Understanding Stem Sells Treatments and Therapy with Chandra Lin

Understanding Stem Sells Treatments and Therapy with Chandra Lin

dr. Nick Delgado here our podcast and
we’re broadcasting from rad fest in Las Vegas
I’m with Chandra Lin who I’m so intrigued I got a chance to meet with
and discuss really some important topics one of them is our bodies are aging and
there’s a lot of talk about stem cell treatments but not all stem cell
treatments are the same are they no tell me about what it is about the homing
device cell specific I believe it’s called cell transplant stem cell
transplant if you will but really specific to the cells now I know this
has been pioneered back from what is it in Switzerland and Germany I’ve heard
over 60,000 treatments have been done but you yourself have been seen and
observing the outcome of these treatments and it doesn’t just happen
within a week or two I’m new to the treatment had it done myself and Kota
Kinabalu and so I might notice improvements in my
body over time that can take months to elicit improvements in the body is that
true very true definitely and so when we’re talking about differential it’s
very differentiating of the cells if you have just a stem cell that’s from say
placenta or from cord blood those are not specific to any organ and so if we
go ahead and we just transfuse those and just hope that they’re going to go to
the organ that’s failing yeah we’re literally just hoping we’re
guessing okay so there’s various things that we can do
some doctors will go ahead and they will use a fluoroscope or ultrasound and they
will go ahead and inject those stem cells directly into the organ and again
we’re hoping that that those stem cells are going to program to replace the
injured tissue or to heal that injured tissue we have no way of really knowing
that’s what they’re doing so I’ve been working with the European Wellness Group
and what they’re doing is they’re they’re seeking out organ specific stem
cells and so the way that they’ve done that is they have lab raised rabbits
which are raised to at least 400 generations that they’re disease-free
and they’re completely clean and they use those rabbits fetal tissue
to be able to get those cells so now a lot of people they have some ethical
dilemma with rabbits versus you know human cells are worried about cross
issue with the the rabbit or the animal and putting those DNA into them but
what’s really important about that is that people just don’t tend to know that
we’re already using animals in our medicine you know we use animals for
insulin we use animals for fertility medications like FSH we use just all
kinds of different animal resources obviously we all consume or not all some
of us are vegetarian some of us consume animals as well so that’s good
stewardship of our animals to be able to use those to cure ourselves rather than
you know necessarily going for human tissue so so what are some of the
conditions that you’re observing that might very well improve with probably
maybe more than one cell transplant if you will and the cell transplant isn’t
going to be rejected because it’s zero it’s not even a day old so it hasn’t
taken on a genetic code yet and when it’s collected then and injected into
the particulars individual like in my case I’ve had it done there was no ill
reaction whatsoever I felt perfectly fine it’s interesting
with biological material even with fat drive stem cells things can go wrong if
things are not purified and done properly so what is it that you see in
this in this particular area are you asking specific to like the animal-based
ones or just cells in general well when you’re utilizing these specific cell
tissue types there’s different type of brain cells there’s different type of
liver there’s different type of muscle testes so what you’re going after is an
attempt to improve or rejuvenate or reverse the aging of the individual
recipient right definitely so I think what you’re asking is when
we’re using a combination for instance if we
did testes skin liver you know everything in between and put them all
into you is there a an adverse reaction that we might expect from that is that
what you’re kind of or what adverse reactions might we get from that and
then if that’s the question the answer would be that generally people are not
having any issues at all if they do it’s a mild fever we give them some tylenol
and we do expect there to be a tiny bit of a fever for about two to three days
just because we just introduced a whole lot of organic material to your body
that being decided you know we just we’ve observed you as far as what kind
of adverse effects could you have if we use for instance human based cells what
we have noticed is with human based cells we sometimes get abnormal growth
so I mean using peptides and cells that are from from animal from rabbit based
cells those are not having any of those adverse effects we’re actually seeing
that you can inject them directly into gluttonous maximus you know but and then
it will find their way to the oregon and they will actually create that healing
because they are specific to each organ so the growth factor of your liver if
you needed liver has been injected into you and now you’ve got a liver growth
