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  1. I love it!!!😂 They're up rooting the Article Managers weak impeachment case!!!
    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸 who's with us?

  2. I'd be ASHAMED to be a Democrat right now and definitely walk away can't stand liars for own gain …definitely Trump 2020 🇺🇸❤👍

  3. All the Democrats should pay back the tax payers for such a waist of money. Also they need to pay back their pay for as long as this impeachment hoax has been going because they have not done the job they were voted in to do. They spent all their time and efforts to try to overturn the American vote.

  4. Did You Know?

    Did you know the President can fire any of his staff for any reason whenever he wanted. Even those on ongoing investigations. Yes, he can fire them but that does not mean the investigations would stop. As example, Comey was fired but all the FBI cases still had their investigations moving forward. This is the president's right to have the people loyal to his policies in place to pursue his goals.

  5. This first argument for Cipollone actually proves that Trump knew he had a great influence over Ukraine and could get Zelenskyy to do his bidding. Great job guys!

  6. They have no way to argue or respond in a heavier compelling way because, they have no truth to speak! Republicans look horrible as their party has entirely gone rogue!

  7. he is guilty and even if he is not impeached he will not win this election. he lost the population vote the first time. His approval rating is 43. He is the weakest incumbent president ever. So bring it on with your lies and cover-ups for his wrongdoing.

  8. What a complete boob,, glad he's not my lawyer. Attack the messenger not the message. He say's they don't have the evidence,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yet they won't release it. They say you have to let it go through the courts … but they say it can't be seen by the court. ASSHATS ON STEROID"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Haha Purpura arguments are the worst, if ukrain didn't know the aid was missing, how could they be pressured? Well for example if someone had a plan to pressure me with somekind of aid that i needed, but yet i wasn't told about the delay of aid, so i didn't know, then his arguments would claim that i as person was not pressured because i didn't know even if the fact is my aid was taken. The logic is fucked so bad in his head. Another example, if a guy is at work while getting robbed at home, so he doesn't know he is getting robbed, does that mean he is not getting robbed? Of course not. Another example if a guy stands behind you with a loaded gun and you are not aware and doesn't know this fact and doesn't feel pressured, are you then not being hold up by a gun man? Of course.. It's irrelevant.. So the conclusion is, like trump, if you are up to your eyes in shit and you are delusional or not knowing about it, it doesn't mean you not still in the shit

  10. I love the omission that the details he's recounting were "Redacted" from the original transcript and not made available to The House or Senate because the subpoenas for it were ignored. They didn't "hide" the evidence, this was literally added to the transcript post-transcription.
    Does that sound genuine to you? Hiding the one piece of the puzzle that proves your innocence? It reads as very interesting at the least, at the most, the President is falsifying documents. But I would never, as an American who wants to live, say that about our President.

  11. I got a question: “Is it correct that the whistleblower signed a Ukrainian delegation in to the White House under the Obama administration. a delegation that was there to discuss the issues they had with the Biden’s blatant corruption I Ukraine.
    Or have the White House visitlog been tampered with”

  12. You will hear that…. but you will never see proof from anyone! Because, as the administration said from the beginning, nobody in the public is required to know anything. In short, you had the plan to stonewall everyone in your way from the beginning!

  13. "Why wouldnt they show that?" Oh , I dunno, because Trump wouldn't give it to them? What a complete bunch of corrupt morons-

  14. Watching the trial has been an education (to put it very mildly) for yours truly. The Big R party appears to be not only blind, deaf, and dumb, but deliberately so. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Our party Uber Alles. Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing. Thus spoke papa Richard Nixon.

  15. It would all so be a great thing if you die hard Democrats pull you head out of your on ass, I have figured out Democrats stay in power because they are a Communist party,
    They want illegal into the US so they stay in power, All most 4y Democrats have been trying to over tho A dully elected President,
    They dont want the American public,

  16. they just basically set up the dems own quid pro quo demand of ukraine of durbin menendez, etc letter. gee, wonder if they said they wold hold up aid.

