Twins get their firm perm… Seoeon bursts into tears [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Twins get their firm perm… Seoeon bursts into tears [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

Let’s go inside. He is like a brother to me. Let’s get your hair permed. – Hello. / – He has three sons. – Bow. There you go. / – Hello. (Bowing) – Let’s take a seat. / – Take a seat. Seoeon, take a look. Seoeon, take a look and decide. – What do you think? / – How cool! Doesn’t he look cool? – No? / – No? Doesn’t he look cool? No? – How about him? / – He looks cool. – No? / – No? – How about him? / – How about him? He likes this picture the best. Do you want this hairstyle? (Song Joongki’s hairstyle) You will be a stylish one. This hairstyle? Okay. Let’s give you this hairstyle. It’s your turn, Seojun. That one? Okay. You met Uncle Song Joongki at Sarang’s dad’s studio. (He took a picture with Song Joongki.) He will get Song Joongki’s hairstyle. (Cutting) He is getting a perm for the first time. (Serious) (Is it going well?) Seojun is doing well. Seojun is stylish. Trust me with your hair. Yerin will love it. Seojun, why are you popular among girls? (I don’t know.) (Seojun sits still.) You are done. (This is wrong.) Meanwhile, Seoeon isn’t complaining. (He gets his hair permed without a complaint.) Don’t touch it. (Fascinated) (Seoeon’s hair is rolled up.) It’s time to apply heat to the hair. They look like two middle-aged women. They look very cute. (Seoeon watches a cartoon.) He went like this. (Seojun drinks juice.) (Let’s watch it together, Seoeon.) Let’s watch this one. How cute! (Laughing) (They see if the hair has been permed properly.) (Curly) How will my hair look when you take these out? It will look cool. How did their hair transform? (He stifles his laughter.) (Doesn’t he remind you of a comedian?) You look cool. (Laughing) (Touching) (His hair is styled.) (He looks cool.) Are you looking at yourself? Are you that satisfied? Aren’t you glad you got your hair done? He loves it. You love it, right? (I am satisfied.) All done! I am going to look in the mirror. Seojun likes his changed hairstyle. (Is this me?) Let’s compare it to the old hairstyle. He resembles Gu Junpyo. It’s fascinating, right? (Staring) – You like it, right? / – It’s pretty. You look like a model. Seoeon is satisfied as well. He shines like Uncle Song Joongki. (Dancing) (Kissing) (This isn’t me.) Who are you? (Seoeon is in love with his face.) All done! (Seojun finds a makeup sponge.) What are you doing, Seojun? – May I take a look at these? / – Of course you may. Just don’t drop them. Okay. (I want to try this.) Let’s open it. Let’s open it. (Seojun is mischievous.) (Seoeon joins him.) (Seojun is transforming into Joker.) Oh, my goodness. Ta-da! (Sticking his lips out) Don’t do that. (He hates it.) I will put this on. (Seoeon and Seojun put makeup on.) (Smacking his lips) All done. (He powders his face.) Dad. No, no. What did you do? We put makeup on. Why did you put makeup on? Makeup! I can’t believe this. Where did you learn how to put makeup on? Mom. Dad, isn’t Seojun funny? He is so mischievous. Seojun is the most mischievous. I can’t believe you. (Hwijae cleans up after them.) You got your first perm. In one, two, three. (Their first perm was a success.) (Satisfied) – You farted, right? / – No, I didn’t. – You farted, right? / – I farted. It smells terrible. Wait for me. The twin’s first perm was a big success. (They took a picture with the smell of fart.)

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  1. Seoeon and Seojun showing Hwijae something: DAAADDDD
    Hwijae (immediately): ANDWAE ANDWAE xDDDD he doesn't even have to look and he already knows they're doing smthn bad


  3. LOVE how I have tons of homework to do but I choose to watch these cute twins, when their life is way more entertaining then mine.

  4. I just wanna kiss them on the cheeks sooooooooo bad! I want twins like them. One who’s outgoing, and the other is like Seoeon.

  5. They're too young to put such chemicals into their hair. Plus it really burns. When I got one when I was a teenager it literally burned my forehead.

  6. At first thought god why .. but now to see their hair it looks great so much better than straight one of the boys looked odd but great now with new hair

  7. Ojala en mi pais mostraran en una pantalla el peinado para uno elegir 🙂
    3:44 I have find to the Gu Junpyo Junior xd

  8. Soeon is sooo handsome.. I'm starting to like the Lee twins now. I used to watch the Song triplets, now i sooo love watching the twins too..

  9. 5:15

    They remind me of twice and other Kpop groups

    There’s always the one who does it and the one who doesn’t like it

    So cute >_<

  10. The cutest duo ever. The triplets were adorable but now i'm crazy about the twins. They're the best among everyone else who were featured in this show. More uploads please!

  11. What the hell am I watching and why am I still watching ???

    MAybe its them damn two tomurs I just found out I ave in my brain .?

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