Trying ALL Of The Most Popular Menu Items At Olive Garden

Trying ALL Of The Most Popular Menu Items At Olive Garden

– I look like I’m a rat
coming out of the subway. What’s up, everyone?
(lively music) We’re back, we’re in Time Square going to Olive Garden today. And we’re trying all the
most popular menu items. – [Camerawoman] Okay, you ready for this? – No. This has been the most
requested video we’ve had, so we’re finally doing it. I’m really excited. Pray for me along the way, maybe. You’ve seen this before, you
know what’s gonna happen. Cue to the ending of
me dead on the street. My roommate just goes, “Please bring me home a leftover chowder.” – [Camerawoman] Gross. – Let’s go. Do you guys always have this many menus? It’s like I went back to college,
and I bought all my books. – [Server] Right, right, right. (upbeat music) – We’ve never had eight like
this on the table before. This is a lot. We have to start with the breadsticks. These are unlimited, and they are amazing, and they are beautiful. And they are fluffy. That’s doing things for me. Okay, we’re gonna move on. Kinda looks like a vodka sauce. Clearly less cheesy than the Alfredo one. That’s really good tomato sauce in there. So we went from the cheesiest to the middle-cheesiest to then marinara, just
straight up marinara. It’s really fresh. I almost want to say
fruity, which is wrong. I still think the Alfredo, though. I would dip many things in there. I requested this lasagna dip because it’s only on the
menu for a few more weeks. So you gotta request it and
see if they still have it. Get it while it’s still hot or something. You have layers of fluffy cheese and then you got your
sauce and there’s meat. I love that they’re actual
pasta chips that you’re using. I think I like this more
than actual lasagna. Definitely order if you can before it gets taken off the menu. The chicken Alfredo pizza fritta. Stuffed with chicken
Alfredo, which, by the way, is one of their most popular menu items. So they took a lot of that flavor, and then they just
wrapped it in pizza dough. And then fried it because of course. Very doughy. I like the tomato sauce
more with this one. It’s just like you
already have it in there, so this kind makes it so it’s creamy with something else going on. It’s a cute little pasta pocket. I really like it. Oh! Ugh, I love this cup! That’s tequila and it comes
with an amaretto shot. I don’t think I’d wanna put
the Amaretto in the margarita. I like the flavor as is. I really haven’t taken an
Amaretto shot in so long. Why do you order, who orders like a, like? Why? (laughs) That’s sitting hard in me. So what we got here is a
fried mozzarella stick. I like the shape of
these more than the ones, you know, that you get
at the grocery store and they’re frozen. Or when you’re at the
cafeteria when you’re a kid. I like the shape of this more. It reads more authentic. I’m not sure if that’s a true
thing but it feels like it. I like that the breading
isn’t just boring. And it actually has parsley in there and probably a few other flavors going on. They also give you a good amount of them. This is the shrimp scampi fritta. Should be lemony, I think. That should be the flavor. Ooh! – [Camerawoman] Julia! – You don’t even need the pasta. How many did I just eat? I’m not gonna, just try it, just [beep] order it. I don’t know. Order that [Beep]. I don’t even wanna put
it far away from me. I’m gonna put it close nearby. See, now I don’t even want the
calamari ’cause I want that. I’m really happy that’s not just fried with just boring breadcrumbs. It’s actually the Italian breadcrumbs. I want to try the
marinara, gonna try sauce. That ones better. Oh, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. (laughs) The amaretto shot I feel like has just put me over the edge and this is going to be
such an annoying video for all of you to watch now. I would take that sauce and
out it on everything, as well. It’s perfectly lemony and creamy. While this Alfredo dip is pure cheese, this one actually has
a little more going on. Okay, are we on the last one? – [Camerawoman] Yep,
last one for this round. – Just based on pure
presentation, this one wins to me. This is a lot of food. Okay, so we got the layers in here. We got the layers of cheese. Fried bits. Ooh, I was worried that it
was just going to be ricotta, but this is, tastes like it has
