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  1. Hi! i soaked my iphone xs max in to water and its working well except the speaker. when i turn the music on, it comes out some water inside of it. now im trying to blow it dry 😫

  2. oooooooooooor just buy a 10$ waterpoof case and take pictures underwater and stop being stupid and a cry baby when your phone gets fucked?

  3. Time is an essential factor in tests such as these. It would have been very informative if you'd had a time-lapse camera on both phones while they were left underwater in stopwatch mode. Leave them there until they break down or the battery runs out. Then you could reveal and document the exact point in time when the water resistance failed instead of you being forced to make some fundamentally unclear, uncertain and somewhat useless conclusions. So in the interest of 200k + would-be subscribers, I ask you to ditch those goofy sunglasses, get technical, and buy a couple of waterproof cameras, redo this test and publish it. Thanks. And hey, if you';re into shoes, buy some vintage, standard canvas Vans, any color. They go with anything. Those high–tops is played out though. Truth talking

  4. My xs max works fine. However that said it can start acting a little strange if it gets too cold, I live in the great white north. ❄️❄️

  5. What you tested is more so water pressure resistance. Water creates much pressure as you slowly move lower into the volume.
    Basically, the seals blew and it’s full of water.

  6. It’s definitely not the salt water. I dropped mine in the ocean last week, took me 10 mins to find it again. Was so psyched it still works. Got AppleCare the next day

  7. U guys are so rich i have one iphone xs max and i take care of it like if it is my baby btw im not hating and i love u guys

  8. It’s because you idiots put it down probably 15+ feet until it touched the bottom of the harbor. The pressure is enormous down there causing The iPhone to split open ever so slightly and take in water. If you would’ve done it 6 feet Or less the pressure would have not been as great, and would have kept it watertight.

  9. ok….1 meter is 3.28 feet apple said it could last 3 meter ..I think the water is deeper than that test it in a 6 feet pool maybe🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. my phone is not charging after water accidentally slipping in my purse where it was present. the phone was in there for less than 5 mins and my music system doesn't work properly now and so does my charging port 🙁

  11. Samsung Galaxy S7edge even 8 and 9 have water proof but I was come here to check up on iPhone XR and see if any water proof before I buy it

  12. Next time you should just throw the phone in the Bermuda Triangle dude. This is very unscientific and gives prospective buyers basically no information. I want to know if my phone is going to die if I drop it in the toilet, not if I can throw it 60 feet in the harbor. You should learn to do escalating tests until the phone fails instead of going for the strictest test possible out of the gates.

  13. My iPhone XS Max died, just by standing on the edge of the pool, catching splashes of pool water and rainwater!

  14. Can I take my iPhone XS Max underwater to take a simple selfie? It will be okay right?
    Wait, can I put it in chlorine?

  15. Im getting the gold iPhone XS Max im upgrading from an sliver iPhone 8 Plus. I can’t wait to get the iPhone XS Max in gold in July 2019

  16. Open the phone yourself and replace faulty component. Adhesive is 2 AUD. All from AliExpress. Only if you had AppleCare,+ 99 AUD to replace, otherwise 700 Dollar to replace

  17. WARNING – if you have a XS Max and are taking it to the shower and in close proximity to swimming pools, STOP. There have been multiple reports, including myself, of the phone failing to meet IP68 water resistance. That is, even if the phone gets sprinkled with water, it breaks.

  18. There is a reason Divers buy other cameras for videography under the ocean otherwise everybody can reach the ocean bed with any iphone and start videography Lmao

  19. I wonder why the iPhone xs max didn't work… Oh yeah it went 10m in water for 30 mins, aaaa whatever. Just an Xs Max that's all… (Throws another phone inside)… Lol jk

  20. How’s the result after putting it in the rice? I went to a swimming pool using my iphone xs max and the display of my phone disappeared. I did the same i put it in the rice but still not opening.

  21. I’m watching this video from my iPhone XSMax that just felt in the toilet 😂 is working perfectly though

  22. It's not even water resistant. I just got notified from the place that fix phones that my iPhone XS has water damage. I haven't submerged the damn phone a single second. It has gotten a few raindrops on it some times, that's all. And i wiped it off almost immediately. I can't believe that phones classified as ip68 can't withstand some raindrops. Now I have to pay for it to be fixed, more than half the original price I paid when new! I haven't even dropped my phone more than a couple of times on "soft" floor indoors with good cases on. Apparently no one leaves garanty for water damage so it's not just Apple. Used to love Apple but not anymore. Not feeling like buying a new phone from anyone actually knowing this now…

  23. why do those phone cases in the background from 8:57 to 10:13 look like the ones you get with the fake iphone

  24. I’m watching this on my iPhone XS Max in gold I love this phone but I’m kinda disappointed if it know but still love it tho.

  25. Just rolled my kayak twice in a fresh water lake with the phone in a pocket on my PFD.. 2 separate roll events, no depth, total time in the water less than 3 minutes total. Poor screen response, moisture in the selfie camera, no ringer, keyboard screwy. Not sure what else. No more than 24” of depth for less than 5 minutes. Waterproof! No way! Maybe more resistant, but don’t bother taking it on a water trip without a guaranteed, tested, waterproof case.

  26. If you didnt check what Apple said they said its only supposed to be put in water for not more than 2 meters for not longer than 30min

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