factor that’s there and it’s seeking that out it’s not looking for anything
else but your liver and so we’ve had awesome results with that and we don’t
have human cells that we can do that with and there’s no real ethical way to
get human cells to do that with so if you think about that if we’re using
liver cells that we got from a rabbit that we raised you know wonderfully and
gave an awesome life to that’s great now how are we gonna get a liver cell for
you from a human you know is so if you look at the the ethical dilemmas that
we’re having right now as far as people that are concerned with stem cells
endangering babies or you look at the technology that we have coming out right
now or even like the new awesome science that they are releasing right now where
they say you know young blood will make us younger of course young blood will
make us younger young clouds will make us younger young tissue make us younger
young bone marrow make us younger obviously stem cells from a younger
person are gonna make us younger so what happens when we want to live to be a
thousand years old and we don’t have any children left to get our young blood
our young stem cells from that’s where it becomes so imperative that we are
also focusing very heavily into how we can use good stewardship with our
animals and our other other resources for this this longevity movement that
we’re going through well Chandra these origin cells which
are identical in the rabbit to the human and they’re even transferring in Japan
studies as I understand it where they’re able to transfer these cells from human
to animals and vice versa because basically at zero they’re identical
isn’t that true yes and so then as they’re developing they’re developing
along side your mature cell and so now you’re able to get those the youthful
growth factors of those cells to be able to potentiate your cells so you’ve got a
45 year old liver and I give you a one day old liver cell to go in there with
its growth factors it’s gonna boost the the healing capacity of your body is how
that’s working it’s kind of like a it’s a booster for you yeah you made a
comment earlier and I interviewed dr. Debye Maharaj and he and I were talking
about at the age of 60 your immune system just drops drastically and he was
talking about the importance of where he’s doing some work with 20 year old
donors because he’s gotta make the specific donor for white blood cell
transfer to combat cancer and he said that when those transfers occur
oftentimes there is a fever and he doesn’t want them to suppress the fever
he wants the body because essentially the immune system becomes more active at
a higher body temperature and I I noticed I got a little hot that night
that I had the procedure I was wearing a t-shirt I had perspired in the morning I
felt fine in all my life when I’ve ever had a fever I let it go I’ve taken a lot
of fluids I’m very careful to get rest and you know plenty of fluids get
outdoors a little bit feel the Sun to get the healing effect but that fevers
there for a purpose so I don’t want to break it with an aspirin in my case some
people might go that direction well we don’t advise you to break that fever
unless it’s like medically dangerous we expect there to be a
fever and we tell the patients you know after we’ve given the treatment we’re
expecting a mild fever you know obviously if it’s if it’s getting so bad
that you can’t tolerate it to contact us and then we go ahead and we would advise
you other you know what to do but you know honestly I have been
involved with this for about a year and we haven’t told anybody to go and take a
Tylenol we’ve basically told them to house mice water or go in the pool or
whatever if they need to because we really do want for their body to do its
work with this you know and it’s easy think about this you know we’re we aging
you backwards we’re making huge changes to your body of course you’re gonna feel
something you know there’s gonna be some changes you know is it’s it’s great to
actually after that first little a bit of a fever and stuff people all of a
sudden their libido comes back you know I get these text messages they’re like I
can dance again or whatever it is I had this lady my very first week that I was
doing stem cell transplants I I did a we did her knee and and she was told that
she had to get a full knee replacement she’s like I have to have my knee
replaced and she’s like what I really don’t want to go what can we do about it
and we’re like well you know you could certainly give stem cells try you know
if yeah this a few thousand dollars I would probably was like seven thousand
dollars to do one vial of stem cells in the knee and she was like well she was
paying cash forty thousand dollars to get her to get her knee your place and
she’s like well you know what let’s do it right and she’s like yeah why not so
we did she comes back in it wasn’t but maybe three months later and I’m like
well how are you doing she cuz I’m doing awesome and she puts her purse down and
she literally does a jig II right there in the foyer and I’m like wow she goes I
haven’t been told dance like this in like 20 years I was like wow and that’s
just done styles right and so my father-in-law also you know he had some
