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Hi everyone, welcome back to day six of the fall fashion edit. I cannot believe we’re already on day six This week has absolutely flown by if you’re just joining me on my channel then welcome to the fall fashion edit There are five other videos waiting for you All of the previous videos will be linked below Including what I’m wearing and all of the items I will be talking about in the video So just click show more and the box will expand and everything will be linked down below for you if you haven’t already Subscribed, I really hope you’ll consider subscribing to my channel I do make a lot of fashion based content. And even once the fall fashion edit is over I still have a lot of more fun fall fashion content coming So I really love it if you would subscribe because I’d really like to have you here on my channel So today is all about fall essentials And these are really the items that you’re gonna find yourself reaching for on a daily weekly and a monthly basis as we move throughout Throughout the fall season. I have a ton of items to get through with you guys today So let’s just get straight into it my first fall essential is a Mock neck style top and what I really like about a mock neck is it’s not quite a turtleneck or a roll neck So you don’t have to worry about any excess material if that’s not really your thing But it does give you a lot of really nice coverage around the neck This is a great option if it’s a little bit of a warmer day and you don’t want to be wrapped in a scarf or a heavy knit material and mock necks come in a t-shirt form or in A long-sleeve top as well. This one is from Zara I really love the gorgeous neutral color and it has a ribbed effect material and it’s a t-shirt style So I have been getting a lot of wear out of this particularly at this time of year The weather’s been absolutely beautiful here in Vancouver and This pairs just so nicely with so many things and a mock neck top is also really great for layering as the temperatures start to drop I’ll definitely be reaching for a Long-sleeve kind of lightweight knit style mock neck top So this is actually kind of more of a sweater definitely has that mocked neck as well And again, this is also another beautiful piece for layering. I’ve gone for it again in a neutral color palette I just find neutrals are something I reach for a lot and it’s really easy to create a lot of different outfit Combinations out of them. This one is from ASOS and it’s really cozy and warm and I love that This is a piece that you don’t only need for fall but it’s gonna serve you well in the winter and in to the early spring another really important fall essential is of course a Sweater so I know a lot of us have really looked forward to a sweater whether to be able to wear a lot of beautiful Pieces like this one. So this sweater is from forever 21 It does have some wool in it. And that’s the only thing that I personally struggle with in the fall season is wool I definitely have a sensitivity to it. But this one is quite a flowy sweater You can definitely layer underneath it So you can pair it with a nice thermal or a long-sleeve top kind of similar to what I have on Actually, this would actually pair quite nicely over top. I love the flowy sleeves on this one They actually have tie details and what’s So fun about sweaters is a lot of them have different statements and different knits and fabrics and patterns So you really can go quite bold, but I really love the color earth tones are really big for this season And this is a gorgeous rust color so it kind of ticks a trend box as well and sticking with the theme of Knitwear and sweaters a really important fall essential for me is a sweater dress This is honestly the easiest thing to throw on in the fall season. It’s cozy and warm You can pair it with over-the-knee boots or with ankle boots or overtop of leggings or even jeans There’s so many different ways You can style a sweater dress, but honestly if you just pair with a pair of over the knee boots That’s really your outfit sorted So it’s a really fun way to be quite chic and trendy without having to put a lot of effort in it to your outfit This one is quite a flowy feeling sweater dress with kind of wider sleeves I love it in this gorgeous beige color. It has a crew neck So it’s perfect for throwing on a nice a scarf over top and you could easily fit a nice wool coat over top of it As well this one I picked up from ASOS. It does have a little bit of wool in it So it is quite a heavy sweater You’ll definitely want to pull something like this out in the colder fall months But you’re honestly gonna get so much wear out of this piece especially even as we move into the winter and into the spring if you opt for it in more of a neutral color and if beige or a neutral color is not your thing you Can opt for something a little bit more bold like this beautiful blush pink color. I think this sweater is absolutely gorgeous This one is also from ASOS and it is quite a heavy knit material But I believe this one is made out of an acrylic fabric. So there is no wool in this one It has kind of a dipped neckline almost like a wrap style look and this is just so chic and so