The “Virgin Killer” Sweater | Make Thrift Buy #50

The “Virgin Killer” Sweater | Make Thrift Buy #50

(Sigh) Yep. I’m actually doing this. [Make Thrift Buy Intro Music] Hey! Welcome to Make Thrift Buy, the show
where you send in suggestions of clothes that you’ve seen on the Internet and then I try my best
to recreate them. So a LOT of you have sent me messages in the
past few weeks asking me to recreate the “Virgin Killing Sweater”. Appppparently this sweater
recently blew up on Twitter in Japan, and later it was also picked up by Western major
media outlets in their monthly “isn’t Japan so craaaazy” stories, although I am pretty
sure it’s actually manufactured and sold in a Chinese store called Seventy Three. It’s also apparently received the name “virgin
killer” from a Japanese person on Twitter because it’s so erotic….that it kills…virgins?
Look everything about this is a little bit iffy; I’m just here to sew. Oh yeah. Important thing to note about this
sweater: It’s supposed to be so low cut at the back that it shows off “butt cleavage”.
Now I didn’t know butt cleavage was a thing until today. And in attempting to keep this
video PG I’m not going to show you the photos of people wearing it where you can see their
butt cleavage, nor will I be showing my own butt cleavage if I do make it successfully,
but if you want to see this worn on actual human beings (or a bunch of anime girls or
my little pony characters, which, I pre-warn you, you will not be able to unsee) there’s
a Not Safe For Work page on all about this sweater with about 300 pictures. Anyway, let’s try and recreate this. Well, I started out by finding a suitable
sweater at the thrift store. This one was $15 and it’s a men’s size large. Most importantly,
it has a turtle neck, and it’s also quite long on me – it ends about where my shorts
end so it’s the perfect length for this DIY. Anyway, off with the arms! We sure won’t
be needing those! Oh yeah, guys, I should just stop here, I’ve
created such a sexy look already. Anyway next I wanted to make it fit more snugly,
so it’s time to take in the sides. I pinched the material at the sides until
it was more snug on my body, estimating how much I’d need to take it in by. Then I turned the sweater inside out, and
I laid it out flat, and I drew straight lines down both sides using some chalk. And I also
stuck some pins through both layers of fabric to help keep them together through the next
step, because knitted fabric STRETCHES like nothing else. In the next step, I’m going to be using
my overlocker to SERGE down these two lines. So here is some actually useful tips about
sewing with knitted fabrics. So this is an overlocker, also known as Serger
– stickers available from – and before serging any kind of fabric, especially
bulky, knitted fabric like I’m using here, you should adjust the settings on your serger.
So I am setting my differential feed to “2”, which will give me, hopefully, flat seams.
If you set it to this, we’re going to get real wavy seams, so it needs to be set to
“2”. I’m also setting my stitch… length? Yes.
This is length. I’m also setting my stitch length to the, uh, longest length possible.
And finally I am using nylon threads because they are stretchier.
I worked out all of these adjustments by reading the manual for my machine – your machine will
probably be a bit different, so a good idea is to read the manual.
But the most important one is this one here, the differential feed.
And I practiced on the fabric that I cut off from the arms until I got a nice, flat seam.
See, this is one of my first attempts – that is what I did not want. So, after doing all that I put the sweater
into the serger and I serged down those lines I drew earlier! And, guys, I actually managed to sew a pretty
flat seam on my sweater there! It was still the tiniest bit ruffled but hey, it’s pretty
good – because sewing together two layers of chunky knit is really difficult, so I’m
pretty proud of myself. Okay so then I decided to do the rest of the
measuring by putting my sweater on this dress form, because I was sick of how itchy and
hot the sweater was making me. So the thing I did next was to essentially
trace those cut-outs directly onto the sweater using some chalk. Obviously, using a dressform
also makes this process somewhat easier than trying to trace it out while wearing it on
myself. So once I had drawn on those cutouts I…