the Alfredo dip sauce in it. Wow. (upbeat music) Thank you. This is beautiful. This is all lunch menu items. This is all stuff you can
get when you decide to not go to work for the day and just
want to eat here all day. I think I could be a really
good, like, salad giver. Look at that grip. Fun fact you can buy the
salad dressing online, in stores, everywhere, where they sell it. (audience exclaims in awe) This is, like, the only green thing I think I am going to be eating today. This the best zesty Italian dressing. So it’s a bowl with pizza dough around it, filled with loads of chicken Alfredo. Ooh, it’s like a soup or something. It’s just really, oh, there’s a lotta sauce in here. It’s kinda like it’s own
version of a pot pie, you know? Break it apart. That’s a lot of cheese. I don’t think I have
enough Lactaid for today. You are wearing your sweat
pants for the rest of the day, the rest of the week when you eat this. This is just pure comfort food. I think to break this up I
need to go with the zoodles. If your going to eat this entire thing you might as well try to break it up with something remotely green-looking. Ooh. (patrons chattering) I don’t know if it’s
from just going straight from this cheesiness to this, oh I know why. It has peppers in it. They’re just super strong
when you put them in a dish, and that’s all I taste. I don’t know if I would order this, but if you are trying to be healthy but also want to eat a Olive Garden. Whoever you rare unicorn are, (chimes tinkle)
this is yours. Got some cute little shells in here. I think I want a thicker
sauce than that one. It’s okay. Should we do, oh. (sighs) That was dumb. Oh, but it taste good. Good, moscato and tequila. That’s extremely dangerous. You can’t taste anything,
any alcohol in it. It just taste like a really fruity, tropical passion fruit juice. I’m excited for this one because it looks like it’s nice an meaty, and I love these type of noodles. There usually really chewy. I like noodles that are chewy. (upbeat electronic music) Yeah, this over that one, for sure. This would be feeling
like a very filling meal, without feeling like I
just ate a block of cheese. Wow, every time I say
gnocchi, I say it differently. I’m like gnocchi, gnocchi, gnocchi. I feel like I’ll never say it correct. This taste like it’s from the South. This reminds me of
Cracker Barrel, actually, like, their chicken and dumplings. You need to order that in the winter and just curl up with it. The amaretto keeps coming back. I’ve actually made this at home, trying to make this exact same recipe, and it didn’t turn out
the way I wanted it to. It tasted scary because
I clearly don’t know how to make soups. This is my favorite soup of them all because it has a little
bit of a kick to it because it has the red
pepper flakes in there. Then it has sausage, and then it has kale, and it has potatoes. This is definitely my favorite soup here. I’m over heating from all the soup. Let me wash it down with
tequila and moscato. (patrons chattering) I can burp on queue. – [Camerawoman] Do it. (burps) – [Children] Ew! – (laughs) Ew. I gotta go. (laughs) (lively jazz music) We have a lovely veggie piadina. We’re going to open it up. Okay, I feel like that’s pretty fair. Sometimes, you know, where
it’s just a little bit on the edges, and then you bite into it, and the middle is kind of empty. It tastes like a healthy hot pocket. You’re now, like, force feeding me. You’re like, “Let’s go!” (laughs) I’m like (squeaks). We got the Asiago tortellini here, with the beautiful ragu meat sauce. I like Asiago in it more than just some mozzarella or ricotta. I feel like it’s a little bit saltier. It just has more flavor. I’m not ready for the next round. At all. (upbeat music) That looks like a milkshake. (laughs) Doesn’t it? I’ve never seen a
Bellini like this before. Oh! It reminds me almost of, if you have ever had,
like, Orange Juliuses. I would put that in a to-go cup. This has the chicken parm with it, lasagna, and then also
the fettuccine Alfredo. I used to order fettuccine
Alfredo as a kid because I was to scared of tomato sauce. I didn’t like it. And this is bringing me back
to those days of being a kid. Simple, cheesy, one note in a good way. We’ve got so many layers going on. Extremely hefty and hearty. Like. you go from the fettuccine to this, it’s straight up creamy to
