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  1. I was sliding in baseball and my foot got caught on the catchers foot and I can walk but about every 5 minutes it buckles and it’s very bad pain and when I turn my ankle it hurts also getting up out of desks in chairs it hurts on both sides of my knee “inner and outer

  2. I’m standing straight and twist my left knee in like he was doing in the first exercise and my knee pops pretty loud. I feel the pop on the outside part of my knee. Anyone have any ideas on what the cause of the popping might be?

  3. I have dislocated both knees once in my life, the first being 5 years ago the second 2 years ago. I have just recently began experiencing an odd feeling in the knee that I dislocated 5 years ago and it feels like my knee is sliding out of place but just barely and it just makes my whole knee and thigh area feel very weird. Feels weak and like I am clenching my leg always because I’m scared my knee will dislocate. I rarely feel pain in the knee, it’s just a very extreme unstable feeling like the kneecap is just waiting to slide out at any second. What could this be?

  4. I was in a car wreck and about two months later I noticed a ball behind my left knee not on my right knee and it pops a ton.

  5. So I lock my knees a lot and I've recently stopped because whenever I run or put weight on it at all, I have this unbearable pain under and around my knee cap, what is it? And it's swelling now

  6. Had repaired my lateral n medial meniscus this past July. PT is very tough but have excellent range and motion. My question is I do some exercises they gave me to do at home I feel a clicking still inside my knee..when I sit on each of chair w a ball between my legs to sqeeze while doing leg lifts. Is this normal?! I recently went back to a very busy kitchen and my knee is very sore n at times pain. I do alot of standing walking n pushing a cart of food that's when the pain inside the knee starts it's tolerated but very uncomfortable here. What should I do?!? Call the Dr back?!?

  7. My knee makes a grinding sound when ever i bend it quite a bit. Or when i walk up some stairs. No pain or swelling. Any suggestions why it makes that grinding sound?

  8. I can't bend my knee. Its a tight feeling in back but also in front on knee and quad area. Stepping forward hurts boat…like bottom of knee cap digging into tibia and popping on inner part upon movement like knee and bones running inner part.

  9. My knee won't let it bend thar way. Feel like pressure building immediately on the sides and frontal part of my knee joint. Not sure if muscle related or due to having JRA. As well trying to walk amd stand feels awful around inside of knee and around the top of tibia. Not sure if combination of several things. My Rheumatologist didn't really say anything when I mentioned it, but again he is not sports medicine.

  10. 2 days ago I was playing football and I took a step too short, landed on my straight knee, heard a few cracks and fell to the floor with extremely intense burning and hammering pain inside it. Its been two days and i cant extend my knee fully because it hurts wayy to much, I cannot tense it either. Anybody got any clues as to what it might be?

  11. Pain when kicking a field goal during follow through when leg is straight on the bottom of my knee on the inside, what could it be?

  12. I’ve been injured for 2 months, I had a MCL sprain, bone bruise, and a meniscus tear now I’m just waiting for the swelling to go down

  13. I have some pain when I do the first test and last test. I can walk and walk quickly just fine. But if a run, I have some pain. The pain is on the lower, left side of my right knee. LCL / medial meniscus area?? I've been putting ice and heat pads, wrapping it with bandage and wearing a brace. this has happened before and the pain subsides after a few weeks. But I have been careful with what I do. This last time I wasn't doing anything strenuous. I was standing next to my bed, took a step back and to the side and Boom — knee pain.

  14. I feel sick watching the tests! Yeah, my knee is bad at the moment. The physio and my gp don't know why. I'm thinking torn meniscus after watching that. I'm still having palpitations about touching the bottom of a dirty shoe though! ?gross!

  15. Hello, I am 3 weeks post-op R medial meniscus (posterior horn tear)
    scope. I am having difficulty ambulating forwards secondary to knee
    "catching"…my surgeon (who has seen me twice) now has tested my ligs
    and ROM and states this is fluid within the joint. Walking backwards
    does not cause my symptoms and he made fun of me when I described my
    findings. I attend PT 2x/wk now (it was 3), I continue to ice and
    elevate the leg–how can I speed up my recovery so that I can walk
    without this annoying catch? Thank you.

