Un vêtement confortable qui protège réellement le motard – FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ (Version longue)

There is no casual clothing really protecting the motorcyclist. We have decided to create one. To create the FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirt, we made a simple observation: All brands want to make motorcycle clothing comfortable But for the result to be really effective We started from the opposite thought by adapting a comfortable garment to the motorcycle. VFLUO has always created aesthetic safety devices for motorcyclists. For the first time, we designed a garment with the comfort and appearance of an ordinary garment But which provides a high level of protection and visibility. The FULL PROTECT™ combines 3 technologies that make it the ultimate garment for motorcyclists. It is fully lined with 100% Kevlar® fiber This material, also used in bullet-proof vests Allows it to resist abrasion when falling at 110km/H Inside, the ultra-flexible SAS-TEC™ protections Resist impacts by perfectly fitting the shoulders, elbows, and back Protecting the spine from top to bottom They are certified level 2 against shocks The highest standard on the market. Our sweatshirt gives you a 360° visibility, 4 times further away than with a traditional jacket, Thanks to the 3M Technology™ retro-reflective inserts The FULL PROTECT™ offers both protection and freedom of movement Be prepared to live an experience.

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