– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and
this is my craft corner! (cartoon noises) And today we’re going to be trying a bunch of fun life hacks. Doesn’t that sound great? I just need to finish
getting dressed first. (upbeat music) Okay. Go for it. (explosion) Okay. Now for the sweatpants. Okay! Okay guys. One more thing before we start this video. As you guys may or may not know, a YouTuber named MrBeast is trying to plant 20 million trees. And if you guys know me at all, trees are pretty high up there on one of my favorite things. It’s up there with like
pizza and Adventure Time, and then, you know, trees. We need oxygen guys. And right now, he’s at about 12 million trees. You see that? Stupid glare. So for every 10,000 likes, I’m going to be donating 1,000 trees. With a cap of 15,000 trees,
because I’m not that rich guys. Also, if you guys want to donate yourself, you can click the link down in the description down below. And, you know, save the trees. Save the planet, save the world. Anyway guys, let’s try
out some life hacks. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay guys. So here are the sandals from my 30 Genius Glue Gun Hacks video Part One. Great video. Roll that flashback. Yes, this looks great! The hot glue is still holding up, so that’s good. – [Woman] Wow! Okay so
they do kind of work. – [Robby] Anyway, we’re bringing
these back a little bit. But first we have to
take these bad boys off. Oh man. There we go. (yells) Something just hit me in the eye! Ow! Okay, yeah. Don’t need these anymore. Awesome. Sick. Okay, now we have our sole. Here are those pants that
I made in that one video. I forgot what video it was. Not as iconic as a glue gun video; sorry. Anyway we just flip those over. Put these into here. Here we go. Yeah, just like that. One like that. Get in there. Ah ha! Cool. Okay then we break out the scissors and just kinda cut around them. Easy easy. Am I right? I’m gonna leave more space
around the edges of it because it looked like they didn’t really have enough when they were gluing it, so I’m gonna be a little
bit more cautious with mine. Kinda like how there’s like the rude tag right there. That’s fun. (upbeat music) (scissors snipping) Okay! Yeah, I don’t need this anymore. Not looking bad. And then
we can just pull these out. Bibbity boop. Bibbity boop. Yeah I’m kinda glad that I cut it a little bit bigger because yeah it was just definitely a good idea. Anyway, I forgot to heat up the glue gun! Dang it! Okay I’m gonna do that now. Gotta wait for that to heat up. Okay I think the glue gun’s all heated up, so I just need to put the hot glue on. There you go. Don’t burn yourself. I burn myself so many
times on this glue gun. So much hot glue! It hurts! Be real careful. Okay! Cool! Next side. Maybe I should wait for
this to cool down first. I think that might be a good plan, so I’m gonna wait for
that side to cool down. While I’m doing that,
I’m gonna do this one. (squirting) There we go. Easy peasy! Now for this side. You can do it fabric! Stretch! Okay, it might not be pretty, but hopefully it’ll work. I feel like I need to
put something on this to hold it down. I don’t know what I have! I have this thing of spring water. Maybe that’ll work. I don’t know. Okay and next one. There we go. It’s not long enough captain! Come on! Doesn’t want to do it. Okay I got it! Aha! Okay! Yeah looks good! Now I’m just gonna wait
for these to cool down, and then we’ll try these puppies out. Okay these bad boys are all dry. Not bad! I don’t if I’d really
wear these out in public, but (laughs) let’s go try them on! They should just slip on theoretically. Wait! (ominous music) I just noticed something. I grabbed two left sandals! Oh no! I glued it on the wrong side! Ugh I feel so dumb. Okay. Doesn’t matter. Hopefully these don’t work, so I don’t feel too bad about it. Just gotta slip my foot in there. This is becoming harder than I thought. It’s a little tighter. There we go! Ha ha! Got it. Not bad. Now for the other foot. Yeah! Okay. It’s a little
