Unboxing BTS (Bangtan Boys) 防彈少年團 7th Japanese Single Blood Sweat & Tears [All 4 Editions]

Unboxing BTS (Bangtan Boys) 防彈少年團 7th Japanese Single Blood Sweat & Tears [All 4 Editions]

Hello, I finally have BTS ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ Japanese edition here to unbox for you and of course I bought all four editions I’ve got A, B, C and Regular standard, normal edition. Mhm. Alright! Woo! So, let’s start with A. Ok, so here we have it. I’m gonna take off…Oh yeah Check out the sticker first. I’m gonna… take off the…ooh no! I ripped the sticker! Take off the plastic there. So we don’t have to… all that glare, yeah. Obi, as you can see. Ooh, if you wanna… There we go, type A Excuse my nails, I’m just… No time to make new ones, needed to do this. Make new ones… paint them again! Just needed to do this…ooh… this unboxing first. BTS is too important! Yes. Okay so, let’s open it up. Okay, first we’ve got the DV- er, CD! I’m sorry I haven’t eaten yet, my head is a bit fried apparently. Brain, I mean! Yeah. You really shouldn’t listen to me. I make no sense. It’s got this holographic glow to it. It’s really neat Okay I’m not expecting any photo cards because um, since they changed company I’m guessing there will be no photo cards as I didn’t see anything about it on the description, so… All right, so A version done. Time for B version, mmm. Sticker first. Okay. Ooh, flap, come here! It…no! There we go! Awesome. And they have put the sticker on the…okay. Not exactly how it should be but it will do. Ooh, this feels thicker, nice. So guessing a nice big photobook with this one. As you can see, version C. I just vers-…opened version C. No that was not correct. I should have opened version B. My bad. Here we have version B! Ahem…So we have the sticker Okay, so here we have version B! There we go! Focus, there we go. Okay good. Okay, so the front, ohh, oh looking good! Mhm. Okay this one includes DVD as well. I will of course put all the contents down the description, tracklist, what’s on the DVD, everything like that, so if you want to know anything about that just check the description as well as where I bought it and yes! Everything I always put there. So we’ve got this holographic DVD here as well. Awesome. Okay. Alright, so now we move onto (ahem) version C! Yes. So, we were at the obi strip, yes. As you can see it’s version C. If you focus…there we go. So we have the front. And the back. Ooh, I can feel a thick photobook. Or don’t feel it…okay…I can sense. I can see. Okay. Yeah. CD. And ooh! Thick photobooks, mhm! There we go. Oh, mhm. Oh gosh. Looking way too good! No no! Mhm! Oh wow. Wow. Mhm. I’m sorry, I’m trying to contain myself here, it’s just, it’s BTS. Mhm. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh. Mhm. Wow, there’s so many pictures. Now I’m getting emotional, oh no. Okay, so last version, the standard edition. Sticker. Obi. Okay, front. And the back. And the spine, yes. Oh, it’s red! Nothing behind…no, just…that’s just my curtain…it’s just black. Alright. Yes so that was everything! Ahh! Well if I had to recommend one, I really liked the photobook one, but of course if you do wanna have all the other contents, DVDs and what not… the other versions are nice as well but oh, this photobook, okay. Yes. Alright! Thank you so much for watching! I do hope you enjoyed! Bye bye!

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  1. I got mine earlier this week, and I was so annoyed that the sticker was that low I didn't wanna rip it lol

  2. I am a little disappointed because there are no Photocards but I guess I will buy Version A&C
    Btw Tina do you also purchased Wings Japan Edition?

  3. I like your nails though hahah ;P
    Still waiting for mine to ship out, even though I pre-ordered it :')
    Great unboxing!

  4. FAQ Post:
    – Where I bought the item I unbox is always written in the description, as well as the track list and contents.
    – My upcoming unboxings are listed in the about section of my channel (I don't do requests, but I always unbox the kpop albums/goods that I buy).
    – My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you'll find linked in the description.
    – I no longer do sponsorships. The items I unbox I bought myself, I work outside of Youtube as an Archivist (which is my main source of income).
    – I usually don't answer comments on how much something cost me to buy, because I honestly can't remember 99 out of a 100 times.

  5. Tinaaa, I haven't commented in a while hehe. Been on vacation, i have alot of videos to catch up on 🙂 not complaining though <3

  6. So you have to buy standard version to have the "spring day Japanese ver." Buy A to have video clip, B to have beside the scenes and C to have a photo book! And you and up having four CDs with "血汗涙" and "not today". And I suppose these were quite expensive… why are Japanese versions so somplicated?!

  7. yay thank you! kinda disappointed that it doesn't come with the photocard but if you buy the universal music store edition it will come with all member postcard !:)

  8. I am disappointed that not even the regular version comes with a pc. They're pretty but I agree I liked the one with the photobook best. Honestly I was expecting better. I guess I wasted my money in ordering all versions.
    Thanks for the video girlie. ❤️

  9. omg dont hate me but i tried entering bts high touch lottery using your code but guess what it didnt work so yaa

  10. How can you buy on this Japanese site? The method of payment is not in dollars. Could you give me the right link and help me, please? I'm from Brazil.

  11. Hey Tina ^-^
    I know you don't do any requests and your upcoming albums are written on your channel information thingie xD
    But will you be going to unbox "Eden" by VIXX?
    You didn't list the CD there but I do remember you are a VIXX fan 😀
    Thank you so much for your videos x3
    You do an amazing job.
    Keep going and spread the kpop love :>

  12. see's unboxing of BTS …/ Instagram click to Tina's video
    /dies at photo book version
    Thank you for unboxing Tina <③ <③

  13. Aah! I was waiting for this video! Tina, your unboxings are my absolute favorites; I love everything about them! Fighting ??

  14. Tina, would you ever consider doing reaction videos? I really like your sense of humour! Would love to see your reaction to BTS Gayo track 15?? Love your videos???


  16. i have been waiting for Minzy Work 01 UNO, Tina.
    More than a month ago since UNO was released. because i really really like your unboxing. so i am so sad ;(((((

  17. I want version B but version C has the photobook :,( They sure know how to trick us into buying all versions

  18. ?When you're so damn broke that you're pockets are made out of dust and you can't buy any BTS merch.

  19. I feel so sad when I watch your videos but I like it. i don't know how you do it, is sad because i have the money to buy al the albums but i don't have visa or that type of cards to buy in internet:'v


  20. Would it be possible to include which regions the dvd's play in and what languages are the sub titles in. It is very hard purchasing items without knowing if you can watch them, THANKS!!!

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