Trump told Israel to ban the only 2
Muslim Congress women President Trump putting pressure on Israel to deny entry
to 2 American Congress women who were planning to visit
Asalaamu alikum’ guys and welcome to another episode of Smile 2 Jannah A short while back the incompetent leader of the free world told 4 of his own
Congress women to go back home in a barrage of racist tweets and talks. They hate our country, they hate it- I think with a passion. Even though three out of four of them were born in the u.s. Why I hear you ask?
Well duuh, it’s because they criticized a democratically elected leader in a
democracy. That’s like getting kicked out of McDonald’s for ordering a Big Mac. If that’s not enough, Trump outsourced this hate to the one
the only Prime Minister of Israel. Yeah that’s right he put pressure on the Prime Minister not to allow these two Congress women to enter the country. You’d think
that the “only democracy in the Middle East” would be the first ones to tell him
“yo Trump, behave yourself we’re not gonna be a part of this injustice” who are we kidding they of course obeyed the president and lied about the reason that they refused them entry. Israel had to give a
different reason- you know because of legal consequences so- they claimed it
was because of their support of the boycott, but we both know it’s not
because of that, because they’ve been vocal in their support for the boycott
since 2018. I’ve not only supported and called for a boycott of Israel. She said “I personally support the BDS that’s the boycott movement, and not to mention the
Israeli ambassador knowing all this, still allowed them access a couple of
weeks ago. That is of course until Trump called up. The White House was of course
defending him even Trump admitted “but I did speak to people over there yeah” you cannot criticize Israel, yeah that’s right, because if you choose
to do that, you’re gonna be linked to hating all Jews, even though many
Israelis hate Iran but no one’s gonna say that because they hate Iran, they
hate all Muslims. This was worse for Rashida because her grandmother lives in
the occupied West Bank. She wrote them a letter asking if she would be granted
access. They obliged but they gave her loads of restrictions. After some
thinking she was like, you know what, this is just not worth it. I’m gonna be
sacrificing all my ideals and they’re gonna be using my grandmother as an
excuse. There’s one thing that I can’t get my head around: Trump told Rasheeda to go
back home, she got ready to go back home, then he called to get her banned from
going back home. I’m more confused than a bold guy at the barbers asking for a number two. It just goes to show guys, they want you to learn the language-you
learned the language, they want you to integrate more in society- you integrate
more in society, they want you to help the country and pull your weight-you
work your way all the way up to a congresswoman… and it’s still not enough! This reminds me the verse of the Qur’an to the nearest meaning which says these people are only gonna be happy, if you relinquish your whole Deen mate yeah,
unless you do that they just not gonna be happy mate. bottom line I’ll suggest is:
stick by your principles stick, by your religion and you know what if you’re
doing what you’re doing and you’re good it, eventually you’re gonna Mohamed Salah them, eventually you’re gonna Khabib Nurmagomedov them, eventually you’re gonna Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X them You now what I mean? All right guys let’s leave it there till next time Asalaamu Aleikum

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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum. A bit of perspective. Firstly I’m only bringing you the news, not telling you to support anyone. Secondly, most of us know the 2 congresswomen are not the most knowledgeable/practising of Muslims, but to the “powers that be” we are all the same. Unity in such matters is vital. Let’s muster up some common sense and look at what is actually being done here, and stop picking off our own just because they don’t live up to our standard of religiousness. Lastly, there is a time and place for refuting, this is not it. If you can’t realise that, please learn the etiquette of giving dawah and avoid the comments section. Jazakallahu khair.

  2. Yet imran khan prime minister of pakistan talking to this orange bigot to tell India to behave…and they both hate pakistan.

  3. Brother I love your vids I have never subscribed to anyone before but I am gonna subscribe to your channel toady. Inshallah your channel will grow !!!

  4. Becoming a democratic leader means nothing except that you have to be a bootlicker for people who hate you based on Islamic affiliation. Both of these ladies compromise so much in their Deen to lead in America. But all their bootlicking hasn't made them loved by Americans. When are they going to wake up and realize that honor is only in following what Allah revealed? Not bootlicking for the kuffar.

  5. Yep. Totally bullying.
    I mean, I don't what to say. It's like if Trump has people who challenges how he thinks, he thinks he is growing.
    But let's be honest. His attitude and so called ethics ain't doing nothing but damage "humanity"?

    We could probably see him going for a second term. But after that, one court case after another could follow. (I hope there are some people who will go to length to exposed his true intentions during his time in the White House)

  6. The last verse of the quran quote… well i wudnt exactly call trump and netinyaho christian and jew… more like satanists Lol.

  7. Two Muslims who are "pro feminism" and "pro Homosexuality". Yes these things exist. But we cant cheer things along that are forbidden for us?

  8. Israel : i'm the strokgest in middle east and the only democrazy there

    Someone : Israel is a devil invader and the nation of mass killing!!

    Israel : Shup up you anti semits..!! have no rigth to critic us..!!

    DEMOCRACY : I'm joke to you?

  9. If we all stopped giving that Dotard any attention he would melt away. He thrives on attentio and fame… it feeds his toxic Ego…

    BERNIE 2020 & 2024

  10. Israel's government is run by zionist pigs. And it's not just the government. There's several people in my own community, Jews and otherwise that will call you an anti-semite if you say anything bad about Israel.

