Transforma una sudadera en chaqueta

Transforma una sudadera en chaqueta

Hello, in this tutorial I’m going to transform a sweatshirt I’m going to make a jacket I’m going to zip it here in front in the front I’m going to take out the pockets that he has the hat also I’m going to make a smaller neck and in the fist I’m going to put some patents and in the waist down as well I start by removing the pocket from below now let’s cut the front I put a pin here on the side another up here and on the shoulder and I put it all right that there is no wrinkle and we cut through here by the central part of the front Now I’m going to cut the hem of the bass and the sleeve I’m going to cut the hat I’m going to leave a neck of 5 cm frame 5 cm now in the neck on one side in this one here in the inside I double 1 cm and I put pins I fold the whole neck And here where I just put the pins I passed a stitching so that this part stays bent 1 cm inside in the fists I put the patent I put the sleeve upside down I put the fist this is a patent that is bought in the haberdasheries you can buy the fist and the waist they sell it separately or together as you like I put a pin around I stretch my fist and I put the rents the other sleeve equal and down I put the patent of the waist you see it comes like this so we can also put it in a sweater in this case I’m going to open it because the jacket is open I’m going to an extreme and I take it with a pin stretch and I put another pin here in the center I’m going to the side and I’m going to the other and now I’m going to the sewing machine and I sew the patent of the waist the patent of the fists And the neck now I’m going to overcast the patents and the forward I’m in the neck I have already sewn the hem to a part of the neck and now the other I also double 1 cm and the amount on top of the other and I’m going to put pins all over the neck and I passed a stitching by the edge of the neck and now here in the front I put the zipper I double 1 cm for inside and I put the zipper we go to the sewing machine I already have here the finish you are seeing that it is a total transformation of a sweatshirt to a super funny jacket combines colors, tones very well If you liked this video, hit “like” do not forget to subscribe and share on social networks

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  1. Hola buen dia.
    Soy nueva en esto.
    Y me acabo de comprar una maquina de coser. Singer.
    Me podrian recomendar hilos y sobre un numero de auja que pueda usar para coser pantalones de mezclilla oh ropa mas gruesa.
    Por favor.
    Gracias. Buen dia.

  2. Hola me llamó Inés,me gusta mucho tus vídeos, explicas muy fácil ,quisiera que me dijeras que máquinas de coser utilizas , he visto que remalla está muy bien y ,otra preguntarte tengo chaquetón de piel es muy grande,me puedes ayudar a reciclarla muchas gracias un saludo

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