Asalamu Alaikum guys and welcome to
another series of sketches from smile2jannah Alright guys so this is a follow
up video to: Types of non practicing people so I had to make this one yeah. Gang, gang… g-unit If you have been a victim to any of
these people, as have I, know that this is not Islam. People from all walks of life
and different mentalities follow the faith and they don’t always get it right.
They are not the faith. Don’t spoil your spiritual progress over overzealous and
unbalanced people yeah. -Oh bro I’m just having a tough time man
-yeah? -things things are just going downhill
-yeah -Can’t do anything about it
-Be patient isn’t it yeah -Things just keep going around around the same cycle
-yeah -same…every day I wake up it’s the same
situation, when I go to sleep
-yeah you need to be patient err with the patience, then you
will understand how to be patient. -But in order to achieve that one must master patience
-What? Things are going really
terrible man. My best friend’s not calling me back, he’s not even texting me. I’m having
sleepless nights over it. Look at this I just want to advise you. You can be a bit of an ignoramus and you’re bit of a materialistic prat. Have a good day bro. I was just advising you yeah? Good lad. Yo bro I just passed my driving -yeah?
-Yeah boi, I got the driving Bro you know there’s so many
problems in the ummah people dying, ulama not doing their job, they’re not giving dawah properly the youth aren’t going to the Masjid.
Ummah’s messed up bro. Politics wise we’re getting taken down, you know bombs.
it’s just ummahs just crazy… -Yeah but we also have to look forward to you know like
-it’s sad you know that some -brothers say we should look forward and stuff
-be positive I mean like the other day I just -Positive? Did you get a bomb dropped on your head?
-huh Let’s be realistic, lets put our desires to the side -so errr
-brother you know just think about the ummah -I had a question
-No, sadly people today just ask questions, that’s all they do. They don’t do stuff, they just ask questions, that’s all they do. That’s why the ummahs in the state its in -Bro
-yeah -Did you get a job?
– No I’m not gonna get a job because I got a beard isn’t it? -so I’m not going to be getting a job.
-That’s ridiculous what you just said I know loads of people who have beards and have a job. -That’s probably because they’re not proper Muslims so…
-What? But I got a beard and I got a job -You’re probably not a proper Muslim
isn’t it? So
-How can you say that bro? -How can you say that?
-I’m just advising you bro just fix up and hopefully a time will come even you
won’t get a job like me as well Yo brother I just did my wudu and I forgot to do my limbs I mean I… What do I do? Bro you can’t be that dumb that you’re asking me something like that. Everyone knows that bro. You need to think- learn knowledge and that innit. Yeah you can’t be this stupid do you
understand? Don’t be this stupid, learn… knowledge…
you understand me yeah? Bro we’re still going out for that munch yeah? -Asalaamu alaikum brother
-Wa alykumusalaam -Yeah hows everything?
-Yeah alhumdulilah, alhumdulilah Aren’t you happy today your daughters got married? Yeah alhumdulilah very happy. Yeah why you look miserable then? Didn’t you know that the one who smiled the most -was the Prophet (s.a.w)?
-(s.a.w) Oh yeah -It’s sunnah to smile
-Yeah I smile smile, smile What is this? -Bro I heard you started practicing congratulations
-yeah man I was in a dark dungeon when I first started out everything was terrible then subhanAllah Allah showed me the light and the path and you know literally I could
see where I was going and inshaAllah you -Know alhamdulillah I was surrounded by the brothers
-yeah what sect are you though? Are you part of the sect- the saved sect
though? If you don’t know bro I’m afraid you know jahanum isn’t it so make
sure you’re on that right sect. -So what were you saying?
-oh I was saying that I was having a good time with the brothers and alhumdulilah -Yeah what sect were they in?
-I don’t know. You need to find out then bro. -Yeah so alhumdulilah they gave me food, water, dates, material like books
-What sect are those authors? -I don’t know
-why don’t you find out? Go on tell me the story Yeah so what happened was…Alhumdulilah I was walking with my parents Your parents… what sect are your parents from innit? Oh unfortunately
they’re not Muslims yet inshaAllah they will be. InshaAllah but what sect are they gonna be in though? You better plan ahead and that innit. I hope you guys enjoyed the
sketches. Let me know in the comments below which one was your favourite and some other things that we could benefit from, let me know fill up the comments yeah,
until next time What sect are you though? Asalaamu Aleikum. you

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  1. To be honest, I've come across some types of people mentioned in the video and because of them, I've socially isolated myself from everyone because I'm tired of putting up with their shenanigans.

  2. Thanks for the sketches but why don't you direct these questions to so called " SALAFI " and " WAHABI " and see if they are still muslims according to your standards ?….

  3. Thus far, 21 dislikes. You’ve just called out at least ninety-percent and they became mad at this video and/or you, the other ten percent are more than likely just trolls.

    Either way, each segment was super πŸ˜„ funny.

  4. Without thinking a twice I just clicked on the video because IT'S A TYPE OF PEOPLE after a long time, and seeing you both together again makes my heart overwhelmed with happiness, Mashaa Allah, and see the quality of editing just awesome, fantastic video all points are so relatable.

  5. Where's the *Cold Shoulder*?

    I am generally No. 7 and No. 6 sometimes.

    The truth is I really advice people to stop following a particular sect only.

    I was really expecting a 'cold shoulder'. It was a surprise for me.

  6. I see the humour for a few likes… but Isn’t this borderline mocking? Go through the Qur’ān and see all the scenarios/context where Allah Ψ³ΩΨ¨Ω’Ψ­ΩŽΨ§Ω†ΩŽΩ‡Ω وَ ΨͺΩŽΨΉΩŽΨ§Ω„ΩŽΩ‰ mentions sabr. Ask those who endured with sabr during calamities and misfortunes, they’ll tell you sabr isn’t a joke.

  7. There’s also ones that put pressure on u to be perfect, like they view u as a good, good Muslim and they slyly joke I see it as mocking- about how religious one is. It makes me feel left out. Weird because they need to be doing exactly what I do because the deen is a must for us all.

  8. Hilarious!
    As a revert to Islam, I’ve been told that I’m not β€œMuslim enough.”
    I just allow Allah (swt) to be the final judge.

  9. I don't think there are people who overzealot in islam, just misunderstood the deen. But i understand, it is annoying

  10. Hey brother! I need a help regarding YouTube earning, i saw many aulamas says youtube earning is haraam because it comes from ads that contain music, ladies etc. NEED CLARIFICATION!

  11. I was watching this in the cafe and i as laughing so hard at the 'what sect are you' one and people were just staring at me like 'what's wrong with him' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. "I just wanna advise you. You can be a bit of an ignoramus and you're bit of a materialistic prat". This was my favorite part. I laughed at this! xD

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