– Hey guys, how you doing? My name’s Robby And today, I have one question for you, are you guys ready to make some crafts? Well, let’s do it! (saw buzzing) Woo! (saw buzzing) Woo! Yeah, I think that will
make for a good intro. (upbeat music)=Okay, so the first
thing we need is a bowl! (kids cheering) And then we need some activated charcoal. Mine are pill form, so I think this is gonna be a little bit of a pain. Boop, one down. (explodes) Oh, my God this is getting everywhere. Three. Oh, my gosh. Oh, come on, four and let’s do one more for good measure. Okay, we got four capsules and
then it said to add gelatin. This was the only kind I could find, so I guess that’ll do? (ripping) Add a little bit of that. Yeah, I think that’ll be enough, and then I’m gonna need some hot water. I’ll be right back. And we’re back with our hot water. Oh, my gosh. Okay, that got everywhere. Mix this up. This is like boiling hot, so I hope It doesn’t burn me. Did I add too much water? Maybe I have to add more of this stuff? Oh boy. I’m gonna check really quick
to see if this looks right. Okay, it doesn’t say it,
but I think I’m supposed to let this sit for a second
and let it like solidify. So I’m just gonna let it
do that for a little bit. Okay, I’m actually gonna add
a little bit more gelatin to make this a little bit more solid. Oh, my gosh, I think that’s a lot better. It smells so nice. Wow! (voice echo ) I think just to even it out, I’m gonna add some more charcoal as well. Pop! Oh, man. Woo, so much charcoal! Okay, mix that in. Oh, my God. I got it everywhere. My gosh that is so thick, that’s perfect. I kinda wanna eat this stuff. It looks kinda yummy. It kinda looks like pudding a little bit. We get all this back in here. Man, I made such a mess of my desk. Okay, let’s put some of
this stuff on my face. Okay, guys, let’s hope this
doesn’t mess my face up. Scoop some of that up, and we’re just gonna put
it on my face like that. Oh, man. Woo! I mean it smells pretty good. Wow!
(Voice Echo) – I’m gonna make sure that
doesn’t get in my hair. My pores are so clogged all the time. My nose looks like a little strawberry when I’m not wearing makeup. Oh, my goodness. This stuff smells so good,
I mean it’s mostly sugar so. I bet I’m gonna break
out so bad after this, or maybe It’ll clear my
skin up I don’t know! Get all that on there. Hey Tori! Tori didn’t want any! Okay, I guess I’ll save some
of it for her for later. Now I gotta wait for this to dry. Okay guys, it’s been about 20 minutes. Let’s see if this is dry, oh boy. Is it gonna work, is it gonna come off? Ah, it doesn’t seem to
be wanting to come off like it did in the video. Come on, hmm. Tastes pretty good,
very little sour though. Okay, you can do it mask. It doesn’t wanna peel off like
it did in the video (laughs). Oh, man, come on. What did I do wrong? Is it because I used the
wrong kind of gelatin? I don’t know. Doesn’t really peel off like
it did in the video though. So I’m gonna say this doesn’t work. So I just took it off and I don’t know if you
guys can see that or not but it kinda dyed my
nose red a little bit. (laughs) Well, time to go put on more makeup. (upbeat music) – Okay, so the first thing I
need to do is shave my armpits. Oh boy, here we go! (can squirting) Oh, (groans). Oh, that feels so weird. For this I think I’m
only gonna do one armpit. (shaving) I have some thick hair under there. (water running) (groans) While I’m at it, I might
as well shave my nipples. I have such hairy nipples. (blowing air) One fact, one time I cut off this nipple. I don’t really want to get into it. Okay, looks like we’re all good! Let’s test this out! Okay, now it’s time to make
the weird mixture thing. So it says the first
thing we need is sea salt. Put some of that in there. Then some baking soda. (tapping) And then some hot water. (dripping) And then finally some vinegar. I hate the smell of this stuff. Ugh, I’m only going to add a little bit. (groans) Oh man, this smells so bad. I am not looking forward
to putting this underneath my armpits. Then we mix it up! (stirring) I’m going to add some more
sea salt and baking soda to get rid of the smell of the vinegar. Yeah! This also looks more like
the consistency of the stuff that they made. Mix, mix, mix! Okay, this looks good. Okay, now time to test this out! I am not looking forward to this. So, maybe if I just scoop it up. Ew! This is so gross and it burns! Ow, why does it burn? I think I actually have
