UGG Kids – Myla (Little Kid/Big Kid) SKU:8808651

UGG Kids – Myla (Little Kid/Big Kid) SKU:8808651

Hey there, internet peeps! My name is Sarah and today we’re going to take a closer look at the Myla from UGG kids This really great sandal from UGG Kids is perfect for everyday wear I love that it’s got two basic straps right up here on the top really fit snugly onto your child’s foot I love the pop of color It’s really gonna look great with anything you decide to pair with I’ve got an amazing footbed as you can see, it really squishes down with every step that they take It’s going to be super comfortable and I love that UGG Kids even added their logo right there on the heel They can see it is contoured So it’s really gonna fit very nice on the bottom of your foot and really move with them, thanks that amazing flexible outsole there The Myla could be yours but this one is mine, I am gonna keep this one You can get it too, just click “Add to Cart”, It’s that simple

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