[Today′s Room] [High Note] Red Velvet Singing ‘TEARS by So Chan Whee’ 150930 EP.9

[Today′s Room] [High Note] Red Velvet Singing ‘TEARS by So Chan Whee’ 150930 EP.9

Ye-ri, Irin VS Joy, Seul-gi, Wendy   Last week karaoke battle Twinkle Joy, Seul-gi, Wendy 91 points Dream Candy Ye-ri&Irin 88 points   The final winner team is?   90s hit songs Joy who was born in 1996 chose what 90s hit song?   Oh! Seul-gi. Tears, tears!   You should sing this song when you go to karaoke. Red Velvet’s Tears.   It will begin. Right before a storm   Tears is perfect for karaoke   Crazy   Explosion As if they’re all drunk   The company should have a karaoke because of Red Velvet   Power   Lip sync?   Chorus?   Highlight high pitch in Tears   Nice high pitch Successful lightly!   She’s great   Dance time This room might be destroyed…   Ending pose What score? 95 points   95 points. You are a singer. Ye-ri,Irin teamshould get more than 99 points to win Ye-ri, Irin team is choosing a song   We have 10 minutes left… Since we play like this… Time flies!   Seul-gi likes a self-cam I look yellow.   We should go to karaoke.   Let’s go to karaoke! Still choosing a song… Looks like Ye-ri already decided…   Girls’ Generation Lion Heart? They’re done with schedules of Lion Heart but let us revive it. I’ll dance for you. Yes, sound the tambourine please.   Dance mode right away!   Red Velvet knows the dance perfectly This one is showing solo dance   I should have pushed you away 100 times Joke Revenge right away   Let’s watch Sel-gi’s solo shot…   Charm explosion   Ye-ri, Irin win if it’s more than 99 points!   Jack to the pot!   100 points Oh! We got 100 points! Irin, Ye-ri team got 188 points. Joy, Wendy, Seul-gi team got 186 points.   We won!   We thought we will lose at the first place. Girls’ Generation seniors are the best! Knock, knock, knock Yes? Who’s this?   A gift!   What is it? What is it? It’s a gift!   Ah, it’s so cute!  

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  1. Wendy : Red Velvet in the house
    Taeyong : NCT in the house
    Well, welcome home sweet heart ???

  2. Y'all cn talk about Wendy's awesome vocal that I already know but let me talk about their pants. The fudge , fashion is getting stranger as time passes hahhahaa

  3. wendy and chen, they have covered so chan whee's tears and their high note always makes me shivers. cant deny that SM artists have a high quality of vocal??

  4. Sm looks intensely for idols with amazing vocal range. Cuz out the whole industry, I only think wendy, taeyeon, and ailee have range so wide and impressive. Their may be others but as far as impressive goes, the only three I see that can vocal battle each other

  5. I'm here to talk about how I am so happy RV singing SNSD, I just love them both and red velvet is so amazing and their voice is so ugh. SM really had a great vocals. They all have different styles but all are good.

  6. its so funny when the rapper line win the vocal line and the look on S and W when they saw the result is so funny…. really, nothing is impossible lol…

  7. Its true that the power vocals is wendy and seulgi. But Irene is competetive enough to train yet she dont want to for them to shine more. Btw Irene has the most beautiful in RV???????

  8. Wendy’s vocals were out of this world but when you think she’s the only person hitting high notes, you see Seulgi well done to the both of you!!!

  9. They seem so active and fun! Even when they're performing the song, you could tell they're having so much fun!

  10. Sorry but yeri and Irene are not the best vocalists no matter how many of you guys say they are but they have been growing over the years and their visuals helped the group a lot as well

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