Truth About Skin Care Fragrance | Bad For Acne And Your Skin? | Chris Gibson

Truth About Skin Care Fragrance | Bad For Acne And Your Skin? | Chris Gibson

well hey everybody welcome back to skincare with Chris Gibson if you’re new I’m Chris and I am here as your skin care expert to help you get the perfect skincare routine and on this channel we talked about skin care products skin care reviews skin care ingredients skin care routines just about anything to do with skin care including problems that we solve those so if that’s your thing you’re definitely in the right place do me a big favor hit the subscription button and that little notification bell that way you’ll get notifications when my videos are up each week now that you found me don’t lose me you know we all like to smell good we all like things to smell good and our skincare products are no different I mean think about it we all like that clean fresh sometimes citrusy smell that skin care products have however there’s a lot of debate about the effects of skin care fragrance in the products is it good for you is it bad for you is it damaging your skin is it actually breaking you out well we’re going to talk about that in today’s video because this is a big big topic and I get a lot of questions about it so sit tight because we have a little bit of ground to cover now as I said we all like our skincare products at least smell clean right okay that makes perfect sense but a lot of times skincare products do have some sort of masking ingredients in them to make them smell better than the other chemically based or even organically based ingredients would be smelling because sometimes stuff that especially has oils in it like coconut oil olive oil can kind of have an off sort of odor now skincare is not Cologne so it would make sense to think that well we probably shouldn’t have a lot of fragrance in skincare anyway but here’s the deal it’s in your products by design because the better it smells the more likely you are to remember to use it consistently and run out of it and repurchase more so there we have it that is the real reason that skincare products have fragrance in them is to encourage you to use them so that you run out and rebuy them and that’s just the way it is now the thing is that unless a product has an essential oil in it like say tea tree oil that is for a specific skin care condition that you’re trying to target fragrance is absolutely not as Cerie as an ingredient in your skincare and in fact it can really cause certain people some big-time problems with their skin especially if you have dry sensitive skin or you have acne prone skin what you mean if my acne products have skincare fragrance in them they actually can be breaking me out right exactly so yes yes they could be breaking you out and even essential oils can be a problem even though we tend to think of those as all natural or organic or what-have-you and better for your skin not always a lot of people are very sensitive to essential oils I’m one of those people lavender oil causes me a lot of problems as do like mint oils like peppermint I can’t put that stuff on my skin or I get a rash or dermatitis from it so just because it’s an essential oil doesn’t mean it’s absolutely great in your product either the important thing is is that you always monitor your skin’s behavior no matter what product you’re using in your routine because we all have different sensitivities and no one product fits everybody you know I say that all the time so really really important to understand that your skin’s behavior is your skins behavior and just because a product is labeled for a problem or your friend is using a really great product and it’s working well for him or her doesn’t mean it might not be causing your problems now any product that you use that you’re suspect it may be causing you a problem you want to test that on your arm on your inner arm inside of your elbow for about a week to see if anything comes about like a rash or extra dry or flakiness that’s one really great way to test products before you put them on your face and they’re truly truly are some skin care fragrance ingredients that you need to be aware of and stay away from it I’m gonna give those to you in this video also I’m gonna give you some brands that are clean of fragrance and labeled as such that I have interacted with and will recommend to you so be sure and keep on watching now skin care fragrance in products is a really big issue so big that the American Academy of Dermatology has labeled that the single biggest problem and cause of contact dermatitis for in cosmetics like skin care products and makeup and the big problem with that is if you have any other type of skin care issue or concern it can actually make it worse and it isn’t exactly easy to find what the fragrance is in a product on the label either and that’s by design as well and it pretty much gets a free pass on labels because the FDA exempts it from having to say anything specific other than the word fragrance so let’s take lavender oil for instance the oil that I have a problem with when looking for that on the label you may not see lavender oil what you will more likely see is the words Lavin doula angustifolia right yeah what the hell is that so it’s not really easy to figure out what ingredients are on a label now why is this allowed you asked me all what a really great question well back in 1966 a law was passed to protect Chanel number Five’s ingredient list and know that they’re a mixture that made their cologne smell the way it did so this was put into place to protect them from competitors unfortunately that law has never been changed and therefore it allows brands to be very indiscriminate about how they list their fragrance ingredients so that means it’s pretty much up to us to figure out what’s good for us and what’s not now because fragrance is usually a mixture of synthetic and natural ingredients it can be really really hard to figure out exactly what these synthetic ingredients are so I’m gonna give you this short list and it is a short list to look for in your skincare product ingredients on the label and it doesn’t matter if it’s in the fragrance section or not in the fragrance section just these particular chemical names are really important to understand and if you’re finding them in your product it’s probably a good idea to change them out now the first thing you want to check on the back of your label of any product is to see where the word fragrance is and in parentheses beside that should be the list of the actual ingredients in them now some skincare companies are super good at this most of them are not it’ll just say fragrance but here’s that list of what to look for things like petroleum yes that’s crude oil aldehydes yes that’s made from formaldehyde benzene tooling and pith Elaine spit late you’ve probably heard of but the other two maybe not so those five ingredients if you find them in your product label you should really consider changing to another brand so now what about essential oils because I’ve mentioned those a little bit early now essential oils again we think of them as natural and you know organic or what have you but they can be a big problem most of the time essential oils are things like tea tree oil or orange oil or lemongrass oil or something like that along those lines but remember your skin can be sensitive to essential oils now if your skin is sensitive to fragrance in a product there is a way to kind of know of other than the obvious right so whether it’s synthetic or natural or essential oils if your skin is red or irritated after you use the product or if your skin breaks out in the little white pustules or you haven’t had oil E skin but now you suddenly do or it’s flaky and dry and itchy throughout the day those are all signs of a reaction to fragrance in your skincare and the easiest way is to just go out there and get a brand that doesn’t have fragrance or this clean and use that instead and see if it makes a big difference and usually if you’re having fragrance issues with your skin or allergies to that or sensitivities to that it will make a big difference now lucky for all of us there are a lot of options out there when it comes to fragrance free or clean skin care products I myself have had interaction with several of these brands and I’m gonna give you the short list of these and I’ll also put these down in the video description box but these are products that have either reviewed on the channel or used myself and they are certifiably fragrance free and other ones you can trust that you’re not gonna have any of those kind of ingredients in the product at all products like Garnier drunk elephant polish choice the ordinary is a really good one that I recommend a whole lot of times the clients boom there have that sensitivity and other product brands like Cetaphil CeraVe first aid beauty and honesty those are all really good product brands to check out that are certified fragrance free now I hope the information in this video helps you decide whether fragrance might be a thing that’s causing a problem for you in your skincare products and what product brands you can look at that are certified clean and fragrance free that’s really what it’s all about is finding the products that work best for you thank you so much for watching today and supporting the channel you guys are awesome awesome team Chris just so awesome I love you so much stay beautiful and I will see you over on the next video

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  1. I never thought of fragrances in skin care products would cause acne breakouts. 😱 I worry more if it would make me itch which would cause a rash in most instances which is basically a breakout too.. 😳 I'm sensitive in a lot of things that way. The more you know. Thanks, Chris!

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