cut them out. Using some fabric scissors. I cut about 1 inch outside the chalk lines,
to give myself some hemming allowance. And when that was done… it looked like this.
And it’s looking quite similar to the original at this point, if I do say so myself! The next step was to hem all the raw edges
to give them a neat finish, which I did by first going all the way around the raw edges
with my overlocker… And then folding the hem up inside the garment
about ½ an inch and using a stretch stitch to go over the top, and using a walking foot
attachment as well. These two techniques stop the hem from ruffling on the knitted fabric. So this is what it looked like when I was
done, and ummhhh… I realised at this point that I had been a bit too enthusiastic with
those side cutouts… See now, on this mannequin, it looks like
there’d just be “tasteful” amounts of sideboob, right? But unfortunately this dress form is not exactly
the same size as me. SO when I actually tried this on – uhh… how to say this delicately… My boobs spilled out the sides. This is why I probably should have tried it
on before cutting it out. Welp. Too late now. It’s time to try and salvage this project.
Which I did by grabbing the one sleeve that I hadn’t already butchered by practising
on it before with my serger, and I cut this sleeve in half, then I placed it underneath
the side cut outs like this, to give a little bit more coverage at the front. I pinned it
on, repeating this for the other side, and then I sewed these extra pieces on like THIS,
again using a stretch stitch. Next, the fabric also went a little bit more…
floopy? Than I expected after making the cutouts, and it also gaped a bit at the sides, so to
fix this, I turned the garment inside out, laid it flat like this… and essentially
I made this part tighter by sewing a line like this, through both layers of fabric. The very LAST step was adding a tie at the
back. I’m not sure why this tie exists on the
original, I think that it’s probably just purely decorative – in any case, it’s
definitely not going to be functional on my backless sweater. So first I estimated how long each tie would
be by pretending that my measuring tape was the tie, and getting the approximate length
from this. I cut out two long pieces of cotton fabric
in a matching colour, each of them measuring 33 by 2 and half inches. And I folded both in half lengthways, sewed
down this edge, turned them inside out using a bodkin, ironed them flat and then sewed
down the middle of them like this. Finally, I attached them together in one long
strap, and then I hand-sewed it onto the back of the sweater just underneath the turtleneck…
and I tied it into a pretty bow. And with that… I was done. So…. Oh man
I still can’t believe I’ve made this item of clothing… How did I go? (dorky music plays) Mmpphh!! I wanna take this off NOW! (Sigh) but first – some shots. This is what it looks like from the front.
I’m gunna put pants on to show you the back. So we’ve got the turtleneck at the front,
we’ve got ample side-boob… we have a “V” cutout at the butt, waistline here, for a
lot of… butt cleavage! Oh look! We’ve got some more sideboob there,
we’ve got the tie… that doesn’t… function. Mmm. Yeah. So, uh, Pfffft. This is, uh, 100%
wool! So… and it’s, it’s summer where I live right now!
I do not feel sexy… at all. Mm, baby. I’m so itchy. Here’s a hot tip for those of you planning
on recreating this – not that I particularly recommend doing so – use a sweater that’s
not 100% wool, like maybe, more polyester? I couldn’t figure out what the original was
made of but I’m betting it isn’t 100% pure wool.
Turns out, that’s not very comfortable to wear! And yep, so I’m feeling REALLY uncomfortable
and awkward right now… so… uhh… END CARD! ‘Kay so I made it. [Make Thrift Buy Music …. Bowp bow!] At the very least, even if you don’t plan
on making one of these for yourself – and more power to you if you do, I think you should
be able to wear whatever you want… it just doesn’t suit me! – I hope you learned some
tips and tricks on serging knitted fabrics! Make sure you check out my merchandise store
over at for some punderful sewing stickers, and an awesome Make Thrift Buy poster,
to help support my channel and more quality videos like this one! That’s all for now,
I’ll see you all in my next video. Bye! Thank you to all of my supporters on Patreon
for making these videos possible. To become my patreon supporter go to!