  17. Im surprised No one understands what the House did
    They had their witnesses,!president had no representation was Not allowed to call witnesses was not able to face his accusers DUE PROCESS
    The House said they had overwhelming evidence, Documents, Witness Testimony and Took a vote to send to senate
    They have to use only what they submitted and voted on
    Thats why they are freaking out
    The Presidential Harassment this President has endured with his constitutional rights ripped from him, every person who voted yes to illegally
    Unseat Trump should go straight to prison in my eyes
    They Lied President has been innocent Through Everything they put him through
    How would any of us feel in that same position
    Stop all aid to Foreign Countrys

  18. Any judge would throw jay seculo out of the courtroom !
    Where is the proof Trump didn’t ask Ukraine president to do him a favor?
    Where is the proof debunking all the witnesses testimony that they were
    demanding the investigation

  19. Adam Schiff talks like a communist when he says fire the president and don't put his name on the ballot in 2020 that's taken the vote away from the American people, so he's talking like Putin ,the Democrats talk like communists and socialists, so all you news media continue to praise him ,he telling the American people you can't vote for somebody you want that's communism, then once you get to Communism in America It Won't Stop your job would be next. Sounds like they're working for the Communist Russians quit blaming it on the president.

  20. Democrats surprised me pleasantly by pursuing full revelation of what the R party has done behind closed doors. Republicans confirmed every anti-R prejudice I've ever entertained. Confirmed my worst suspicions.

  21. Did You Know?

    Why was Schiff's suit so small that his cuffs had almost 4 inches showing out the end of his arms yesterday? Does anyone else on his team or of the defense have the same characteristics? What taylor would allow this suit to be shown on national broadcast TV like that? Was this a deliberate trick by Mr. Schiff?

    I'm thinking it was a another trick up Schiff's sleeve to focus on nonsense and obscure the evidence of the trial. Yes, it's his projection, showing. If you have relevant thoughts, what do you think or feel about it? Can you offer an explanation?

  22. GUILT BY ACCUSATION, same as Alan Derschowitz, is DESPICABLE. Maybe all people do not know how CABALMEDIA is slanting all narratives, I get that. There are sources of Truth, but now they have to be DISCERNED, not merely "read". RUDY, GLENN BECK, MARK LEVIN, and OLIVER STONE are 4 valid sources that should be listened to as TRUTH-TELLERS. Get the log out of your eyes, DEM-LIES !

  23. This is crazy how can these people go home and have sex with their wives like what a disappointment you walking little orange minions

  24. Bottom Line President Trump WINS Again. Impeachment is a Farce a Fake a Hoax. Shut it Down Immediately. Trump 2020 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  25. Republicans and Impeached President trump's legal team complained about all the charade the dems put on and turn around to host their own charade . what a joke .

  26. The Democrats are stoic and honorable in theit presentation, while the Republicans look like Joey from FRIENDS auditioning for a job…cmon America let's be heard…

  27. The elegance, conciseness and logical coherence of President Trump's defense arguments meet the proper standard. Shiff and company are patently pathetic in their empty desperate and obnoxious attempts to corroborate their allegations. They are solely fueled by their sheer thirst for power and blind hate and contempt for President Trump and his voters. An ex democrat.

  28. Well, well, well. A bunch of upstarts, running their own private little Politburo, took it upon themselves to decide what only a full vote in the House can decide. Who'da thought. Apparently, these lawless Marxists, led by Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff, brazenly took it upon themselves, with no authority obtained from the House, to initiate their own Executive impeachment proceedings. Can anyone believe this? They thought it good enough for the American people to call a Press Conference and simply announce the opening of the Impeachment proceedings without putting it to a Full House vote. I'm speechless. Am not scamming you. Hang on? Didn't the media publish the balance of the vote result, something like 47 to 51 in favour of Impeachment? Where did the little Mockingbird chirpers pull that from, then in their echo chambers of the Ministry of Propaganda? The plot thickens.