fun and again very easy to throw on in the fall months my fourth fall Essential and this is honestly an item that I personally really look forward to wearing in the fall season and that is a pair Of leggings, but rather than opt for a pair of black cotton leggings I like to kind of change things up and I want to look a little bit more kind of dressed up and put Together and so why not offer something like this? So these are a pair of faux suede Leather look leggings and these are from Zara and they’re in this beautiful kind of tan color and I just think these are really gorgeous They honestly feel like a typical legging. So they’re super comfortable They also have an elasticated waist which is perfect Especially for all the fun festive meals a lot of us have planned in the upcoming months These are just a really great alternative to your typical pair of leggings and I do think you’d get so much wear out of a piece like this because you can really dress them up or dress them down more casually depending on what you want to wear them for and if you’re not quite ready to do away with your Black leggings just yet, then why not opt for something like this? So this is a really nice spin on a pair of black cotton leggings. These are very elasticated. They are quite sturdy They’re a good kind of dense material, but they have a lot kind of going on for them They have a beautiful statement button at the top here They also have belt loops, which you don’t typically see on leggings and that they have a zipper They have a really elasticated waist band as well so honestly These are like a smart legging they could really pass for work wear And this is a really great alternative to just wearing a basic pair of leggings in the fall months My fifth fall essential is of course a pair of jeans. I’ll be honest with you guys I probably wear the most denim out of any time of year in the fall season I really love a good pair of denim in the fall months now I know I said I prefer a darker denim but we’ve been having the most glorious weather here in Vancouver It’s literally been between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius Which is completely unheard of in Vancouver typically rains all October long So naturally now I’m wanting to kind of go back and revert to my light denim these ones I recently picked up from Zara. They have a lot of stretch to them. They’re high-waisted They have a little bit of distressing on them They’re a little bit cropped at the bottom and have a raw hem, and these are just so cute They’re gonna pair so well with a lot of the other fall essentials I have in my wardrobe And I think it’s really important to have a staple pair of jeans that you can wear for so many different occasions in the fall Months, my next fall essential is a light weight coat, but still has enough warmth and a texture to it So I’ve picked up this absolutely Beautiful the blush pink jacket, it has a faux shearling effect I love the cute buttons down the front and the Piping it almost kind of has like an equestrian look and feel to it And this is absolutely perfect for the weather that we’ve been having it is a little bit oversized and a little bit boxy so it’s gonna pair really nicely kind of over top of the top I have on or a Turtleneck or any mock necks and you can still throw a really cute scarf over top Again pink is very much in style and on trend and what’s great about this item is you can actually wear it in the winter and into the spring as well because it is in such a beautiful color and just to give you guys another option for a lightweight coat I picked up this one last season from Old Navy and I’m really happy I did Because who knew animal print would be so huge for this season I love leopard print. This jacket is so beautiful and it’s so soft and it was very affordable. This jacket is not lined So it’s really great layered over top of a lightweight knit or a top similar to what I have on at the moment I love that it has a faux leather contrast piping on it It just makes the jacket look really interesting and this is perfect for kind of the beginning to mid fall weather So right now something like this is a great piece to have in your wardrobe and it is a little bit of a longer jacket Definitely kind of has a top coat look and feel but it’s almost like wearing a sweater But it’s a little bit more warm and a little bit more substantial Than just wearing a sweater or a lightweight knit my 7th fall essential is a leather or faux leather skirt So this black one I actually picked up two seasons ago This one is from Zara. And this is most recent to my collection. This one is from forever 21 in this gorgeous tan color I’m really glad I didn’t get this skirt last season I didn’t actually reach for it that much last year But I had no idea that leather would be such a massive style trend for this season So naturally I’ve gone for it in another color leather Honestly is timeless it’s classic and if it’s not a massive trend one season It’s going to be in a couple years down the road So these are great pieces to invest in to pick up and to Experiment with because you will find yourself reaching for them for years and seasons to come and what I really like about a faux leather