  16. This made my stomach turn just watching these. No way do I even wanna attempt it on myself because I know it will hurt like hell. My kneecap touched the back of my leg, and it shifted out of place momentarily to the right 3 days ago. Waiting for an mri tomorrow morning…

  17. Thank for this I did 2 of the tests and didn't feel pain. I need your help trying to figure out what happened to me. I was standing 2 weeks ago and suddenly I felt as if my left knee got stuck and felt a strong pain. I couldn't stretch it and I couldn't step on it. After 3 days and some medicine I felt better. I did xray and nothing showing I can't do mri I don't have insurance. Do you have an idea? My right knee is swollen a bit now, I go to the gym 5 times a week for the past 2 years. Thank

  18. I just found out I have a torn meniscus.. from my physical therapist it hurts so bad .. I can straighten my leg but can’t touch or kneel .. & when I wear tight pants or jeans & bend my knee Oh my gosh it’s so much worst .. I was told surgery maybe.. I’m so afraid how the procedure will affect me.. I’m a everyday skateboarder don’t want that sport to have to come to an end due to surgery..

  19. Never do this! It would only make it worse and will be extremely painful. Just get an MRI taken when you suspect a meniscus problem.

  20. yep it's my meniscus pain on both sides cant bend it and really hurts in the middle mri next week im in a kneeabler right now?

  21. The only test that I felt anything was the third test. What does this mean. Light soreness on third test

  22. Hey guys! I've suffered from herniated disc as well. Lower lumbar spine. It eventually graduated to Sciatica. Nerve pinched on left leg. Endured pain for 6 months. Doctor only option was surgery. I was flat broke and no insurance. Put off MRI for awhile ( ). It was expensive but eventually got it. Confirmed the bulge. Cause was a deterioration on S1 probably from an accident I had 10 yrs ago.. I researched on hydrotherapy. Swimming with a series of movement. Gravity is our worse enemy. After just a couple of times, the pain was gone. Got full function of my left leg again. It worked for me. Don't lose hope. I was in a desperate situation. I thought my life ended. It's been 3 years now and I haven't felt pain again. I hope you all get better. I am not a doctor. We all have different cases. This just worked for me.

  23. Great video. I recently just found out that I tore my meniscus on on my left knee threw an MRI without contrast now I'm feeling the same symptoms on the opposite knee minus the swelling. I've been waiting to have my operation on my knee but I'm currently waiting to heal from a hernia surgery. It's been about give months since I injured my knee. My question is do you think it's possible my bad knee caused my other knee to get hurt or cause this pain?

  24. I had surgery back in Sept. 2004 for a torn meniscus. I believe I might have torn the meniscus on the same knee once again last weekend. Going to my Orthopaedic on Monday.

  25. What if when you do the first test you feel pain and a popping or shifting feeling that feels really uncomfortable

  26. My knee clicks and if I work too many doubles as a nurse aide, the upper-medial part of my left knee hurts badly. This went on once last year as I worked a bunch of doubles one month. Happened a second time this month as I'm pulling a bunch of doubles this month.

  27. I tore mine a couple months ago and only 2 of these affect me. I have no pain when applying pressure to the joint and can straighten my leg 100%. The rotations, though, would kill me. lol

  28. Watching you do the last test of twisting the leg while lying on table made me want to puke, imagining what pain that would cause me.

  29. well @Bob & Brad the first two were negative for me. can't do the third one at the moment. but my knee still locks up if I stand up for too long. when I start to walk it feels like my knee gets "stuck", almost like I need to crack it, but it's a different feeling than cracking it. so I make my knee straight again and verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly extend it so it doesn't lock. then when I walk I have to make sure I walk with a full "follow through" motion or else it'll get "stuck". . does any of this make sense? I also can't bend my knee all the way, I can't do stairs right now. I go down sideways. It's getting better tho. I guess an MRI would be the way to go?

  30. I just recently injured my knee, this was very helpful and will try these tests to see, but for now my knee throb just watching these

  31. My wife had done test #2 earlier after reading it on the Internet and she can't straighten her knee all the way. When she tried test #1 on your video it hurt so bad she laid back down and said she was too afraid of pain to try test 3. She has an appointment day after tomorrow at orthopedics so we will see but this video makes us think she tore her meniscus.

  32. i have 1 knee pain exactly where you showed on the right legs right side, on the joint line. the pain begins when iam going downhill for longer period of time. sometimes i can descent 300meters and feel no pain at all, but if i go hiking and the trail goes up and down for kiloemeters then is can start feeling it once i bend my leg and drag it behind me. what i mean is my left foot forward and right foot behind me and when it gets to a certain degree it starts to hurt on that particular spot. i also can hear little pop or click when i do squat or lunge each time just without pain. i have this for several years now and its not getting neither worse nor better.

  33. Hey thanks for this video. My MRI scan showed that I have complex tear in posterior horn and body segment of medial meniscus . Radial tear at the free edge of the body segment. I am able to walk freely without pain. It only pains when I put more pressure on my left knee. My doctor suggesting me to have surgery. But I don't want to have one . Please suggest your appoinion. I am doing some knee strengthening exercise at home .

