– Hello everyone, it’s me
Colleen and if you’re sick of my pregnancy videos, then
this is not the video for you. In fact, if you’re sick
of my pregnancy videos, you should probably not
watch any of my channels for the next month and a half
because this baby’s coming and he’s getting big and
it is all I’m talking about and it’s all I’m going to
talk about until he comes out. So don’t unsubscribe. You can hate watch me, that’s fine, but just leave nice comments. I’m very emotionally fragile right now. Here’s my huge baby bump, pa-chew! I’m having major body image
issues, gained a lot of weight, so I thought a good idea
would be to put myself in the clothes that I can’t fit in anymore so that I feel worse about myself. Actually a few people
have told me to do this to try to fit into my
pre-pregnancy clothes, but I am very insecure
about my body right now. Obviously I’m pregnant
so when you’re pregnant, you gain weight, but I’ve
gained a lot of weight. It’s been really hard on my mind. Harder than I thought it was going to be. We’ll talk about that at
the end of this video. But for now, I’m going to pick
out five different outfits on my Instagram that I looked
like a skinny little mini in, and I’m going to try on
those outfits for you guys, and you can laugh at my weird body. (belches) First thing I have to do is
see if I can find these outfits in my closet so let’s go
do that together right now. Shall we? All righty, I’m in my closet. So first outfit I need to find. I have to find these sweatpants and this positivity crop top. Let me see if I can find those ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ Okay, found it deep in my closet. This is so short on me,
it’s gonna be so bad. I don’t know if these
are the exact sweatpants, but they look very similar. The problem is, I ain’t
this skinny anymore, henny. I gained 46 pounds with pregnancy. I’m large and in charge. These are going to cause
some major love handles which is really cool. Okay the next one is the
spread happiness crop top, and it looks like I’m wearing
high-waited jeans or shorts. Those don’t fit me anymore so
I’m just gonna have to wear maternity jeans which have like an elastic waistband on them, ’cause those jeans, there’s
no way, they will not fit me. There’s not a chance, they wouldn’t even fit my thigh right now. So let me see if I can find
something that will work. Can’t find the crop top version. I can only find the full version but I can just like roll it up. These are maternity
pants, ladies and gents. They have a stretchy band
on top of your tummy. No zippers. We’re gonna have to just go with these ’cause it’s the only thing
that fits me right now, so it’s really cool. (chuckles sadly) Okay this one is kind of like
an iconic Colleen picture. Still have that dress and those heels, so I want to recreate
this ’cause I wanna see if that dress will still fit me. Whoa Nelly. ♪ Ta da ♪ Here are the shoes, good to go with that. Onto the next outfit. A classic button-up Miranda shirt. I chose this photo for two reasons: one, the Miranda button-up
shirt doesn’t really fit me anymore, and two, the red lipstick. Now I actually have my red
lipstick so gotta do that promo, you can go get it,, hello. Next one, I actually was
pregnant in this picture, I was like six or seven
weeks, look how skinny I was. Holy smokes, like how did I not
break into a million pieces? That’s a skinny person. I cannot believe I was ever that skinny. That blows my mind. Okay so I need my red hoodie crop top and my little brunette sweatpants. I found ’em, there’s
moccasins, pants, sweatshirt. This is stressing me out, guys. I’m so insecure about my body right now. This is very hard or me to
do, but I think it’ll be a funny video and also maybe
it’ll help me to open up and talk about my body image issue that I’ve kind of had my whole life, but really it’s been highlighted
since I got pregnant. And just found the spread
happiness crop top. Hello, a new crop top it is! All right so we have the
outfits, now it’s time to put them on, try to
recreate Instagram photos. I can’t recreate all the pictures exactly, so I’m just gonna try to
find places in my house that look somewhat similar. Let’s get started. That’s the first one. Do you remember when I posted this one? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I was like, I look so skinny. Not anymore! Pervert! Oh– – [Colleen And Erik] My God. (chuckles) – Yeah I’ll put these
pants on over my pants. Oh I don’t know about this. Where my waist used to
go, barely fits one thigh. This is not going well so far. – [Erik] You’re doing great. – [Colleen] My God! I used to fit in this? Oh my God. – [Erik] You still got it! – Love handles galore. How you doing, baby? This is exhausting. Do I look the same as I did?
– Yeah. – I look really skinny. There’s no way to not
show my bra as I do this. I think I did that one. – [Erik] Where was it that
you posted that picture? It wasn’t on Twitter–
– Instagram. – [Erik] Oh I found a sweet angle. – Oh God, low.
– Did you get it? – I think so. (camera shutter clicks) Okay guys, what do you
think, did I get it close? The next outfit is, it’s a crop top, spread happiness crop top and jeans. This is what maternity jeans look like. So they’re the only jeans that fit me, so I can roll them down. I want to find like a white wall. Holding it like this. I’m gonna need you to take this one. (soft acoustic music) (camera shutter clicks) What do you guys think,
did we nail that one? The next one is the Miranda photo. I haven’t even tried putting this one on in the last month, so I
don’t know if it’s gonna fit. I don’t know if this is
gonna even gonna button. Snap one, this is like my rip-away outfit. That’s the picture we’re doing. I just think it’s so
funny how this looks now. What’s on my butt?