then a really meaty red sauce. We have chicken parm here, but we actually have the chicken parm dish that we ordered, as well. So I’m going to try it from
this deal, from this deal. I’m going to try it from this dish. We take chicken parm
extremely seriously at Delish. Our own chicken parm recipe
was tested some many times, and I feel like I’ve
eaten my entire weight in chicken parm, at this point. So I’am excited to try
Olive Garden’s version, I’ve never had it before. Hopefully it has the right amount of breading to chicken ratio. Oh. Crunchy. Crispy. Look at the layers on this. That’s beautiful. That’s truly beautiful. Jesus. – [Camerawoman] Did you say cheesus? – Both. We have to talk about
this chicken Alfredo. The chicken Alfredo here is
there most popular menu item, people rave over this. I just kind of want to know,
what makes it so special? I’m so intrigued why this
is the number one menu item. If I was a kid, this would
be, maybe that’s what it is. Itt’s like, if you came
and you were young, like a young little child, I definitely think this
is what you would order. Someone told me I am a serial killer because I eat Salmon
everyday, from the last video. I don’t know though.
I feel like serial killers don’t eat salmon every night. I feel like they eat just
a chicken breast raw. – Oh, okay. (dramatic music) – Fine, that’s fair. That’s a very fair assessment. I also love capers. This is probably going to
be one of my favorites. I’m just assuming that
from the looks of it. See, this sauce is so
much better than that one. The flavor of this is so good. It’s, like, lemony, fresh. I’m getting really angry
about this. (laughs) Justice for salmon. So, last but not least, of this round, chicken, shrimp carbonara with peppers. We know how I feel about peppers. I’m just going to scoot
those off to the side. I actually need to untie my pants. Ah. (laughs) To describe this, must wear sweatpants, (laughs) to eat this. This would be something
your order, you know, when your on, like, death row. The way I am eating is as
if I am not living tomorrow. I am eating as if I don’t plan to live to 80 right now. (laughs) (upbeat electronic music) ‘Cause one wasn’t enough. (laughs) Thanks. Well, the other Bellini tasted so good, and I kept investigating to figure out why it wasn’t a milk shake
that I drank the entire thing. I was trying to turn like this, and this is as far as I can turn right now because I think it’s just,
there’s so much pasta and cheese in my entire body right now. It’s, like, not even in my stomach. It’s, like, in my veins at this point. Truly, that light right now, looks like the light at the
end of the tunnel for me. (man laughs) I am truly excited for this because I love pappardelle noodles. The most fun noodle to eat. The sauce on here. I am so happy that you get
a little bit of cream sauce but not too much. ‘Cause I feel like the cream sauce is what makes things really
hard to eat a lot of it, and you can kind of feel
heavy really quickly. But this it the perfect amount of it. It also reminds me of, like, I feel like this is the kind of hair, the shape that I want for my hair, almost. If I could bring in, like,
one noodle of pappardelle to the hair stylist and be
like, “Perm it like this.” I love pappardelle, and
this is using the noodle in the best way possible. Oh, this one taste like it
has more Prosecco in it. They want to see me suffer. Angel hair pasta, which I always like ’cause it’s super light. I feel like it’s good
for shrimp scampi sauce. It’ll taste super fresh. Wow. Day and night, these two. This one’s very hearty, super filling. This one’s actually, like, the actual weight of the plate even feels a little different. I also like that they
have asparagus in here. Lemony, light, fresh. I didn’t get in my, I have a fun fact. (playful music) My fun fact for this round right now ’cause I forgot to do one earlier. These breadsticks, they make
700 million of them annually. And they give you purposely
the amount of people at your table, plus one breadstick. So for me they served me two ’cause it’s just me, and I’m eating alone. (audience exclaims in awe) Sad. (upbeat electronic music) This mushroom ravioli is extremely creamy, heavy, and I think is the
perfect serving portion size. I always think that