  34. I have an mri on Monday for this tear to further investigate. I have a question. When it had first happened my leg actually locked up in a 90 degree angle and the nurse forcefully popped my leg completely straight. Does that effect anything? Now that I know about this blockage I'm very curious if that was the proper way to handle to handle that. Mind you the ER refused to give me an MRI and wrote it off as a basic knee sprain but my family doctor said different the day after. Lol

  35. i have swelling/inflammation, but not really any pain. I came home from playing soccer without injuring it and I was fine just normal stiffness. Then the next morning and couple days after it felt a little swollen and inflammed. It eventually goes down, but then when I use it again it swells. Just the right knee. I'm a 23 yo healthy male.

  36. Hi:) I’m a 13 year old girl, and i love playing soccer. I play with the U15 girls team in my hometown. I already have chondromalacia patella in my right knee. And i’ve been at the doctor’s office 9 times with my knee this year, because the pain keeps getting worse. And nothing is helping.
    But 2 months ago, april 29, at soccer practice, my patella dislocated to the right side of my right knee because i fell. So i went to the doctor on tuesday, april 30. He couldn’t see any damage to my knee. So i went back to school with extreme pain, and with a leg i couldn’t bend. But i knew there were something wrong.
    So i went back to my doctor on june 7. He looked pretty worried when he examined my knee. So he sent me back to an orthopedic surgeon for the 2nd time.
    I’ve torn my outer ligament LCL and 1 meniscus. But he refuses to do surgery.
    And he even told me “you’ll just have to live with the pain” and i got so fkn pissed when he said that to me. He could’ve given me crutches or something. But, no!
    I’ll just have to live with it. Live with pain killers. Live with pillows under my knee every night. Live with a leg i can’t use for a sh*t. And i’m only 13?!
    And i know i shouldn’t do it, but i googled my symptoms. And the only thing that came was “osteosacoma in teenagers”. I was about to cry, because cancer has taken so many people in my family. My great grandma died of osteosarcoma, my grandma’s sister has breast cancer, 2 of my family members who are 1 and 4 got diagnosed with leukemia, one of them is still fighting and the other one is cancer free.
    But luckily, it wasn’t cancer.
    And i know i’ll have to get surgery when i get older.
    It all began with a little pain in my knee. So i went to my doctor and i didn’t know the journey ahead of me.

  37. I was at a concert Thursday night and two people fell against my knee and it cracked backwards. Immediate pain and buckling. I barely made it outside. Now my leg is swollen and it feels like I'm walking on a rubber band. Ace wrap makes my joint feel like it's rubbing against something and bending hurts:^((( just watching this made my knee tingle

  38. Dont do these tests people, if you just have a small tear it's only gonna make it worse. Wait it out a few days and if its still bad go see a doctor. Especially the first test they described it horrible, imagine your meniscus having a small tear then putting your full weigh on it……

  39. fuck i think i tore my meniscus. none of these tests hurt but i can't bring my foot back to my butt with my right leg without pain. i think i need to get an MRI

  40. all my doctors did was feel my acl and then decide that i’m fine and just need pt. IM LIKE CAN I DO A FUCKING MRI YOU PIECE

  41. Went to a physio today and they didn't do any of those tests. The pain in my knee was diagnosed as patello femoral. However on the first test on your video I got pain. Second test the leg is straight. Third test I can't do as I need a second person. ?

  42. My ins won't pay for an mri until I go through 30 pt appts. Ugh. Meanwhile, knee is popping out of place each time its even slightly rotated.

  43. Currently waiting for an MRI on my knee after a rugby match last Saturday… Seeing those tests performed made me wince

  44. I don't torn meniscus but my knee still clicks when I walk or even bend my left leg a certain way.. I believe it is called runners knee? It has been doing it for a week though and when i stop off a stair or ledge or go upstairs it actually hurts a little but not terribly . what's going on?

  45. The cringe from the video helped alleviate my knee pain!
    My knee is trashed from 29 years of skateboarding.
    I have NO insurance so yaaaay for me.
    Poop!!!! 🙁

  46. The fact that just thinking of doing the first and last test made me tear up with anticipation of the pain goes to show what my results will be ?

  47. It's not clear to me…if I feel pain doing just one of the tests, then I have a torn meniscus? I feel it doing the first test, very specific, but not excruciating, in the lateral area. I pass the other two tests no problem.

  48. 14 days in pain now, first 3 days was excruciating I couldn't walk, leg won't extend fully or retract fully, it got better then got worse again, I feel every twist and turn. I'm waiting on an MRI and hoping I don't require surgery

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