Skirt is they are quite substantial and they do actually keep your legs surprisingly warm They’re super cute paired with a pair of over the knee faux suede boots and I just really love dressing up my outfit with a faux leather skirt in the fall months and sticking with a theme of a Leather of course a fall essential is either a aviator or leather or faux leather style jacket It is from Topshop and is more of an aviator style jacket So it is a faux leather and has this Gorgeous black faux fur lining all throughout the jacket this one. I’m probably actually gonna reach for more in the later fall months It’s a little bit too warm for a piece like this It just is really edgy and a really cool and it’s gonna keep you really nice and cozy and warm We’re seeing a lot of different jackets coming out from different retailers similar to this one So it is a big style trend but because it’s black it honestly goes with everything I have a beautiful black leather jacket that I’ve pretty much worn to death If you’re gonna invest in anything this season, I would go for a leather jacket It’s timeless as I already mentioned They never go out of style and this would not be a fall essentials video If I did not mention a wool coat, I picked it up last season from the brand dynamite It was actually on sale and this one is actually to replace a few other wool coats. I’ve had in my collection So I’ve actually had a black wool coat in my wardrobe since I was in high school Which was actually a really long time ago and you could just wear them for so many different occasions I think you actually need to have a classic black wool coat in your Wardrobe whether you are going to work this really dresses up your work outfit and it’s going to keep you nice and cozy and warm In the late fall winter and early spring season if you have any interviews, you’re going on a classic black coat You definitely cannot go wrong. If you’re going out for drinks with girlfriends or a date night or just have any festive or special occasions Where you want to be warm you want to kind of keep yourself nice and toasty with a cute dress underneath Black is definitely the way to go. I’m really happy I scooped this one up last season and I think it’s really important to have a wool coat in your fall wardrobe this season We’re seeing a lot of plaid wool coats. So I snapped up this one from H&M. I featured it in my H&M haul and Try on video on day one. This one is very out-there and a little bit unique for me It’s not something I typically go for but it’s absolutely beautiful. This one is a really affordable option It’s 109 Canadian dollars and it’s very trendy because it has a lot of the colors that we’re seeing for the autumn season So it’s kind of like a dark camel mustard color and light camel and a black and has beautiful Black buttons and it’s just a really nice well-made piece and it’s a really nice way to make your outfit pop It’s gonna keep you nice and cozy and warm throughout the fall and into the winter months my next fall essential is a Faux fur coat and this one it’s looking a little bit scruffy and a little bit worn This is hands-down. My most worn jacket of last year. I have literally worn this fluffy white coat to death It’s from forever 21. I’ve had it for a year and a half now and I absolutely Love it. It’s so cozy and snuggly and warm. I literally get complimented every time I wear it I probably look a little bit like an abdominal snowman But I highly recommend getting a faux fur piece in it to your wardrobe for the fall season It kind of feels like you’re wearing a bathrobe, but you look really stylish and cool while doing it So anything where I can look comfortable and cute at the same time I am definitely all about this one is absolutely beautiful It probably is almost ready to be replaced because it is looking a little bit kind of long in the tooth But there’s no way I can part with this piece anytime soon until I find an exact replacement It’s absolutely beautiful And if you’re looking for a faux fur piece, that’s a little bit more refined and less out there you can opt one of these two So these both are actually from forever21 Affordable retailers actually do faux fur very well and at very affordable price points. I love this black jacket So this is probably my next most worn faux fur piece It’s classic it goes with everything and I really love bringing this one out during the holiday season It looks really cute over top of a fun festive dresses and skirts And this one this one it just looks so classy and expensive it is the softest jacket I have pretty much ever felt in my life. It has a gorgeous color. It’s slightly cropped It just looks so sophisticated And this colour is so big for this season and it’s funny cuz I pick this one up a couple of seasons ago And I didn’t really wear this one last year as well. But this color has definitely come back in style So what I’ve learned this season is pieces that I’ve picked up in previous seasons don’t do away with them right away Chances are the following year. You’re gonna be able to bring them out again If this is not what jacket dreams are made out of I honestly do not know What is this is like a bathrobe meets jacket. It’s so classy I feel like