Their Chemistry Has Us in Happy Tears ?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

Their Chemistry Has Us in Happy Tears ?? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

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  1. So when they open their eyes, they looked at each other's faces first and then looked down to check on the shoes. Soooo me.

  2. Gay guys and commitment? LMAO yeah ok.

    Gays and dating:

    Date 1: Flirty tinder chat
    Date 2: First dick pic shared
    Date 3: Dinner & Sex
    Date 4: Never hear from each other again but stalk each others IG stories forever

    Rinse Repeat

  3. Funny to see how Kian thinks he's hot sh*t and has Aaron (and everyone else?) figured out at the beginning. But I'm pretty sure Aaron is the crazy insightful and perceptive one.

  4. hmm, judging from Aaron's Instagram it doesn't seem that the story has a happy end… (also, I'm impressed at how different he looks in the photos from here!)

  5. Am I the only one to raise a brow at the "You are 24"…not being shady but the man clearly looks to be in his late 20's to early 30's

  6. Honestly, if my son or daughter had to come out as gay, as someone who loves to read -getting a book called "How to deal with your gay ____" would be lovely lmao. I'd be like, "Oh, cool. You gay."

  7. These two are the cutest couple ughhh I need an update… they better get their happy ending together!? honestly too much sweetness

  8. Any one else notice how he said the one food Aaron can cook well is tacos and how if he could only eat on thing it would be tacos

  9. I love them!!!! Especially when they started talking about how co workers try to make them come out. they shows more of themselves!! And of course, how they use each other answers in to answer future questions . It’s shows their listening to each other .

  10. Love this relationship!!!! And also COLOMBIAN* not Columbian, that's a city in South Carolina…

    EDIT: Just saw the updated video, kinda hurt at Kian's behavior, but at least Aaron found someone else!

  11. Everything's great but do they do a top-bottom compatibility screening first? Cuz if that's not on then umm..
    Asking for a friend. 😛

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