TWICE TV “Pocari Sweat”

TWICE TV “Pocari Sweat”

This is TDOONGE’s Pocari Sweat advertisement shooting site! We now show you refreshing TDOONGE Yeah! (ONCE Heart) Hello, TWICE came here to shoot for Pocari Sweat summer advertisement ‘Summer’ reminds us of Pocari So we are doing our best on the shooting in 2019 / (Fresh) (Fresh) to show new refreshment to all of you The shooting didn’t start, but already making pictorial gifs / Chou TZUYU taking pictorials by only putting on make-up Today we came to shoot photographs of Pocari Sweat We dressed up in blue color to look pure and cool It has been a while since we took the last photograph It’s so awkward now Let’s go Peaches’ beauty is so mean so mean MOMO & CHAEYOUNG’s such a friendly moment TOFU is eye-contacting with ONCE (Ouch TOFU’s eyes hurt) Let’s drink some soda ONCE/
TOFU smiling in SHASHA’s arms Continued group shooting makes freshness 9 times higher (Tada!) (This mirror is good) (Let me see~) Frankly, our mouths are tired to say the truth again “The pretty one next to the pretty one”=TWICE (961101% more excited Yoo Janggoo’s Candy Pop today) Something waiting for TDOONGE at the other shooting site was surprise birthday cake for JIHYO! (I always like TWICE~~) (Eldest Baby shocked by the youngest’s unknown dance and face expression) (TOFU & CHAEYOUNG stayed like this, close as ever♡♥ (Hi, ONCE) Yoo Janggoo disturbing MOMORING’s photo (Stare) Ah sorry sorry sorry LOL You promised not to do it! (♥) ~Thud Thud Rommates’ taking photos of each other~/ Why is it not working? (Sullen Yoo Janggoo) Ahah! You roughly took the photo! I didn’t (Hurt) With my face here, you were taking photo under it like hehehehong(?) MOMO let me take photo of you Huh two photos are taken (ONCE who knows why CHAEYOUNG’s arm and camera are steadily going up, shout the answer) (Puppy TZUYU fainted) MOMO CAM/ Ah CHAEYOUNG Hello~~~ Hello~~~ Ohhh~~ Muscle~~ Ohhh~~~ Oh its really close(Surprised) Super close-up shot↘ DAHYUN you really look like a ghost LOL Hi~ Suddenly started JIHYO’s (2nd) birthday cake Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday dear JIHYO~ Happy Birthday to you~♪ I envy you Wow its Jiggly Puff♥ (Cheer)(Applause) Advertisement team cherishes you♥ Wow it’s so cuteeee (Cheer) Thank you Wow you should take photos of this Let me take them It looks delicious I’ll take a photo The color is so pretty Wow its pretty I was shooting the video in this! Perfect timing(Proud) This is video It’s Jiggly Puff~ You two look similar~~ Looks exactly same I should take photos with this (Cautious MOMO PD) / No I should shoot this (Tired MOMO PD..?) MOMO never gets tired / (Ah No) TDOONGE becomes much sporty! Same as the last time’s Pocari Sweat advertisement this time we shot with much energetic and bright atmosphere and all outfits matched with blue that go along with Pocari Sweat (I) did shooting with the Pilates concept Now its about workout, running I am with the concept of running, some members are pilates, some are Yoga We wore outfits that look like we are working out I don’t workout with these pretty clothes Don’t I look like Pocari Sweat? (Selfie master Ms. MOMORING takes NABONG’s phone and takes photo) ONCE, don’t you think you saw Big Peach’s pose somewhere? Huh! What is it~ Answer : TWICE Instagram! Very excited peach and drowsy Puppy TZUYU (Take my Peach punch!) Dance mood rushes among TDOONGE in a moment of gap Joyful TWICE cannot stop their overflowing excitement (MINARI’s bullet of Love PING!) Ah is it video? LOL TDOONGE’s school uniform starts with SANA If SANA was the model of home-school materials, we would have finished homework on time without delay (Camera Come here) (Come here! Here here!) (Ah don’t refuse, come here hurry) (Come here~) (Come here~) Now! We are shooting very refreshing Pocari Sweat advertisement Staff: JIHYO..! Your shoes! Hmm! Very prettily… Hmm! Very prettily we wore school uniform I would very happily go to school if I could wear this kind of uniform and go to school These are so pretty That’s right Now… Now… (???) Staff: TWICE members, let’s move on to the group shoooting! We are going for the group shooting School Uniform + TWICE=Just LOVE…♥ Shooting with office look also starts that will make ONCE’s heart beat Today my concept is SKY CasXXle Teacher Teacher! Yoo Janggoo’s ‘Teacher…!’ resonates in the shooting site (MOMO) Teacher! Beep Beep- This is Dancing Mochine- We already finished the episode of TWICE office series…

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  1. 트와
    트와이스 사
    트와이스 사랑
    트와이스 사랑해
    트와이스 사랑해용

  2. If twice have a trip or go to my school like for one month I bet The attendance of the pupils will be 100%??

  3. 트와이스 교복입으니까 포카리학교 포카리학년 포카리반 포카리층이다.ㅋㅋ반 남자애들있음 반하겠넹♡아우 부러벼^^

  4. ポカリ大好き

  5. 14:46 woah is that mina dancing to exo love shot when u are both exo l and once this is so nice and kind to mina hahahahahah right guys????????????❤️

  6. Its almost been 4years since Twice debut, but Tzuyu seems still difficult to speak Korean compared to other foreign members..
    they are all superduper pretty anw!<3<3

  7. I swear. Pocari Sweat is the worst name for a beveridge. Who wants to drink someone’s sweat? ?….? unless it’s sweat from Twice’s members. ?

  8. TZUYU why so pretty ??
    to the point that some girls question there own sexuality?✌
    others just sigh and ask HOW TO BE YOU? or wish to be like you??
    and YOU make me fall in love with you all over again everytime i a thousand times already, Whoever that guy you would end up with in the future is so f*cking lucky that i felt so jealous and envious just thinking about it, but neverthless i wish you all the best and i will always support you no matter what.
    Love you tzuyu ???
    wew her beauty makes me confess and emotional..sorry guys ☺

  9. 지효언니 생일 축하해! 앞으로도 리더로써 트와이스 맴버들 잘 챙겨줬으면 좋겠어. 사랑해!

  10. I love Pocari Sweat! I buy so much of it that the adorable store I get it from gives me a 5% discount now. I'm so happy!

  11. Chaeyoung has gotten even more beautiful as she gets older. Can never take my eyes off of her when she's on screen. Have to go back to read captions lol. Wifey right there.

  12. ugh!!i feel soo frustated!!The makeup stylist Didn't do her work properly on Jihyo!!!Plz JYP give our GOD JIHYO best makeup stylist who can show every one her outer beauty ??

  13. why is jihyo always on her phone or never involved with what everyone is doing?
    like everybody is always joking around and she is never included, what's that about?

  14. Waaaaah !!!! Minari !!!!! I miss her !!!! She looks so pretty in uniform ! i wann abduct her huehuehue
    I wanna have pretty schoolmates like twice. <3
    Tzuyu so beautiful in her work out outfit :O

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