Today, Mom Applied, Dry Skin Medicine For Baby Monkey Lu

Today, Mom Applied, Dry Skin Medicine For Baby Monkey Lu

Hello everyone Today, Mom went to buy medicine, dry skin for Lu The weather is cold today, so Lu’s skin is dry Lu’s hands, feet and skin were a bit dry, so Mom applied medicine, but Lu was very obedient I applied medicine, I prepared for Lu milk Lu drinks milk very in love Thank you very much for watching the video Wishing everyone a good day

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  1. What a cute little guy. How old is Lu? You take good care of him. I’m glad you hold him when he drinks his milk 💜

  2. Hola familia de baby Lu , es tan tierno y adorable , por favor , cuidale mucho , que tengan un lindo dia 💚💜❤🐒💕💋💋😘😘😘🌺🌷💐🙋

  3. Lu is a very fortunate little monkey. “Mom” you really love Lu and take good care of Lu. I just hope that when Lu becomes an adult that you don’t release her to the wild. First-time viewer from America. ❤️🐒

  4. Do you have snow like we have in some areas in USA? Such a cute outfit he is wearing!
    Have a good day everyone! 🙋

  5. lu siempre se queda con ganas de mas leche , pobrecita lu , gracias que le dan muchos mimos, pero con eso no se alimenta

  6. It could be through washing him to much or to much soap on his skin, but whatever it is I'm sure you will sort it out for Lu have you tried the really small teats for Lu on his bottlehe would suck better X

  7. Is that cream available in the wild? No., they would have to tough it out…. you have to keep the monkey for life, he knows only the human world .

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