I’m going to look like I’m walking through Narnia in this piece. I love this gorgeous hood at the back It looks so luxurious this is such a beautifully made jacket. It has tortoise shell buttons it’s a little bit oversized the sleeves are so cute with the faux fur coming over the top and honestly Something like this You’re gonna get so much wear out of in the late fall in it to the winter months as well My next fall essential is of course a pair of over the knee boots I made an entire video on how to style over the knee boots It is linked below and that is just how much I love them for the fall season They truly are an essential and something. I feel like I could not live without in the fall season They’re from River Island. And they’re in this gorgeous chocolate brown color. They are a thigh high boot they have ties They have cute bows at the bottom and I love the chunky heel on these. They’re in a gorgeous. Faux suede material I really just cannot say enough about how much I love these boots and how much wear you’ll honestly get out of a pair of Over the knee boots and if you’re thinking about only getting one pair of over the knee boots in it to your wardrobe for this fall season, I would recommend going the way of a black pair of over-the-knee boots These ones are actually a replacement for my previous pair I wore my last pair of over the new boots to death Like they literally cannot go on any further I had them for a few seasons and I reach for those bad boys almost every single weekend I wear a uniform to work So I didn’t really get a lot aware of them when I was working but on all my days off those were my go-to boots. So black is classic. I love them in faux suede. That’s definitely my preferred These ones are from Steve Madden and they have a lower block heel So they’re actually a lot more comfortable to walk in because you’re still quite low to the ground but they do give you a good height boost moving into some accessories a Really important fall essential is of course a scarf and this one is quite new to my collection. It’s a solid camel color This is honestly the softest scarf It’s actually from ASOS and from the brand Stradivarius and we can’t actually get Stradivarius in North America so I love that ASOS carries it and this is honestly a massive scarf it’s honestly gonna feel like you have a Blanket wrapped around your body and I love it in this gorgeous camel color It’s gonna go with so many different items in my wardrobe Because it is so long and has cute tassels at the bottom you can style it so many different ways and a scarf is just a Super important versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. You can wrap it around your neck You can wear it as a shawl you can even have it as a blanket or use it as a pillow so so many different uses for a piece like this and Very important and essential in your fall wardrobe getting to the end here another really important fall essential is of course a statement Handbag, since we are wearing a lot of outerwear in the fall and winter months Most of our body is covered in a lot of kind of neutral colors Why not offer a really kind of fun statement piece? So this one is from Rebecca Minkoff It’s a small of crossbody in this gorgeous leopard print and black leather and then it has this beautiful gold hardware on it I love this bag. It just really is eye catching and makes my outfit pop any time I’ve worn this piece people have stopped me to ask me where my bag is from and to complement it So in the fall months, especially because the weather can be a little bit drab and dreary This is such a fun piece to incorporate into your wardrobe It doesn’t have to be identical to something like this, but I definitely recommend opting for something that is a little bit more statement That’s gonna put a smile on your face and it’s just gonna make you feel good and chic in whatever you’re wearing. That’s everything I have to share with you guys for my top fall essentials. I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this video I know that was a lot to look at and get through But I hope a lot of these pieces have given you some inspiration You can create a ton of different outfit Combinations out of those items and they’re gonna serve you really well in it to the winter and into the spring as well So a lot of them are really core pieces that you can build your wardrobe around if you liked the video Make sure you give it a thumbs up. That means so much to me And that’s I know you guys want to see this type of content from me If you aren’t already subscribed, make sure you hit the subscribe button below. I’d really love to have you guys on my channel it doesn’t cost a thing and make sure you turn the Notification bell on or else you won’t be notified when I upload a new video I have so much more fashion based content coming to my channel over the next couple of weeks and months So I really love to have you here with me. Thank you so much for watching you guys I really appreciate you taking the time it honestly means the world to me. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day And I can’t wait to see you all again here in my next video. Bye!

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