Uh oh..what’s wrong? Naeun burst into tears. [The Return of Superman/2018.11.25]

Uh oh..what’s wrong? Naeun burst into tears. [The Return of Superman/2018.11.25]

Today, Naeun will have a kickoff. Jooho’s team, Ulsan Hyundai FC and Donggook’s team, Jeonbuk Hyundai FC will have a big match. Fans cheer very loudly as it’s a big match. Where is Naeun, by the way? (Where is Naeun?) Hello, Naeun. – Hello. / – She is saying hello. She is in good condition. Good luck. My goodness. (Player escorts get ready to enter.) Come this way. You can do it! (Let’s go, Naeun.) (What?) Dad. Jooho appears. (Jooho gets ready to enter the stadium.) Eden. – Eden. / – My goodness. High-five. – Is it good? / – Good. High-five. (Good luck, my daughter.) Players, enter! (The players finally enter!) (Roaring) The match finally begins. The players enter with the children. (And…) (Right now, he isn’t a soccer player.) Park Jooho! This is impressive. (He is Naeun’s bodyguard.) (They enter energetically.) Naeun is feeling her popularity. (As they enter,) (the cheer grows louder.) (She’s surprised by the passionate cheer.) (Nervous) She must be nervous since the cheer is loud. I know. (Her grandpa gets nervous as well.) – She doesn’t look well. / – Mama. You will go to Mama soon. – She burst out crying. / – You will go to Mama. She got scared because there were so many people. I kept thinking, “What am I going to do? This might not work.” Moms are the best for calming down children. (Worried) (Donggook watches them in a relaxed way.) (The tiger appears.) She met the tiger yesterday. (Will you give Naeun courage?) She is happy to see the tiger. – It’s good that they met. / – Seeing the tiger – gave her courage. / – That’s right. Now it’s time – for the kickoff. / – It’s time. Naeun… Naeun is entering bravely. I know. (She stands in the center of the wide field.) She is the youngest person to do the kickoff. (Go, Naeun!) The spectators cheer for her as she stands bravely in the middle of the big field. Now she has to kick the ball without anyone’s help. At that moment, Jooho runs over right away. One. Will Naeun successfully complete the kickoff? (When she practiced with her dad,) (she kept falling down.) (She only dribbled the ball.) Three. Kick! (Naeun, you can do it!) Let’s go! (She shoots the ball!) That was incredible. She did a good job. (You are the best, Naeun.) (She blows a kiss to celebrate.) She even gives a ceremony. (The aunts and uncles have a heart attack.) Uncles must be happy. (Jooho goes back to work.) Let’s begin the match in this good mood. (The match begins.) The match begins. Grandma, here. She is familiar with the stadium. (What is this?) Let’s go! (Gunhoo, cheer for Dad, okay?) (Dad, let’s win!) (Jooho is a starting member.) – There is your dad. / – Dad. Dad! Dad! (She shouts at the top of her voice.) My goodness. (He won’t be able to hear you.) (Grandpa forgoes cheering for Jooho) (to film his grandchildren.) Let’s go. (Naeun’s video) (He captured his son’s growth.) Jooho’s dad filmed his matches since he was little. (His dad filmed all his matches.) You always filmed Jooho in the past. Today, he is filming Naeun. (Grandpa, film us as well.) Gunhoo too. (Jooho suddenly falls down.) My goodness. I think he hurt his head. His family must be worried. (Dad, are you okay?) – It’s not serious. / – Thank goodness. (He is getting up right away.) (He returns to the game.) Dad, be careful! There he goes. Good luck! (Current score, Ulsan versus Jeonbuk) (Jeonbuk is making a winning move) (by switching players.) Sian’s dad came out, Naeun. – I know. / – Yes. – It’s Sian’s dad. / – Sian’s dad. The best striker and the best defender have met. It’s a battle between a spear and a shield. (Whether his dad’s team is winning) Gunhoo looks very serious. (or losing, he keeps straight face.) He’s kind of like the coach. (He’s always serious.) (But he’s frustrated when the other team scores.) Naeun, I wish your dad would score one more time. Right? (No way!) As soon as she said that, her dad’s team scored another goal. (They scored a critical goal!) (Is it really a goal?) (Naeun’s so excited.) The family is celebrating. (Gunhoo is jumping after the goal as well.) He must feel so cheerful. Dad, you’re the best! Good job, Dad! (But the other team is getting a penalty kick.) (My goodness.) (Donggook is the one making the kick.) (This will allow them to win in advance) (while possibly marking his 300th goal.) Both players are excellent. You can’t help but hold your breath. (You have to block it!) (He shoots.) (It’s a goal!) That’s his 300th goal! (Congratulations on getting your 300th goal.) That’s amazing, Donggook. (Good job, Uncle.) (The result is a tie of two to two.) (Naeun came down to meet her dad.) (She’s waiting with all her heart.) She’s looking for her dad. (The players are exiting one by one.) She waves at her uncles. She’s close with her uncles. (Naeun is greeting every single person.) Dad! Dad! She’s running to him. That’s what every dad dreams about. Gunhoo. Did he watch the game with you? (Gunhoo is over there!) Dad, are you okay? Are you okay now? (Gunhoo, come here.) Hurry. (Go on, cutie.) (Toddling) (Lifting) (The father and son are reunited.) (What is Naeun watching?) (It’s Uncle Donggook.) Dad, it’s Sian’s dad! Over there. Uncle! She’s happy to see him. Naeun. You were really good earlier. Did you shoot? Did you kick? You did well. (Great job!) You were so good. Good job. Congratulations. They look so sweet. – Why do you only score against us? / – I don’t know. Gunhoo, you met Uncle before. (Why do you only score on my dad?) Where’s Sian? He’s playing at home. – Is he playing? / – Yes, he is. – Let’s go, Dad. / – Are they cheering? (What do you mean? We were cheering for you!) (Amazing!) (Dad scored!) – How cool. / – It’s their ceremony. Let’s play soccer together next time. Okay? (I promise. Let’s meet again.)

