready. grab you mat. grab your water. and lets get started.

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  1. Please guys, make some video about side splits in 10-20 minutes… Your front split video is amazing, but it would be perfect to make for side split. Love you so much 💜🐷🍀

  2. 🏝 Awesome workout! Thank you! Am so grateful🙏 to be able to do most stretching for flexibility (body & soul) & building strength! 🧘‍♀️

  3. I thank God that He lead me into your channel… You really helped me a lot! My body is totally different now than it was before. Thank you so much for inspiring me each and every day. Love & light.

  4. Hi, love all your videos and clases. I was wondering if you have any recomendations of clases or yoga position for releasing tension in the upperback since I tend to store negative stress there?
    I just finished your 15 minutes pilates from this new years and loved it, the message really hit me, so really thanks for that <3
    Thank you and once again love youre message <3

  5. I love your yoga class , are just great beautiful spirituality from you a lot variations each practice..
    Tx for share Namaste 🕉

  6. I did the Pilates yoga workout today. I loved it. I have a knee injury, I can no longer do high impact cardio. I am tired of beating myself up only to see little or no results. I like to think outside the box, endless hours of cardio is not the only way to trim body fat. I am committed to the 21 day challenge. Once I complete it, I will reward myself with the Pilates Bootcamp program. I am not into the vegan thing, however, I will add more veggies to my diet. Thank you for your videos.

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