  11. lets boycott every think isreali !!
    comeon brothers!
    lets boycott every product of israel,everything that benifits those devils!

  12. Subhanallah this is sooooooo much better than my video. Allah has blessed you bro. May Allah continue to increase you!

  13. Hindus, Christians Athiest, Jews and Bhuddist all are against Muslims. Just due to 20 years of false reporting of International Media and leaders.

  14. Now these knights, tenplers and Nazis killer of Millions of people in world wars and Crusade wars told people how to maintain peace. They blame Muslims to hide their dark pasts. What Fake Islamic Terrorist organizations are doing they are also targeting Muslim Countries. They are protecting Israel. ISIS is in Neighborhood of Israel. ISIS call itself Islamic organization but what it is doing Killing Muslims same as Israel is doing in Palestine. Jihad means to fight against those whom are threat to Islam. But ISIS and Al-Qaida are killing followers of Islam and protecting Israel which is threat Muslims of Palestine and Syria. And Who is providing these Terrorist organization such huge amount of weapons? Ofcourse USA and European Countries. No Muslim Country manufacture modern weapons and Muslim Countries barely fullfil the requirements of their own Millitary. So ofcourse Western Countries and Israel is using terrorism as they did in past on the name of Crusade wars and others.

  15. Trump is 73 years old and he is acting as if he still in his teens, gossiping on phone with his girlfiend Benjamin Netanyahu that proves that age does not give you wisdom.

  16. Israel has used America like a whore and More recently, in fiscal year 2014, theUS provided $3.1 billion in foreign military aid to Israel.JFK was the only president who opposed it

  17. When you say stick to your principals are you referring to the Congresswoman or us Muslims coz I don't know a single person who has ANY morals nevermind principles !!
    For one there wouldn't be any drug dealing in our communities as just one example and we don't speak out against grooming either…… If we had these ' principles' maybe just maybe these non Muslims would have converted by now (just an opinion)

  18. That is so true, they say "integrate be like us" then once we do "look they are stealing our women and jobs", so you keep yourself to yourself look why won't the integrate be like us, it's a vicious circle,
    SOLUTION Go with the flow, live your life how you want as you will never please them BUT if you please your creator that is sufficient especially in this day and age of fitna

  19. I think Israel told Us to say to them to not to allow the Congress women so that it looks like Israel is just obeying the orders of Us. Because admit it it is America who obeys Israel not Israel.

  20. Trump telling truth to the world they hate our country they hate our people true zionist hate everyone that's why they are killing Europeans in France because nazis killed 6 million zionist and people in arab zionism is a disease needs to eradicate as soon as possible.

  21. Asalaamu alaikum. Smile2Jannah can you talk about global warming and about how we have 18 months to save the planet.
    It isn't talked about much in the news so can you do your next video on it.

  22. There are Muslim countries who don’t allow Israeli Jews to enter their country. It’s a hypocrisy that Muslim majority countries have and it needs to be addressed.
    And I’m not a Jew before anymore starts calling me one.

  23. Allah and muhammad ‎ﷺ in my dreams.

    My Story-Muhammad Qasim::2015 Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
    Assalamo alaykum. My name is Muhammad Qasim Bin Abdul Karim. I live in Lahore, Pakistan.For the last 29 years Allah ﷻ and Muhammad ﷺ keep coming into my dreams, the first time they came into my dreams was when I was 12 years old and when I was 17 years old they came into my dreams continuously.
    Since then Allah ﷻ has come into my dreams at least 500 times and Muhammad ﷺ came into my dreams at least 300 times.
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    For the first time in April 2014 Allah ﷻ told me ‘’Qasim, I want you to tell the whole world about your dreams and I want everyone to know where you are.’’
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    Allah ﷻ told me in many dreams that ‘’Qasim one day I will help you and give you success and I will fulfill my promises even if there is one day left until Qiyamah.’’
    And I don't know when that will be but I've been waiting for the last 21 years. May Allah ﷻ reward you for your time.

  24. nothing to do about islam these two woman tryed to boycott israel and were racist towards jews israel even allowed tlaib to visit her grandmother because she asked for it but then she declined and made herself look like a victim very bias and untruthfull video

  25. Why do you care. In a Muslim country like Pakistan they treat women amazingly. (Your brain should replace that word). Trump is shifty but so is the treatment of women in other coubtries

  26. Don’t fall for the trick. It’s to make it look like Israel doesn’t have the power. BUT ISREAL IS THE MAIN ENEMY OF ISLAM. The Jews have been throughout history making sure corruption is spread. They are the true leaders of this corrupt world.

  27. My grandfather was with the army against Hitler . From 43 til 49 at the Berlin fence. ???, morocco and French army. We now wat the nazis did. ?????????

  28. Where is the so called,"Freedom of speech & expressions" now.Bloody creeps,psychopaths,hypocrites?Trump & Zionists Israeli regimes.

  29. All the original natives of most countries are worst than slaves in their own country.

    Indians in America.
    Aboriginal in Australia
    Mauri in New zealand
    Adivasi in India
    Apartheid in South Africa

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