try-on clothing haul! it’s back to school time?

try-on clothing haul! it’s back to school time?

Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Hannah I feel like I should be wearing something more like dressed up because I feel like I normally like You know do my makeup get something cute on but this hoodie is just so comfortable and it kind of like matches Like the tan vibes going on. Uh, by the way, my plants are dead like so dead They’re so dead, and it makes me so sad So today is a back to school clothing haul and I don’t know if you remember me making a like a thousand dollar clothing haul video where I had a thousand dollars of Dote credit and I went shopping and then I just showed you guys it but Basically, none of that was my own money it was all like free because I won this like competition thing on Dote and so It wasn’t just a thousand dollars for one month. It’s a thousand dollars for five months So, um, I have a lot of clothes to show you It’s like when you have free money to only spend it on clothes and you’re a teenage girl you kind of get out of control I have packages here all the time like if I’m gone for two days and I open the front door. It’s like Christmas There’s like seven boxes. It’s a problem in the last video I did a giveaway for you guys because I was like, oh, I don’t know what to do with a thousand dollars I’m gonna get something for a giveaway for you guys. That giveaway is coming up soon in a different video So get excited for that, by the way I don’t wanna seem like ungrateful or anything because I’m so grateful and I know Disclaimers like this are so annoying and I’ve already made this a long enough intro So I’m just gonna shut up and let’s get into it first thing. I want to show you guys Is this really adorable 2-piece from Free People. It’s this skirt that wraps around. So wrap skirt And then the top is just a v-neck and I love this so much It’s a navy blue with bandana pattern. I feel like I would wear this outfit to like Coachella But yeah, I’m just obsessed with this two piece. All right next up we have this dress from revolve and this has a like wrap skirt that just ties and then The same it’s actually kind of like the same thing that I got but this is attached. This is like the color periwinkle I’ve never had to say that describe something like that poor periwinkle. Next I got this orange sweatshirt. just kidding It’s not a sweatshirt. It’s a crewneck. This is from Urban Outfitters. It’s very cozy I’ve worn it once already and I just really like the color of it. It’s very fall-ish. All right So Shadow Hill actually sent me this hoodie I just thought I would throw it in the haul just says wandering minds with like some colors of heads with the brain showing You know, okay. I am so obsessed with this. This is like a sweater like pull up What do you call these? I totally forgot what you would call this. I’m so obsessed I can definitely see myself wearing this to a football game and then when it gets cold I can just like zip it up and it just looks so cozy and perfect and I love the color and Very like 80s vibes. I don’t know I am obsessed with this This is probably like one of my favorite items that I got and this is from Urban Outfitters here I’ve got some scrunchies. I think these are from Francesca’s and then I think these are from Topshop Oh, I got this pink neon shirt I didn’t think it was gonna be like this, you know If there’s ever like any neon out for a school football game this could work and then I got these shorts They’re very itty-bitty but they’re just gonna be like bedtime shorts. American Apparel. And then I also got the same shorts in yellow. I got these white swimsuit bottoms from American Apparel. Okay, and this big jacket is from Princess Polly It just looks so cozy and I can definitely you know See myself wearing this in the fall and the colder fall season kind of throwing it on top of anything So yeah, this is from Princess Polly. I am so obsessed with this dress from Urban Outfitters It’s like a knit dress and I love the pattern right here And then it kind of goes to like a striped pattern down here I don’t know if you guys have noticed or you like watch my vlogs or follow me on Instagram But I wear a lot of tube tops. I got this tube top looking dress. So this is like all the tube top material I get like the ribbed tube tops from urban. But yeah, this is just a Blue dress strapless that’s from urban as well this little outfit is from Urban too. it’s just a skirt And then a top and it’s like polo. I just think it’s a really cute set I don’t know if I can wear this to school, but we’ll see If not, I can wear it for the rest of the summer Oh, by the way, the hoodie, I’m wearing this is from Urban Outfitters as well. And it’s like a Champion sweatshirt I got this light blue crewneck from Tilly’s and then I have this light flowy Orange floral dress from Forever 21. And then I also got this floral Hawaiian looking dress from Forever 21 too and it’s very light and flowy, which I love I Totally forgot where this is from. I think I brought this on Dote. Maybe someone sent this to me I’m not sure hopefully it’s on my dote profile, but it’s like a picnic looking 50s kind of dress I really like this and it’s got a big bow in the back These socks are from Free People and I’m pretty sure that these Smiley face socks are from Urban. On to the shoes I’m so happy with this because I feel like you’re just you need a lot of different shoes for the school year Lots of comfy ones so I’m gonna start off with these shoes. They’re velvet light pink color with this I don’t know what you call this and then I got these pink slides There’s nothing else to say just pink slides Maybe you know Maybe don’t but I wear my white Birkenstocks with literally everything So I thought I’d switch it up and I got some black ones. I got these dope white Doc Martens. I have um some black ones But I just I just wanted some white ones. And then I got these white Reebok shoes. I had to throw away my white Converse because they were so dirty and so old and I wore those with Everything – now I have some like new white sneakers So I wore these shoes to meetings in California, and I also wore these to Beautycon They are just like some sandals some wedges actually, but these are from Steve Madden and I cannot stress how Comfortable these are and cute. They go with anything because it’s like tan white and black I feel like that will just go with anything and then I Don’t remember buying these I feel like dote sent me these. So thank you dote if you did I literally I could have bought these you see this is so bad I feel bad like saying this because I have so many clothes. Like I’ve been getting stuff for other people too as a thing like I got something for My dad I got something for my boyfriend. I got something for my sister. Anyways, yeah, I got these white wedges Alright, so that’s about it for my clothing haul. I hope you guys enjoyed got inspired for some back-to-school outfits or back-to-school pieces that you might want. Let me know if you guys want an outfit idea video. I would definitely be looking and responding to comments. But yeah, that’s it for now. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you hopefully in the next video I just got a pair of socks. I don’t know why Whatever

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  1. so cuteee! I really wish I could order stuff from dote but they don't ship to Canada. this is a recurring problem with a lot of websites lol

  2. Some of these things If I were just to see them on the racket I would never pick them out but they always look so good on Hannah. I love you style.

  3. I’m thinking of buying Doc Martens for fall but are they comfy? Like will my feet hurt?? Super anxious if I should get them or not :/ would you recommend them??

  4. short hair would look so good on you !!!! like a lob or even shorter i feel like there's a unique haircut out there that'll look so so good on you

  5. So this isn’t me hating on Hannah, and ik this vid is kind of old now, but I just want to say to that there are a lot of other people who could use that $5000 on clothes. Hannah works hard on her videos and for her coin but let’s be honest she doesn’t need more money for clothes. Certainly however, people have much much less than her. I think dote should have definitely acknowledged that. I mean can’t they donate the money to a kids charity for clothes of just give one person a once in a lifetime amazing shopping spree? Idk it seems messed up.

  6. Omg Hannah I think I used to dance with you did you used to dance at the dance place I think I still have pictures

  7. I have been looking for cute sweatshirts and crew necks but I can’t find any cute ones. Where is the best place to get really cute ones?

  8. Is my school like the only one where there is no such thing as dress codes? U can wear legit everything

  9. I took a BuzzFeed test and it told me to watch your videos and that I’m a VSCO girl who loves Starbucks and aesthetics

  10. If Dote can donate a total of $5000 to an already successful YouTuber, they should donate to a women’s shelter or some place that actually needs it. No hate, just seems more practical

    Edit: or Hannah could do the same

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