ridiculous, not gonna lie. I wouldn’t go hiking in
these that’s for sure. Let’s put these on some light. Yeah! How you guys feel about my new kicks? Well, I feel like if I would’ve cut them a little different, and maybe like, you know, the bottoms you know all together, I feel like this would’ve turned out pretty cool. Maybe I just need to get bigger pants. I think that’s the issue. I think I just need bigger-size pants. Or maybe just not girl pants, ’cause these are girl pant and girl pants just have really small pockets. I think that’s probably the biggest issue. Also, I did two left feet. I feel so dumb. Anyway! I’m gonna say
that this one kinda works. I’m gonna give this hack
like a solid four out of ten. Not the best, not the worst. It’s okay. Anyway. (laughs) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (screams) (screams) Yeah this oughta do. Okay, so here’s our wine glass, here’s our cup, here’s our ball. Now I have to try and transfer this ball into this
glass just like they did. Here we go. (intense music) Almost. (screams) Nope. Come on! (sighs) We can do this. Maybe if… no. Okay, you know what, I’m gonna go ahead and try a bigger glass. Here we go. And… (intense music) (screams) (gasps) I did it! Woo! Well guys, I guess we can say that this one works! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So here’s our
bottle. Here’s our dollar. It’s actually ripped, so I’m sorry, but it’s the only dollar I had on me okay. Put our coins on there. I feel like it’s supposed to kinda like flap out a little bit more. I’m gonna fix this really quick. Here we go. Okay. Ready Robby? You can do this. One, two, and… (yells) So close, I didn’t grab it. One, two, and… (whip sounds) (gasps) I did it! What?! I freaking did it! The
quarters didn’t move! Well guys! I guess we’re gonna have to say this on works! Boing! (laughs) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay! So your glass
bottle, here’s our straw! So we just need to put this in like that, and it’s not working.
It doesn’t wanna lift! What am I doing wrong? Oh I see, I see the error of my ways now. I have to bend this and then put that in. It’s still not working. I think it’s because this has too much of like a slant. It’s not working! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Sorry. Take that science. Actually, I’m gonna try it
with this Coca-Cola bottle. It has more the shape
that they’re going for, so maybe this will work. Oh! And… and… Maybe it will work if
I take the liquid out. Okay. I took the liquid out. Let’s try this again. And… (gasps) It works! Wow! It’s like magic! Oooo I’m making it float. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one does work! I’m sorry science, I didn’t mean to diss you like that. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So this one seems pretty simple. Here’s one wine glass. Here’s another wine glass. They use two regular cups in theirs, but I don’t have two matching cups, so this will have to do. Here we go! I have to balance it
just like that. (yells) How did they do this? (yells) I don’t know how they did it. Maybe I shouldn’t use a glass. I did it! Woo! I am genious. See? Now we’re just gonna go ahead and light this puppy on fire. Come on. (intense music) (yells) It didn’t work.
Let me try it again. Am I supposed to let this burn out? I feel like I’m not supposed to. Okay. I’m gonna try it
with different matches. Okay so apparently I lied, and I do in fact have
two matching cups. See? Okay. So we’re gonna go ahead and break out the bigger matches. Get outta here. Yeah that’s definitely a bigger match. There we go! Okay. Here we go. You ready? One, two, and… Dang it! I messed up! One more time. No! One, two, and… (yells) What am I doing wrong? No! (yells) Maybe if I keep it on top of it that’ll help. I don’t know. Okay. You ready? One, two, and… Okay yeah. Guys I’m gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So here’s our paper.