– Poop! (soft acoustic music) (camera shutter clicks) I’m in the next outfit. I’m exhausted from changing my clothes. Literally exhausted from
changing my clothes. I cannot wait to not be pregnant anymore. With things like this, like
I literally had to sit down. Like I’m that tired. I have two more outfits. Help. Oh my God. How does it look? Oh my God, you’re gonna see
my entire vagina in this. (Erik laughs) – I like that look.
– I cannot believe, look how big my thighs are now, love. – [Erik] No. They’re not big at all. You look great. – They used to be half this size. – No.
– That’s wild. You can see my freaking butt cheeks. (soft acoustic music) (camera shutter clicks) Okay, what do you guys think of that one? That was hard to match. I don’t think I did very good on that one, and I look ginormous. – [Erik] (laughs) Great. – Tip your neck, so I was like
this, I was looking this way. – Beautiful.
– Oh my God. I’m getting a foot cramp. – [Erik] You look ridiculous. – Oh it’s too angled, dang it. I can’t see what I’m doing.
(camera shutter clicks) Well that was fun. There’s a few things I wanted
to talk to you guys about. I have actually filmed
videos of me talking about my body image issues
since I’ve been pregnant multiple times and then
deleted the footage. This is a very sensitive topic. It’s a very touchy subject. It’s a scary thing to talk about. I’ve talked about weight in the past and my body in the past and
gotten just so much hate from talking about it
even, so it’s hard for me to open up about it ’cause
I don’t wanna upset anybody or hurt anyone’s feelings
or offend anyone. I don’t know, it’s just a
scary thing to talk about, so I just wanted to
throw that out there that I am terrified to talk about this at all. I’ve always had a fast metabolism. I’ve always been a tiny, really,
really skinny little girl, but even being a skinny person, I had issues thinking I
was bigger than I was. And I didn’t realize that
until I got pregnant. ‘Cause now I look at pictures
of myself from before I was pregnant and I’m like oh my God. I remember taking that picture
and thinking I looked chubby. Now I look at that and I go oh my God, I look terrifyingly thin, I look so thin. But back then I thought I didn’t. And that is wild to me. Now when I was in high
school, I was very skinny and I remember a boy that
I had a crush on once told me that I was gaining weight and that I looked like
I was getting fatter. When you’re 15, 16 years old,
that affects you greatly. I guess it doesn’t really
matter what age you are that affects you greatly
but at that point, I was very, very insecure
and that really affected me. And after he said that to
me, I started just eating like a carrot for lunch
or I wouldn’t eat lunch, or I wouldn’t eat anything
until dinner all day, ’cause the boy I liked mentioned
that I was looking pudgier and thicker and in my mind that was bad. So maybe that’s where all this started, my weird brain thinking I
looked bigger than I do, ’cause even now, I feel huge. I feel large, and my
logical part of my brain that rationalizes and
makes sense of things knows I’m just pregnant
and I’m still a thin girl who’s just pregnant, but
there’s this other part of my brain that is telling me I am large. I’m not saying there’s anything
wrong with being large. There’s nothing wrong with being large. There’s nothing wrong
with being a bigger girl. I think all bodies are
beautiful, gorgeous, beautiful. Every woman I’ve ever seen, I
think every body is beautiful. And I genuinely think that. I see bigger girls and
I think they’re so sexy. I see thin girls and I
think they’re so sexy. I think women’s bodies are gorgeous. When I’m talking about
how my brain goes to kinda negative when I think
about how I’ve gained weight, it’s about me, it’s not
about people in general. And it makes me very sad
that I think that way and that is taught to us. The majority of movie stars and models and people we’re taught to
look up to and see as perfect and see as beautiful are thin girls, and so regardless of
what you say you believe or say you think, like I do, I think every body shape
is beautiful and wonderful. That has been formulated in our brain. It’s been burned in
our brain for magazines and TVs and movies and
we’re taught who to idolize and what looks pretty and what doesn’t. And so no matter what
you think or believe, that idea is put in your
brain in a very young age. So it’s hard to shut that up
and close it and turn it off. I got pregnant and my
body started to change. And it’s scary to watch your
body change really quickly, and what’s even worse is when
your body’s changing quickly and you feel insecure about
it and everyone’s commenting on how your body’s changing. So I started getting comments about how weird my body looked, how
I was gaining so much weight and how the shape of my
stomach looked weird, my boobs looked weird,
face is getting fatter. I started seeing these comments. I was already so insecure about it and it really has affected
me very negatively. To get dressed in the morning is hard ’cause I’m not used to nothing
fitting me in my closet. I’m not used to having
to continually go out and buy new size underwear,
pants, bras, everything, ’cause everything’s getting bigger. And it doesn’t matter that
it’s for a beautiful reason that I get to have a little baby. My mind just wanders
to this negative, dark, evil thought process of
like, I’m looking bigger and I have to buy bigger sizes,
so I don’t feel as pretty. What a disgusting thought that
has been burned in my brain because I do believe and
strongly believe that every size is beautiful and
every size should be celebrated. No two bodies are the same. Some women are big,
beautiful, curvy girls, and that’s just the shape of their body and it’s beautiful and that’s