to use my hands for this. This is going to be awful. Ugh, (groans) okay, okay. Man, this is so gross. I really hope you guys appreciate this. I think it would have
probably helped if I already had like dark circle things on my armpits. I don’t even know what that is. Is it working? So we just keep smashing that
into my armpit like that. And then when we’re done,
we just kind of wipe it off. Ow, it hurts so bad! I think I gave myself razor burn. (gags) Okay, so I feel like this did nothing. (laughing) (gags) I hate the smell of vinegar so much. So, I guess we’ll say this works? I don’t really know! (laughing) (upbeat music) So, first we’re going to need some soap. And then we need to cut it up. I had this idea where I would
just cut soap for an hour and that would be like the whole video. If you guys would like
something like that, let me know down in the comments down below. (Cutting) Okay, I’m going to need
something else to cut this. This outta do it! Here we go. (saw buzzing) Aw man, maybe I have to strap it down? (smack) It’s slipping off the soap! Maybe something like that? Okay, maybe that’ll work. Okay, let’s do this. (saw buzzing) (laughing) Oh my God! This is so dangerous, kids. Don’t try this at home. What else can I do to cut this? Maybe I can smash it? (smashing) (glass breaking) That seems pretty effective! (smashing) (squeaking) (crash) (smashing) It’s going to break in half. (straining) (crash) (smashing) Oh, that outta do it! Now, put some of this in here. Okay, here’s our molten soap. I’m going to try and
mix it up a little bit. Yeah, that’s not too bad. I didn’t even need fifteen minutes. Guys, I decided I’m going
to become an ASMR channel. So, here you go! (mixing) Okay, I’m going to mix
some of the food dye in. Where’d I put it? One drop. Two drop. Three drop, four. Okay, that should be enough. Mix that all up. Woo! It’s actually changing color! Yeah! It’s nice and pink now! This looks pretty good,
I’m not going to lie. I think I’m doing a
pretty good job with this. (scraping) So, I don’t have one of those molds so I’m just going to use
one of those Tums bottles. Gotta take that out. Don’t need those anymore. Then we’re just going to cut this in half. Oh boy. (cutting) Okay, that oughta do it. We’re going to put our
molten soap in there. Just go right in there. First layer of molten soap is all done. Yeah, that looks like it’ll work. Now, let’s make the next layer! I’m just going to put some of
this already cut soap in here. Yeah, that should work! I don’t feel like going
all the way downstairs to microwave this, so I’m going
to use the blowtorch method. (blowtorch whirring) Here we go! (blowtorch whirring) Oh no, it’s smoking! (blowing) Please don’t set off my fire alarm! (blowtorch whirring) Maybe if I do it like this. I’m so far away. (blowtorch whirring) It’s melting it! It’s perfect! Oh, no, no! (blowing) Oh man, I really don’t want to set my fire alarm off right now. I guess I’m going to
have to microwave this. Okay, we’re back and it’s nice and liquid. Mix that up real good. Ooh, it is steaming right now. So, last time we added red, so this time I’m going to add blue. ♪Blue♪ That’s so much food dye. Now, mix it all up! Oh man, that does not
look as good as the red. This is like a weird, dark purple color. Actually it’s kind of cool. It’s like turquoise almost. I’m digging this. There we go. Now we’re going to put
it on our other soap which by the way is still
actually kind of hot. Put that on there. Boop, boop, boop. This looks like it’s turning out great! So I don’t have poppy seeds,
but I do have sea salt so we’re just going to
sprinkle some of that on there. Oh yeah, it’s like a sea
salt scrub or something. I don’t know dude.
I’m not a beauty guru. What do I look like? Okay, now let’s let this
dry for a little bit. Okay, this monstrosity
looks pretty cooled down. Now it’s time to try and
get it out of this thing. (pounding) I should do it without ruining this. Going to break out my exacto knife. Okay, maybe like that. (squeaking) (groan) Woo! It’s coming out! (gasp) It worked! Oh my gosh! I have colorful soap now! Guys, I can’t believe
this actually worked! I’m going to give it to Tori
and see if she likes it. – [Robby] Tori, I made you some soap! Do you like it? – What is it? – [Robby] It’s soap! It’s two different colors.
There’s a pink color and then there’s blue color! And also I put sea salt
on top for exfoliation. – Oh, that’s nice.