    Then this band of merry banditos, after holding their bunker Hearings in the basement, proceeded to issue Subpoenas, which ALSO must be authorised by a full vote in the House. But Hey, they didn't think that was necessary, either. You couldn't make this stuff up. Are we living in America or Cuba? Oh! but wait! After President Trump's legal team advised he and the Executive Branch could disregard the Subpoenas, because they were unauthorised with no powers of compulsion, the basement Soviet Politburo then ran all over town, shouting from the rooftops what a disgraceful and autocratic dictatorial fascist our President was. Could it get any more bizarre? Yes it could. They then promptly issued an Article to impeach our President for abuse of power. Huh? Who abused whose power? I have a feeling the people's power was just mightily trashed and trampled. Goodbye democracy. Hello Communism. Time to storm the Bastille.

  29. Proof they don't want to make a case. Just a show. Got to get them ratings up!! Not even going to say anything till Monday? No defense given just baseless lies that are easily proven false.

  30. Republicans: we just keep hearing the same things. There is nothing new.
    Republicans days earlier: vote to block new evidence and witnessses.

    They are stupid and they are afraid.

  31. The American voters will express their point of view in November. The sham impeachment tag is the only stain Donald J Trump will carry. I will not vote for or against him. I'm just a witness lol

  32. I think it is not okay in a secular country to have a prayer in a place of the country's most important business. Maybe have a moment of silence for people's own prayers. I know that the vast majority disagree. But I know there is a very large percentage of people that will agree with me!

    Keep religion out of government! This is not a separation of church and state! We haven't even gotten to the substance yet. That's just a first reflection! And the prayers apparently don't help the GOP Bible Thumpers to be more honest and committed to protecting our constitution! Or more committed to the truth! Perhaps a prayer highlights the hypocrisy of those who are ignoring the truth!

  33. Reading transcripts before they are released sounds like a great way to influence the impressionable. Also, if the synopsis of a call cites "favor" sharing, what did they have to begin with in the actual transcript?

  34. Mike Purpura says that there are no witnesses that heard the president say there was a connection between aid hold up and the investigations. Probably because the White House refused to allow many witnesses to testify such as Bolton or Mulvaney. They could give direct testimony as to the intent and reasons the aid was held up, since they were directly involved. Call the witnesses and let’s hear ALL the evidence, and let the chips fall where they may.

  35. How can crooked American politicians get they're laundered taxpayer money if Germany provides aid money instead of the USA?

  36. OMG. The Republicans on this thread…. What happened to that party? The people commenting here can't even read and write in basic English!

  37. So the white DIDN'T keep witnesses from testifying…thereby keeping valuable evidence from being unearthed in the impeachment trial? Huh.

  38. Doesn’t matter what arguments are in the defense side. We all must have it clear the president and all the Republican Party aren’t patriots. The president and Republican Party are traitors to our nation and must be taken out. By voting against them in November

  39. All those democrats and managers should be arrested immediately for the high crime of trying to perform an attempted coup.

  40. All this testimony the Republicans say the Democrats didn't show WAS shown in full publicly, during the House Impeachment hearings. What the Republicans are doing is cherry picking short clips that leave out the important dialogue, that puts the witnesses testimony in their full context. It's a very deceptive, but clever tactic that might work on those that have not watched the entire proceedings. But what the defense did do, was admit they DID withhold the aid to Ukraine for months, which violated the law, because Trump can’t use his policy priorities to supersede the constitutional power of the purse that only Congress has the power to do.

    In a nine-page report, Government Accountability Office (GAO) general counsel Thomas H. Armstrong delivered a rebuke to Trump and his administration, saying it has failed to abide by the law, failed to substantiate its actions, and failed to cooperate by providing the necessary documentation.