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  1. Gurl you were seriously KILLING that virgin killer! «I don’t feel sexy-« oh stfu u looked like it so you better feel like it

  2. If you make anything with a sweater, acrylic sweaters are thin and warm but look just like wool but less bulk and not itchy c:

  3. I remember finding you and really loved this but some how I lost you in the yt ocean but I finally found you! I still really like you! I imidently subbed and put on notifications! Love you girl!

  4. Hi there! New to your channel! My mom is a quilter and I noticed the cute pin cushion you're wearing in the video! Sorry if this comes off as rude, but do you remember where you bought or received that item from? I'd love to give it for a Mothers' Day gift!

  5. Good try, I like your comments about it. I suggest using the scraps to make hot water bottles cover. In real wool that would be amazing and you would save the fabric. You could also sew mittens with it, with your serger it would work nicely. You are amazing, keep up the good work.

  6. Yes, I love virgin killer sweaters. It's ashame people are wishing for it to just die out or that it never existed. They do know they don't have to wear it, right?

  7. I saw the title and the only thing that crossed my mind was the chorus for Virgin Killer by Scorpions. YOU'RE A KILLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

  8. Glad at how accurate you made this but this and the keyhole shit are terrible Japanese kinks that were meant for a meme but of course we have those weeb faggots who actually think this is cute in any way which shows how gullible and sad the population of earth is. Sad sad generations

  9. I honestly think some of the more overly sexual fans are just asking you to do stuff like this to see it on you. But I'm not really very familiar with the demographic of your fanbase so what do I know?

  10. It actually looks decently cute but it's not exactly practical, best used for lounging at home or with a partner

  11. I think i will buy one of these and cut a heart hole on the chest part and i think it will look more cute (butt cleavage + breast cleavage = everyman would want to eat you ??)

  12. Annika, we're Australian, we say 'jumpers' not 'sweaters' unless you're originally American?
    This is my only little issue, other than that, you're quite brilliant!

  13. I think the ties are supposed to be functional. I think they're supposed to go all the way around the side openings and the butt cleavage, and their purpose is to let you adjust the amount of butt cleavage.

  14. For any of you attempting this, I'd recommend making sure when you sketch the lines to cut out that the fabric is NOT stretched at all. you want a lot positive ease! knit fabric stretches lots, but when you take it off(or cut out the back), it relaxes back and suddenly there's more sideboob than you were expecting! A way to remedy this is to take it in AFTER you cut out the back, so that when you're sketching the lines, the sweater fits baggy and loose. Then take in the waist part. I haven't attempted this, I think I'd knit the whole piece to avoid the ease (stretch vs no stretch) problems that taking out the back causes. Don't think it's worth it enough to knit unless I was being paid lots.

  15. I think the bow is for a drawstring that runs around the cutout to sort of synch it in a bit and keep it laying smoother- also it would let you adjust the amount of side boob. In any case, it's a photoshoot peice not a wear around thing lol

  16. I know this is an old video, but maybe a corseted back? I personally think corset ties are sexy because they let the imagination run wild; also it would protect one's side boob from escaping.

  17. You could make the tie functional and the whole sweater less revealing and better fitting by turning it into a cage back or corseting the tie. And then just make the rear end part wider to avoid… You know… Butt cleavage… ???

  18. It was funny seeing someone not in the anime community (i'm guessing, from your reaction) react to it because, while I think it can potentially be cute, it is just as ridiculous as you say. I don't think I'd wear it as more than a joke, and only if my BF was the one paying for it <.<

  19. The nickname "Virgin Killer" is referring to the fact that it's so lewd that the people who wear it, and are Virgin, lose their virginity. Hence the nickname "Virgin Killer"

  20. The only time I would wear it would be on a very hot summer night, because it looks like it would do an excellent job at that XD

  21. I decided to look up the virgin killer sweater and apparently there is a version we’re it’s made like a bathing suit thing and version were there is a big hole it the front to show of the clravage

  22. I really love how it looked on you from the front! ❤?

    You should make another one, but obviously leave the back closed ?

  23. Hey annicka!
    I think you should definitely try a spin off of this (in a more suitable way) – use the ribbon inside the hem to adjust of how the sweater gathers around your body type of)…? I know you're not feeling well lately. Hope you get better soon.
    Btw: I love your videos. They are amazing and it keeps me creative and shows even the best sewers sometimes fail. ? I remember the first time trying to do a dress at the sewing machine of my nan about five years back and all the needles broke on me – at the end I didn't hem decently in line and I never worn the piece again. But heyo — Keep this wonderful work up please ❤️❤️❤️

  24. I wish instead of trying to make it exactly like the original you would customize it to accentuate your own body type

  25. Ok,
    First – I'm super impressed that you managed to recreate this, even if you weren't thrilled with the idea, or the final product (I agree, wool is definitely NOT an ideal candidate for material!)

    Second- I had not heard of the virgin killer before this, but I LOVE backless tops! I can definitely use your video to maybe DIY some shirts into something cute! Thanks for making this!!

  26. Couldn't you also have added some cotton lining material so you don't have wool against your skin? Or would that have caused a different set of problems?

  27. Love that sticker on your machine: Sew much to do Sew little time -which is sew true!
    And I have to say some fashion statements are best made once and that is on the catwalk just to keep the audience awake. It s a bit like an expensive painting that makes one ask why.

  28. I like it. On you. It’s not something that I could really wear. But you nailed the re-creation in any case!?

  29. You're hilarious! Please try it again on a thin, cotton blend sweater. It was actually a nice sweater and lowkey sexy.

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