Ugly Christmas Reindeer Sweater Tutorial!

Ugly Christmas Reindeer Sweater Tutorial!

This is a comedy one boob reindeer christmas sweater tutorial! Lala Davison Video hey guys Davison
here I was wondering why no woman had done an ugly Christmas one boob reindeer
sweater tutorial on YouTube but then I realized that not a single woman was
willing to go one boob out for TITMAS until now warning this video may offend
people without a sense of humor go grab some rum and eggnog and return to this
video perfect wait wait hold up hold up before you
freak out these boobs are fake and if you want these things for Christmas it is not too
late to order them from the breast form store calm yep their breast forms so
let’s get this breast form ready for Santa I’m singing in the rain Clockwork
Orange reference don’t watch it you’ll be scarred for life which led me to the
creation of this video get your antler material and draw out your antler shape
but at the end of the day doesn’t really matter what it looks like because people
are gonna be staring at your tit anyways is that an antler are you just happy to
see me okay so there’s multiple ways that you
can do your pasty so see it kind of slit in it and then what you’re gonna do and
I’m doing this one-handed so just like you’re doing something else one-handed
right now especially when you’re thinking about those pasties you just
pull it together and you glue it see so it makes kind of like a little hat
for your nipples and if you want it to do the whole tassel thing you know you
stick the tassels through the top of the cone so simple did you know is this
simple to make pasty this is my Christmas gift to you
so here are all the final accessories for your ugly one boob reindeer sweater
and don’t forget about this one the final ingredient red wine and a plastic
cup because who’s kidding who you gotta be fuckin wasted to wear this
piece of shit make me forget that I have two thousand dollars in credit card debt.
now that the breasts accessories are finished I just thought of that one now already
I’m gonna put what should we call it Dasher dancer Prancer vixen vixen so we’re
going to now start to a fix the breasts accessories to our favorite reindeer
vixen we’re gonna go with the pasty nose you just stick it you put some double
sided tape or eyelash glue then we’re gonna have you googly eyes think that’s
what people’s eyes will do when they look at your breaststicle then we’re
gonna glue the antlers on that’s the last step see like this look at it
live on camera hot glue titty isn’t this exciting this is extreme well I just nearly ran out of glue no, don’t run out of glue. I am
so excited I just keep dropping glue but the nose is falling off the nose is
escaping back to the South Pole so that’s it you just have to have these
supremely blessed Christmas energy of the Virgin Mary to pull this off let me
know if you like it in the comment section down below and whether or not
you intend to wear this so you can get lumps of coal for Christmas other
this lump my lovely reindeer lump check it out. The world’s ugliest christmas sweater.

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  1. I think it looks cute, somehow 9-BBN is a little right, thank u & merry Christmas. (p.s.Nicole Arbour did it a couple of hours before)

  2. You had my hopes up for a little bit there,the Bob and nippy looked so real,I guess I can still use my imagination for the desired affect😘

  3. How do we know that bare boob wasn't a real boob? I mean, just because she yanked out a fake one doesn't mean they were both fake, right? (we can only hope!)

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