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  1. The day when Jooho walks hand in hand with Gunhoo toward the soccer field will be so beautiful like this too ?

  2. i think the editor is a 5sosfam because almost all of the clips/videos, there has to be a 5sos song HAHAAHAHA mah hArt <3

  3. Why is no one talking about the first soccer player with blue shirt @ 0:59. My jaw fell to the floor at how handsome he is!! * researchmode on *

  4. 2:07
    Naeun’s mom has a Instagram i follow her naeun and her mom are so cute and beautiful

  5. Holy crap I’ve just realised they are playing the start of SLSP from 0:00 to 0:13?? the editors know what’s up . These kids are the cutest OMG

  6. I am like naeun ? when my dad was playing tennis, my twin and I kept shouting our dad's name lol after that, my dad's partner gave us a tennis ball.

  7. it's sooo sweet Naeun that looks for donggook and runs to him!! she loves her uncle , cute baby girl❤️️ ❤️️

  8. It is so interesting, the two strong man is fights over a ball in on the ground,
    And at the end of the game.. Naeun bring them together like in laws..???

  9. Why I am here? Cause I am looking for Na Eun mom,i wonder why she's pretty not the usual korean..so my question was answered.

  10. I’m a fan of this two dads ? I love Donggook ever since his fam joined TROS.. he’s just so natural and has his innate coolness.
    Junhoo too is so natural.. you can really see that he loves and brought up his kids well.
    of course with their respective wife. nice fam! ? shipping Sian and Naeun! ?☺️?

  11. The last time I check Lee Dong Gook Appa just scored his 200th goal.
    And wow…he made another ? ??
    Lee Dong Gook indeed is the Legendary “Lion King” ? of K-League.
    Congratulations on your 300th ? Sian Appa.?????

  12. Used to call him Dong Gook Appa but now I want to call him Oppa.??

    Congratulations on your 300th goal ? Lion King? .??♥️

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