Here’s our two cups. Put that on there. I
don’t have a third cup, but, you know what, I have this can of body spray. That didn’t work. Now let’s try their method of folding it. Fold, fold, fold. Now this is looking pretty good. You ready? One, two, and… Wow. I don’t think I’m doing this right. Maybe I have to fold it even more. Where did I go wrong? Okay. We’ll try this again. Ready? I believe in it this time. And… Woo! I did it! (yells) Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So here’s our Coke
can. Here’s our glass. Put that in there just like… Put that in there just like… Oh my gosh. Put that in here just like… Just like that. I’m the real MVP here. Okay. Then we’re gonna get this cup that still has my tea bag in it. Okay. Let’s hope this works. You ready? One, two, and… (blows) What?! I was not expecting
that to actually work. That’s so cool! (blows) So close! (blows) No! (blows) (can clatters) Okay. I’m gonna see if
Tori can do this one. Tori Debransky! Tori says she doesn’t
want to do it right now. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. The only thing is it just
takes a lot more skill to get it into another cup. But, I mean, the blowy up thing works. Look! That’s so cool! Science! I wish I could explain how that works, but, ya know, that’s fine. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay guys. So here is our bottle. Go ahead and fill this up with water. Woo! I did it! Don’t need this anymore. We get our straw. Just
gonna go ahead and… Here’s some more for you guys, sound nice. (straw crinkling) Anyway. Now I need a cup. That should do! ‘Kay guys let’s try this. You ready? (upbeat music) Oh, I got it all over my phone! Well you guys, I guess we
can say that this one works! What a fun little trick. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay guys. So here’s our balloon. Let’s just go ahead and
blow this up really quick. Okay. Yeah. Looks good. Here’s our glass. Now we’re just gonna go ahead and light a match. Real easy peasy. And… Put that in there. Oh! It’s sucking it in! Wow! It actually worked a little bit. Can you actually (gasps) I can lift it! That’s hilarious. One more
time for good measure. I feel like this is gonna pop the (pops) Oh god it did! Woo!
(sighs) That was scary. Well guys, either way, I guess we can say that this one works! This is still on fire. (blows) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So it looks like we’re gonna need one coin and then another coin, which appears to be a
penny, on top of that. Looks good. And then we
get a really small match, and then put that on top of that. I don’t know how they balanced it. This is so hard (beep). Okay guys. So I just had a frickin heart attack. So I went to go switch lenses so that I could zoom in a little bit more like that, and I frickin
dropped my wide-angle lense. And I went to go pick it up, and I heard like a rattle,
and my heart dropped. Anyway, luckily it’s just the filter! So we’re all good! I thought I broke my $2,000 lense; that woulda sucked! Anyway, let’s keep doing this. Okay. So here we go. So
we got our penny on here. Now we just have to (sighs) dang it! Now we just have to
balance it again. (yells) Okay. Good enough. Now we balance the little match on there. (yells) This is way harder than it looks. (yells) I did it! Yes! Oh my frickin gosh. I don’t know why that was
so difficult, but it was. And we just go and put a cup over it just like that. Good good. So they just had a basic pen and then like a cloth; I’m gonna go
ahead and use my beanie. Here we go. I guess I just had to rub
it on there like that. And then, theoretically, it should move. It’s not moving. Okay. So I have to do it on this side. So maybe it will work better on this hat ’cause it’s more fluffy (squeaking) It’s not working! Guys, I honestly don’t
know what to tell you. It’s not working. I’m thinking maybe it’s a
static electricity thing, so I’m gonna go ahead and get a balloon and rub it on my head, get
that static electricity. Maybe that’ll do something. (gasps) Oh it works! Oh my gosh! Okay guys. Are you ready? It’s gonna move. Okay. You ready? (gasps) See? It moves! It’s moving! What?! And it’s stuck. I got it stuck. Well that’s cool. I guess we can say that
this one kinda works. It’s kinda hard to say that it works with the pen, but it definitely worked with the balloons. I guess I’m gonna have to say that this one kinda works. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So for this one,
we’re gonna need some water. Also, two wine glasses. Now I just gotta fill one
of them up with water. That looks good. Then I just get a match, and then I have to try
and make these two touch. You ready? I feel like this would be better from a different view. Okay.
This looks much better. There we go. So I have to try and make
these two matches touch. You ready? I think I have to make a like really high pitched sound, which
I’m pretty good at doing. You ready? (ringing) C’mon you can do it. Does this one have to be filled with water or anything? It doesn’t look like this
one’s filled with water, but I’m gonna try it
with just a little bit. Okay. Let’s do it. (ringing) It fell off. Okay. We’ll
try this again. (ringing) Nothing’s happening! Like,
what am I doing wrong? This is so strange. Is this not supposed
to be wet or something? I mean, this isn’t wet at all, I just cleaned it off. Let’s see. We’ll try it one more time. (ringing) Nothing’s happening! I
just keep bumping it. Dude, why isn’t this working? I think they have theirs more on the edge, so I’m gonna try that.