What’s the pink from though? – [Robby] It’s just food dye.
It’s just food dyed soap. – Oh! So the pink is blue soap? How? – [Robby] It’s pink and blue soap! – That’s crazy. – [Robby] I made my own soap! – I mean you took soap to
make soap though Robby. [Robby] But I still made my own soap! – (laughs) I mean
I guess so. Here you go. – [Robby] And that’s sea
salt so you can lick it and it’ll taste really good. (spitting) – [Tori] (laughing) – (gagging) – (laughing) You spit on your floor. – [Robby] Ew, it’s so gross! – What’d you expect after you licked soap? – [Robby] Anyway, that soap’s
for you. You’re a stinky girl, so that’s your soap. You’re not stinky.
I’m just kidding, I love you. – Thank you, I love you, too.
Here’s your chip soap. – [Robby} Woo, It works! – A little soap-asition (glass breaking) [Robby] Okay Tori, are you ready for the massage of your life? – I’m ready, it doesn’t look like the camera’s pointed at me at all. It looks like it’s pointed at my butt. – Okay Tori Lobransky. – You point it at my butt. – Let’s see what the first massage is. (slow country-rock music) – Lay down straight. – Yeah. – You never lay down correctly. Okay, so the first thing… – Be gentle, because I hurt. – Movements should be light and smooth. – Yes, light moves. – The torso, do up like this.
So, I do it like this. (bone breaking) – Do it light – Oh light. So light like that. – (laughing) Yeah, you’re
not even touching it. – Is that good, do you like it? – No, harder. – Like that? – Yeah – Okay, that’s good? (slow country-rock music) Okay, then it said to go down like that. Do you like that? It’s good? – It’s good. – I think this one works! (slow country-rock music) – Why does it sound like cowboy music? – Because they’re naked cowboys. – Oh! – Okay, so this one it says do this. How’s that? Is that good? – That’s not bad. Can you do a little bit
hard on my lower back. – Is that good? – Yeah. – It’s good? Can we scoot
a little bit more that way? – No, Thomas is in the way. – (laughing) – Thomas, can you scoot a little bit more? No don’t leave, I want to pet you. No. – [Voice Over] Denied – Okay, now you have to lay straight. – Okay. Okay, you like it? – It’s very nice. – I think this one works (slow country-rock music) – And then, it says that
I got to get my elbow – No, that’s gonna hurt. So it says I gotta get my
elbow and then I gotta do that. (bone breaking) So I do like that. Does that feel good? – I don’t like this one. – You don’t like this one? – No. – But it’s good. – No. – I’m rubbing your back with my elbow. – No. – It’s good, it’s good back massage. – No. – (laughing) You don’t like this? – (mumbling) It hurt. (slow country-rock music) – It says that I gotta
do it from this angle so I gotta grab her like that and then I do her neck like that. Do you like this one? – Not really. – Why don’t you like this one? – Because it’s touching my neck. – (laughing) Tori, come on. No,
I’m trying to rub your neck! I’m trying to give you
a massage right now! Tori Lobransky, I’m just
trying to give you a massage. This is a tickle massage! – No good! – It says I have to do
this for 4 to 6 minutes so are you ready for 4
to 6 minutes of this? – No, it’s awful. – (laughing) (slow country-rock music) – Okay, so I do it like this. And then I go like that. Stop, go back, I need to do this. This is my job as a
professional massager-er. – (laughs) I’m a good massager-er, see? Tori, do you like this? – Not really. (slow country-rock music) Can you pull my pants down?
They look stupid. – No, I need to see your legs. Can you scoot up a little bit? So, I gotta massage
the legs by doing this. – (laughing) – Does it tickle? No, stop, I’m just trying
to massage your leg. – I don’t like it, that’s weird. – No, this is how you massage the leg. – (mumbling) – And I’m a tickler. Tori, no, I need to massage that leg! Okay, based on that one
I’m going to say that that one didn’t work. Tori, you’re not being very cooperative. I guess this is enough
massages for Tori right now. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make
sure you all thumbs up on some of this fire right down there. Also, if you guys like
watching me do these weird five minute craft
videos, I have a whole playlist made of me doing them right here. You guys want the shirts, some stickers, or my new Christmas sweater
you guys can click right here or down in the description down below. Okay, I love you guys so much. I’ll see you guys again tomorrow. Peace, love, and Wi-Fi. Merry Craftmas!

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