    This so-called defense is pretty poor, because they can't defend the facts. The defense is built entirely on ignoring the fact they DID violate the GAO law, and by trying to say that there was no quid pro quo, when in fact there's a ton of evidence that shows there was, even to the point of dismissing the US Ambassador to the Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch, because she was getting in the way of this murky shadow diplomacy using Giuliani, Sonderland, Perry and Volker, to go around the correct diplomatic channels. Not mention Ambassador Yovanovitch's life being in jeopardy, which we're learning more about the tapes from Igor Fruman of Trump saying 'Take her out'.

    Then there are the messages between Mr Robert Hyde and Lev Parnas supposedly forwarded from Belgium citizen named Anthony de Caluwe about having Ambassador Yovanovitch under surveillance, and that he had 'a person inside,’ presumably in the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, who is ‘willing to help if we/you would like a price'. "She’s talked to three people. Her phone is off. Computer is off," Hyde wrote in one message. In another: "They will let me know when she’s on the move." Yovanovitch says, she got a call from the State Department’s director general, Carol Perez "…this is about your security. You need to come home immediately. You need to come home on the next plane'. Ambassador Yovanovitch ended her post on May 20th 2019.

  41. In any court hearing each side shows their own side. That’s why witnesses are present and questioned in front of the jury, not dismissed as not needed.

  42. Get me the full and real transcript, trumps side has repeatedly said that that wasn’t the full or true transcript when the statement was pointed out. ,

  43. This was an absolute joke. They have ZERO defense for any of the charges. Fucking Mob lawyers. The White house hides and withholds key documents and witnesses and then has the nerve to say the House doesn't have enough evidence. All these Senators know Trump is more than guilty. This was disgusting to watch.

  44. First big lie. "The US is doing more for Ukraine than Europe." The US is doing LESS than Europe for Ukraine. This has been repeatedly debunked.

    "European countries and Canada have channeled about $13 billion toward Ukraine since then, focused less on security issues and more on civil society and development.

    But they have also offered military assistance to back up the U.S. efforts. Britain has rotated more than 1,300 troops through Ukraine on training missions. Until this year, tiny Lithuania — itself always on guard against Russia — was the main source of lethal aid to Ukraine, donating more than 200 Soviet-era heavy machine guns, hundreds of tons of ammunition and more than 7,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles.

    Poland hosted Ukrainian troops for training on its bases. Canada had sent ballistic vests, helmets, first-aid kits, sleeping bags and hospital gear. It has also led a years-long military training effort in western Ukraine."

  45. Its not constitutionally possible for the executive branch to obstruct the legislative branch that’s what the judicial branch is for to settle disputes. 3 branches of government go back to school you democratic lemmings!!

  46. There cannot be a threat without the person knowing about it?!!!!! Really??? Where did he get his law degree from?!! Kmart? Walmart?!! Hasn't he heard of people whose lives are in danger because one of their loved ones is plotting behind their back to have them killed?!! A murder for hire?!!

  47. This is just an attempt to attack the character of Schiff. THey aren't addressing FACTS. They aren't addressing reality. They aren't addressing law. WTF does Schiff's character have to do with the price of tea in China? He called it. He told everyone they were going to try to make hay off his PARODY of the Trump call. And btw, we all saw and read the "transcript" which says right on it that IT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. The White House has STILL not released the official full transcript. Stop lying.

  48. The Ukrainians have said and stated that they felt no pressure whatsoever. If you depend or rely on someone else's aid, assistance , or are in need of their strength to back you up, WOULD YOU BAD MOUTH THEM?!!! In other words, you wouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, would you?!!!

  49. I can't wait for November to come when Trump STEAMROLLS whoever is the Democrat nominee. There will be enough liberal tears to extinguish all the fires in Australia and supply water to the Sahara desert. (Although I wouldn't recommend drinking that water – it's toxic)

  50. Dude Patrick Philbin blew my eyes wide open. They never allowed the house to have a full vote before the individual house committees started impeachment. Everything after that can be thrown out. The house majority leader doesn't have the authority to pursue impeachment

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