the way they were created and that’s the way they’re made. So to say that someone is
more beautiful than them because of the size or shape
of their body is so, so nuts, and it makes me hate myself
that my brain is wired to think that, wired to
think that I am not pretty because of the way my
body is shaped right now. Why are we conditioned to think that? Why are we taught to think
that if your body isn’t shaped a specific way, you’re not attractive, and I feel like we’re starting
to go in the right direction of teaching women and young girls and men to love their bodies no matter what. Easier said that done and
I wish I could sit here in front of you guys right now
and I know there’s a lot of young, impressionable people who watch me and I wish I could say
to you, I love my body, and you should love your body. And I can confidently say
you should love your body, but what a hypocrite
’cause I don’t love mine, and I wish that I did and I
wish that there wasn’t that negative, dark, evil space
in my brain that tells me that I’m gross, my body
is weird and gross. I wish I had like a point
to talking about this. I guess I just kinda wanna
open up a discussion. When I was young, before
I noticed movies or TVs or magazines, before I
thought anything about any of that stuff, I would look
in the mirror and think, I thought I was beautiful. And I watch my niece
who’s 11 and I watch her stare at herself in the mirror, and know, I know she knows in her
mind she’s beautiful. Because she is, and I
can see it on her face. She looks in the mirror and
loves to look at herself. That makes me so happy and I wish that we could all be like that
and it breaks my heart that we are in a society where
you slowly get filtered into your brain, this is what pretty is, this is what you should look like, this is what a perfect body is. That is so sad to me. The rational, logical part
of my brain goes like, you’re pregnant and your body’s beautiful and you’re doing a magical,
cool, really awesome thing and growing a human and your
body looks cool right now. It’ll never look like this again. This is a cool experience. And what a beautiful thing
I get to do with my body, and I know that, I know that. So I’m not looking for
people to say that to me and try to reassure me, I know that. But there’s just this
evil, dark part of my brain that’s been ingrained in me
from the beginning of time that just has taught me,
no, this isn’t attractive, and that little tiny voice
in my brain is justified when I read those comments
that say the things that are in that little
evil part of my brain. So that’s something I’ve
been struggling with a lot, and I know that a lot
of other pregnant women have struggled with it and I
know there’s a lot of people just in general who
struggle with it because of the medication they’re on
that makes them gain weight or the health conditions they
have makes them gain weight. Or just people who are just born naturally with a bigger body, a
bigger, beautiful body. The unrealistic expectation
that society puts on us to look a certain way
is dangerous and scary and so I hope that this
video of me showing like, I’m gonna wear the same outfits I wore when I was skinny mini and now
that I’m a big ol’ pregnant, huge woman, I’m hoping
that will help me go a step in the right
direction because basically all I wear is like big, baggy stuff ’cause I wanna hide everything. I don’t wanna show my
profile because it shows I have like a double chin now. Stuff like that. Hopefully if I just
flaunt it and show like, this is my body right now. It’ll help me to feel
better and it’ll help me to start to be comfortable
with my body instead of trying to hide it, and
it’ll help some of you out there too see that
people go through this, and it’s okay to go through this. It’s okay to feel unattractive, and it’s okay to feel not
perfect, ’cause it’s normal. I don’t know, I don’t
really know where I’m going with this, I think I’m just talking. Hello? Hey girl.
– Hey. – Come on in. Rachel’s here. Tried on pre-pregnancy clothes. Crop tops and stuff. – Glorious. – Turned into how horrible
I feel about my body. – [Rachel] You’re beautiful though. – You’re beautiful too.
– I know. (laughs) – That’s what we need more of. That’s the moral of this. I’m telling you guys you’re beautiful. Tell each other you’re beautiful because what we need more of is
people encouraging each other and not tearing each
other down and saying like your body looks weird or you’re fat or you’re too skinny
or you’re too whatever. What we need is people
just encouraging each other and telling each other they look amazing because society, social
media, movies and TVs and all that stuff tell
you, this is what pretty is. And that’s kinda bullcrap
because, you’re beautiful. – [Rachel] I am. Are you saying I’m not
the stereotype beauty? – No, you are, and even
if you weren’t though– – I’m still beautiful.
– You’re still beautiful. ‘Cause everyone’s beautiful. Whenever I see people
on Instagram or Twitter or YouTube or anything
where they look stunning, they’re only showing you
the best parts of them. Just like right now, I
set this camera up higher so it’s like pointing down at me and there’s a lot of lights
and it’s overexposed. We set things up to make us look good, so don’t compare yourself
to people you see on social media or in movies or whatever because they’re doing a
lot of stuff and spending a lot of money to look the way they look. – [Rachel] That’s why I
barely post on Instagram, ’cause I don’t wanna put in
the effort to look that good. – Right. Spread some love and happiness today. And I hope you guys like this weird video. And we’re gonna go face the fires. Bye guys. (gasps) Oh subscribe! (soft acoustic music)

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