It’s all about the parts, and everyone wants them. Whether it’s from the latest in designer brands, or whatever you can afford. This is what’s in, and this trend is here to stay. I mean lets face it. No one wants to be like them. Entirely organic. No one wants to get sick, and old, and die. My only choice was to enhance. Even if it meant stealing that prototype. This chip is going to revolutionize the world in so many ways. How was I supposed to know the damn thing was classified? Now the whole world was after me. The Feds, G-Corp, even the reapers could smell something special inside me. So now I’m in Bangkok, figured it was my best option. Unfortunately being here wasn’t enough. I was still being followed. I needed to blend in, disappear. So I headed to the nearest street market I could find. You could get anything you want here. From the tuk-tuk drivers selling yum-yum chemical massage, to the latest and greatest of virtual drug programs, robot helpers, holographic suit emitters. You name it, they had it. I needed a new look. It was the best I could think of to shake them off my tail. Replacing my eyes was the easy part. My skin, not so much. Once the painkillers kicked in, I arranged to meet an old acquaintance of mine. If anybody could get me the new body signature I was looking for, it was definitely X. He insisted on meeting me in a crap hotel room in the heart of the red light district. Mister foreign man was passing through, and their eyes burned holes in my pocket. The working enhanced knew how to sell. They could be anything you wanted. Girl, boy, ladyboy. I figured I should get off the streets, so I brought a plexie to the hotel room as I waited for X. If my compadre doesn’t hurry his ass up, they’ll light me up and cut this chip right out of me. Great timing X. Looks like you just sealed my fate. I was going to be dead in a matter of seconds. This version of me is, anyway. After all, I am one of them now. The unreal. And being unreal, I guess, does have its perks. From the day you enhanced your memories have been storing itself secretly inside you. Our services consist of backing up those memories for safe keeping. If something were to happen to your physical self, we would simply implant your memories to the NEW-YOU. That is why it is crucial to sign up for our daily backup program, so you never lose a moment of your life. Strive to live forever and join the millions of augmented people who had taken this step. You know what to do Kaye. Just click the button below and all of your fears about death will never haunt you again It’s him, take him down. Synthetic Heart by J-Punch

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  1. Wow, what a truly Cyberpunk short film, Noir style narration, a dystopian near future universe, not to mention really good effects. 😀

  2. Utterly blown away by this one – amazing atmospheric & seriously well produced bit of work. The level of attention to detail on every aspect is phenomenal. Did they ever make any more shorts set in this world? I could see this making a great mini-series.

  3. Well,a bit late on the discovery…I see shades of "Blade Runner"…Hope the series is as good as the Short !

    Very refreshing !

  4. THE thing is his SOUL won't tranfer, because his memories don't contain conciousness only if one could manifest TIME ITSELF in the form of his timeline which his soul was then USED from the TIP OF IT KNOWN AS THE PRESENT could the transfer be non-fatal.

  5. As a native of Thailand, I'm very happy this is a thing. The fact that this may get turned into a series is seriously hyping me.

  6. Glad I stumbled across this. Would love to see your own version of Ghost in the Shell or Akira. Being I'm more then sure you'll outclass them. Given ow much thought you put into this.

  7. Nice to see a simple idea done to perfection. Almost seamless CGI integration is something I rarely see, even in big-budget titles. Nice work all round, especially in keeping it setting oriented.

  8. YES i finally found this again after watching it years ago and forgot it was called!

    The beginning music is awesome; Just makes you think, here we are, we don't want to die, we don't know what will happen, we have found so many planets yet no intelligent life, are we the only ones, we surely cant be, regardless we are killing ourselves, wever its via war, resources, population. All of what we know will end one day, it may take an impossible amount of time to end, but know one knows, unless we sort ourselves out. We need to invent, discover, enhance, its the only way we know currently, we could dominate space, but its slowly slipping from us, whatever reason we were put here, god or not, we sure can only dream that maybe one day in future generations that we will have sorted ourself out, it's such a scary thought we cant even begin to think about everything. For s long we last we want to know one simple question, why? just why is anything here, space, planets, us, galaxys and far beyond. god or not, that's all we want to know in this cruel, deep, dark vast infinite space we have no clue what its all about. Just why…

  9. to be honest, I kinda wish the future would be like this. it'd be pretty fucking badass if everyone got to be a cyborg like Cyrax and Sector from MK, even cooler that they would emit holographic neon lights and be practically immortal. Hopefully this technology will be widely available and very affordable in my life time. I mean medical scientists are already on their way to mass producing artificial organs by the year 2048 which will be able to radically extended the human life span well beyond its natural end.

  10. I can watch this piece of art over and over again with the same strength of the first time, it has the taste of the boring sadness of the reality in which we currently live…

  11. DUDE. What about a sequel about this successful "legit" corp hacker guy who runs into his doppleganger–who just so happens to be himself, the guy from this short film who apparently did not die, but he gets his ego copied online and onto this current corp hacker dude who escaped death? What if someone found a way to copy versions upon versions of himself and gets an army of herself/himself? What if he finds a copy of himself in a dog? In the AI of a toaster? THIS COULD BE A SERIES OR A COMIC BOOK! WRITE IT! DRAW IT!

  12. This product does not work, not like what they said and claimed, their service is very poor and didn't allow you to return even the product not work, still charge over $100, and automatic charge you extra if you didn't call to cancel account.

  13. When I experienced how fragile human body is, I hope this future comes faster. don't need to work out, can't feel hurt, only need our brain. Truly, I am tired of get sick, I want that body.

  14. WHO STILL WATCHING IN 2018??? Damn.. Can't wait for holograms… Been waiting for holograms since Spy Kids, Island Of Lost Dreams. When Junie go that Hologram watch his uncle gave him…

  15. If you go to my YT channel and listen to my show, you will learn in great detail everything this video is demonstrating. #flowofwisdom

  16. Look at our Cyberpunk Short –

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about that! Thanks!

  17. There are so many good cyberpunk stories out there .. that could do very good movies. Perhaps they would all be too similar since it's mostly a dystopian near future … but hey .. if we can read all the books .. and rate them into a top 50 list or so … why would not at least 10 of them be good enough for a movie script .. .and 1-2 made into real movies each year … and equally into short series.

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