when you order ravioli, they don’t give you enough. And you’ll see someone next to you with a huge ass bowl of pasta, like up to here, a mountain of it. And ravioli, they always
only give you, like, five. So, for me, I always feel like it’s not a bang for your buck. But this one is really filling. The inside is very thick. Here we have in front of us
a chicken stuffed marsala. – [Camerawoman] And yet
you went for the Bellini. – I know what I did. So it’s made with some really good wine and cheese and a really
great, creamy, buttery sauce. That is beautiful. If you could find out
how to make this at home, you should serve it as
a date night menu item. It’s funny they have this one with mashed potatoes instead of pasta. Oh. Wait. That’s good. I was expecting it to just be, like, boring ass, plain mashed potatoes. I’ve had my last pieces
of pasta at Olive Garden. I feel really sad that were moving on to the dessert round but also very joyous. I’m excited to try, they
have a dessert lasagna, that everyone’s been talking about. So I’m really excited to
see what that looks like. (upbeat electronic music) God damn it. (server laughs) (laughs) Thank you. For some reason when I choose
the Long Island limoncello for this round it’s ’cause
I was assuming it was, I don’t know what I assumed. But this is straight up
a Long Island Iced Tea. And limoncello is usually
made with Everclear or pure gain alcohol. So, this is probably an
even stronger Long Island. This has some beautiful layers in here. Two different types of mousse, and then chocolate cake with it. It’s really light and not
fluffy, but it’s light. It really reminds me of
Snack Pack pudding mix, or not pudding mix but the pudding when you were a kid. We know I like to do this. That’s amazing. It is extremely fluffy and pretty tall for a cake. Slightly tastes like lemonade, in a sense, because it is lemon. I feel like this taste like
someone’s wedding cake. I don’t know who’s wedding cake, but it taste like someone’s
lemon wedding cake. We have to move on to the donuts, which they call zeppole
’cause they’re Italian donuts. Because in America we like to put a big ole hole in the center. These are actual pillows. They look like a pillow. They feel like one, and
they’re extremely soft. We get three dipping sauces here. Blueberry, caramel, and I
believe this one is a Nutella or a hazelnut type of chocolate dip. This tastes like a carnival donut. It reminds me of funnel cake, the way it has all the dusting on it. Oh, that’s a lot. Don’t do the caramel one. Do the chocolate one. We have this really, I really
like the color of this. I want this in a lipstick. That’s my favorite. These, this is perfect for the table. You each get one. Maybe you get two. I don’t know how many
people you’re coming with. I used to make tiramisu
every year for Christmas, for some reason. I think I just had a, I
went on a Tiramisu kick. But I just like how it gets all soaked with the espresso in it. You actually can’t taste too much of the espresso in this one. (coughs)
(laughs) That is so strong. If you just drank this for dessert, you’re not making it home. We are at the end. Whenever we write about this
or show a picture of it, people go crazy. The layers on this thing. Gorgeous. Actually, like, so beautiful. This would be, like, first place in a beauty pageant, right here. Last bite of the day. (mellow music) (blows raspberry) It’s been a good time. It’s really been great. That is so thick. This just tastes like a super dense brownie. You’re defiantly sharing
this with the entire table. Don’t think that you can
just order this by yourself and eat the entire thing. Those layers are filled
with a lot in there, ho! If there’s anything I could’ve possibly missed this time around, let me know. Write it in the comments, and I’ll be sure to rank my favorite three of the entire menu. And let me know. Let me know what you think,
where you want me to go next. And I’ll be in hibernation
until then. (chuckles) (lively music) Still Strong. Still very strong.

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    1. Shrimp Scampi Fritta
    2. Braised Beef Bolognese with Pappardelle
    3. Zeppole

    Honorable mentions: Obviously the breadsticks, Lasagna Fritta, Salmon Piccata, Chicken Marsala, Creamy Mushroom Ravioli

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