Here we go! (ringing) They did it with two fingers, so I’m gonna try two fingers. Moment of suspense please. (intense music) (intense music) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! My head is starting to hurt. I’m really not sure what
I’m doing wrong here. Well guys, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. Dang. I literally tried for five minutes, and my head hurts so bad. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay. So I can already tell that this one’s gonna be a little weird. Okay. Here we go. So
we got our two matches. Here’s our coin. And we have to, somehow, make these not fall down. Wait, I think they put
a hole in the match box. Like that. But why would they do it on top of a matchbox? That just seems so silly. So I’m pretty sure that
they put a like a hole in the matchbox, just like that. I feel like this is a little dangerous. So they did that, and
they got the other match, and put it right here. It doesn’t say that they put a hole in the matchbox though. That’s what’s confusing me. Like how did they make the match stay up? (yells) This is so aggravating. I
can’t get it to stay up. No! I did it! Woo! Okay. Now we just gotta light it on fire. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (yells) It kind of worked! I removed it without it falling, I just had it burning too long. I’m gonna give it one more try. Okay we did it! Okay. Ready? And… Ready? One, two, and… (gasps) I did it! I removed the coin! Woo! It’s even hovering a little bit. I don’t know if you guys can see that. C’mon focus, focus. Yeah, it’s even hovering a little bit. You see? Well guys, I guess we can say that this one works! Dude, that’s so cool. Match science. Okay guys. Now it’s everyone’s favorite part of the video where
we recreate the thumbnail! Woo! So for this one, I’m gonna need what looks to be an iPhone. So I actually bought the newest iPhone11, just so you guys know
it’s real and not bad, it’s pretty good, got the three cameras. It’s like, I don’t know, I’m just not an iPhone guy, I’m
sorry. I’m really sorry! So I think I’m just gonna go ahead and cut it in half. I’m not sure what method
I should use for this. I’m thinking maybe this saw. Yeah. I think this should do. Or maybe, should I use this one. I think this one might
be a little overkill, but it has a finer edge, so I think it might work a little better. So I’m actually gonna use this one. Okay. So here’s my
clamp. Here’s our iPhone. Just gonna pull this down a little bit. Yeah. There we go. I’m thinking maybe the other side actually. That’s a little better. Okay. I hope this doesn’t break the screen. Well, what does it matter. If it cracks the screen,
it cracks the screen. We’re gonna be cutting the frickin iPhone in half anyway. What’s it matter. Am I right? Anyway, c’mon. Ugh. This is proving to be a little harder than I thought. Okay. Here we go. Let’s do this guys. Ready? One, two, so I tell you guys don’t try this at home. There’s a chance this might explode. I have a fire extinguisher on the wall in case it does. So. (saw running) Okay. Well it looks like
we’re not using a clamp. (saw running) (intense music) (laughs) My mouse is just
like bouncing up and down. Okay. We made a little
bit of progress. Not bad. I’m gonna take a bathroom
break really quick. Please don’t explode while I’m gone. Okay. We’re back. Let’s try this again. I got another clamp.
Yeah. That oughta hold it. There we go. That’s not going anywhere. Ready? One, two, and… (saw
running) (intense music) Oh! That really doesn’t wanna cut in half! My gosh, that’s crazy. Oh, let’s keep going. (saw
running) (intense music) Woo! We are through! Holy crud! Wow. Weird. That’s what the inside of an iPhone looks like. Anyway, I’m really glad
that didn’t explode. Yeah. It’s pretty good. Anyway guys, let’s recreate the thumbnail! Okay guys, and here we
go! (camera clicking) Hey guys, remember how I said at the beginning of the video I would donate $1,000 for every 10,000 likes you guys give me? Well, I got impatient, I didn’t wanna wait for this video to be posted and… (sighs) Okay. I’m gonna do it. And… there I am! Woo! Woo! It’s done! It’s been a really great year for me, and I just really wanted to give back, and I wanted to thank you guys all for getting me to the point where I can donate 15,000 trees. You guys are all amazing. I love you guys all so much. But please still like the video. (laughs) If you guys like this video, and you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts, I have a whole playlist taping me doing them right here! If you guys are new, make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want to help donate trees, you can click right here
downscription down below. Okay guys. I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love, and wifi. Awkward ending. Okay bye! (yells) (upbeat music)

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