Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge – Collins Key

Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge – Collins Key

Hey guys I’m Veronica. I’m Vanessa. And for this video we are gonna be doing the ugly Christmas sweater challenge, but we’re not doing it alone today we’re going to be doing it with Collins Key and his brother Devan! Hey! Yay!.. Ok! So we have two teams (Collins laughs) What? What Why are you Laughing? Well This I love when you guys are twinning. We don’t mean to do that it just kind of happens… Ok well. There’s two teams and we each get a sweater We went ahead and bought our own decorations for our sweaters and We have about 15 minutes [to] decorate them and we want you guys at the end of the video to comment down below Whose Christmas sweater is the ugliest? You guys have a team name. Oh Ladies go play so you guys go first. We are The team AHH! (Devan and Collins laugh again)(if he keeps laughing his Face is gonna get red) And we are the purple pygmy puffs. Oh perfect somebody’s been reading Harry Potter. Yeah SO we have the AHH!’s and The Purple Pygmy? Pygmy? Pygmy Puffs. You can find that um Fred and George’s joke shop. Okay, you guys ready We’re ready to go yes ready and go Glue gun me yes, we go. Oh my [God] All right We got little dinky ones so basically what we decided to do is instead of using like the Unraveled one like this because [that’s] [it’s] really like it’s not really going to work we’re [gonna] layer our sweater to have the utmost [affect] and get most like fullness or Layer number two layer number two okay, we found all the bottom layers first Yes, doesn’t matter that they don’t matter does that make it more fun. If it’s actually at work. No supposed to be ugly, okay? Is the objec we have sparkly glue just saying oh, gosh? No we are at a slight disadvantage now Okay, come on. Lee [alright]. I’m at a glue already. Yeah, I got the night all right 15 [minutes] to do this. We’re all gonna be down like five actually yeah, I think so. Oh all right, you’re the bird dude you have a bird what maybe Put up here’s another high [in] the college years whoa Get up tripping keep something on [the] table [dipper] others here. Hope they don’t mind all right. We should for the top layer We should take that Earth all underneath there, [dad]. Oh All right, we’re good. All right. What’s gonna be doing? I need some blue team work me some milk. No he doesn’t Reason all right. We’re good. I feel like okay I don’t know when to flip it over cuz we only need to flip it [I] think we should let’s take care of this tonight Well, let’s see what else we have they have we have obsessed sauce. Well, these are just for us oh Okay, get ready. So why don’t you grab the bottom yeah? Bring under no no ring here grab on top no Three don’t know what we’re doing here What are you doing? Go underneath again? Okay? So you can pull from underneath [make] it beauty part Let’s go bottom layer hurry, okay, hurry. Wait. How much time do we have left yeah eight minutes eight minutes? Oh my gosh Teeth focus her thumb geyser. Oh, gosh wow yours come along great. Thank you. Oh my gosh It’s pretty phenomenal. It’s great [alright]. We got that way. Let’s go. Let’s get this one. Okay. We’re gonna be [only] seven minutes left like that. Okay right here Whoa there’s only sparkly no Other fits our theme though if you think don’t [touch] my head no, really oh, no bah humbug Use this nice. Yes, what? What we [gotta] [cheer] go for it [alright] um [I] think the back is no good This excuse me. I’m gonna finish already [alright] Alright, that’s gonna be the most yeah, then my nuts day that one’s [sketchy] okay? No, we gotta take care of sleeves really Do that taking these out? CPR clear [alright] [alright]. Look at this leaf having to sleep What? happened All right, so we should just blue one that when it end to stop here a nation at all nope Let’s see Christmas song [two] guys If we wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy Don’t know that we go Bells Batman smells Robin laid an egg Watch as we are we don’t give a hey jingle bells [it] goes Right into the snow what a very broken skis opening as we go crashing into trees. Just never mind [a] little bit gruesome [action]. Yes Alright. Yeah, you get points for the back as well guys yep, we have a minute Oh, we’ve one minute yeah, oh dear. No way [alright]. Yes It was in the thing did you glue it no? Its way through like oh I see you little cheater over here taking our awesome a pink glue gun [yes]. I see. What’s happening Alright here. We go now. We’ve got um no no Let’s do this time to it with this Yes, why yes cuz it’ll be awesome. And then we’ll put this here, and [then] [we’ll] tie it around the back should go underneath Okay, yeah you ready here uh yeah underneath go, right? I think we all Like work these in there working in this, huh what those are [might] [better] my socks Anyway today. We’re done. Are you guys into accounting for us or do you think we’re done? All right That’s time. Well shall be a model our sweaters. Yeah, let’s do it. I’m down Our inspiration for this outfit was a snowflake We wanted him to be a dazzling snowflake whose sparkles in the light and shines and glimmers That’s why we added this sun visor to keep his eyes from all this amazing glitter shining We also Added Olaf who was the actual inspiration for this outfit? And we incorporated him into the outfit we also like to keep tags on just about everything because it needs to be mint condition Some sparkly snowflakes as well. Thank you as you can get here with our beautiful, model, Veronica We decided to take our inspiration from the forest. We have [a] Christmas tree, but in the Christmas tree. You see a bird a reindeer some [pine] [cones] some berries and they [selves] because those are in the forest, but this is the representation of Yeah, Christmas and we blend in with the Trees I can go base Religion if you liked this video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel and subscribe to Colin’s channel random video On there, so you guys are going to check it out it was interesting ones testing with [beanboozled] anyways comment down below who you think won and Subscribe follow us on all of our social medias check out the other things we’ve done and have a merry Christmas and happy holidays [oh]

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  1. I keep forgetting that this is the Merrell Twins Channel because I can only hear Collins and Devan but then there's not that much editing to be Collin's ?

  2. Did they do this before, or after LDShadowLady's video of this with her boyfriend [husband]?

    Like= Before
    Comment= After

  3. i think you all did great but if i had to pick one it would have to be the merrell twins sorry Collin and Devan but also yours was very very very very very very very very very uglyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Riding down the hill a pair of broken skis over the hills we go crashing into trees the snow is turning red I think I might be dead woke up in the hospital with stitches in my head

  5. Who do u think is the winner
    I think the winner is the brotherkey
    Comment or like this if u think is the winner

  6. sorry guys but i cant choose between the merrel twins and the key brothers.and also you guys should do videos together often

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