renal failure going on and and we brought him out and he was just just
horrible like he had CHF he had everything happening and don’t know if
you know about the Cascade on that but like the ankles swell up and and they
were just he was just miserable and we ended up he was in the hospital and so
we got just X’s ohms which are it’s like an extract of stem cells right
so we got some X’s ohms and the guy was you need rheumatoid also in his hands so
his hands are like this and you know his body’s kind of like
this and he’s in his in his bed and he’s like this and he’s just miserable and
we’re watching this TV show and they’re noodling a catfish or something on the
TV show as his you know it’s been about five minutes since his exes omen
infusion and I’m talking to him like well how are you feeling Glenn and he’s
like he’s like I don’t feel nothing I’m like oh okay and we were watching the
noodle and thing and he’s like he’s watching and he starts because kind of
moving his hands he’s talking to us and something on the TV happened that made
him happy and he goes from laying here to just sitting upright because it
excited him and his feet over the side of the bed and he’s shocked and excited
we’re shocked and excited we’re like what just happened but the thing is and
now here’s a really big thing that I’m noticing with stem-cell treatments with
people who didn’t pay for it themselves okay thing is is that he got his
treatment done because we wanted him to get his treatment done okay so now
somebody’s at the end of their life and they don’t want to live then you know a
family member spending a ton of money on stem cells isn’t gonna isn’t really
going to help him but that was a magical mystical moment in that I saw the magic
of those exosomes where a man who I’ve never seen open his hands all the way
was able open his hands and this man who couldn’t sit up without us helping him
sat right up and that was just exosome that wasn’t stem cells but he didn’t
want to pursue further stuff because you know he he’s lived his life you know and
so he’s gone now but I had another patient that had a similar similar issue
but he did want to live and so I think it’s really important also that if
anybody is doing stem-cell treatments that they make sure that they do a
really good review with this patient how serious they are about changing their
lives because if I’m rewinding you backwards you know you’ve lived you know
a long life 60 70 years you’ve got a lot of pent-up baggage you know and you got
to determine whether or not you’re ready to let that go and it’ll really start a
new life and so I think it’s important that clinics also incorporate something
like NLP and like make out sessions for people she’s a
neuro linguistic programming if you guys don’t know about that Oh awesome okay
very important that if you’re going to invest this much money into something
like this that you also invest in your self work you know because it’s just you
can’t just start over and have that same lifestyle you know generally if you’re
you’re having those health issues there’s something that you weren’t doing
with your lifestyle that that you need to change you know so we’re gonna bring
you in and we’re gonna completely train you up you know we’re gonna clean you
out we’re gonna do bio frequencies we’re gonna do you know a whole workup on you
you’re gonna red light you’re gonna have a zone you’re gonna have hyperbaric
you’re gonna hit your systems completely cleaned out and you’re even gonna see a
physical therapist we’re gonna talk to you about diet and exercise we’re gonna
get you completely reset and that’s how you completely age backwards and I have
seen people that are like 90 that look like they’re in their 40s so it’s really
important if you after the treatment yeah after treatment right they’ve been
receiving more treatments no I I did not see those people when they started their
treatments but I saw them coming through the clinic and they’d been getting
treatments for several years or stood and there’s a lot it would be coming
back and doing treatments if it didn’t work yeah yeah so yeah it’s it’s it’s
really important to if you’re gonna do these kinds of things in your life it’s
like this gentleman yesterday said you can you can think that you know
everything if you’re only gonna live a short period of time or something like
that and that really it makes a lot of sense you know if we’re gonna live a
really long time we have to be willing to let old knowledge go and be willing
to always learn new things because if we’re stuck in our old ways we’re just
gonna be reliving that same that same thing so I’ve had about ten cord blood
stem cell treatments I’ve had fad Drive stem cell treatments I’ve had bone
marrow and now the novel self transplant procedure and it’s interesting because I
would say that the idea that there’s over 420 different
cell types we have to really zero in on those areas we’re only as strong as our
weakest link right so if we know at a certain age we have certain systems
failing we have to intervene and certain organs only last so long deliver lasts
what 75 years but the eyes start to fail after foot 20 years maybe certain organs
start to fail sooner than others depending on how hard a person is on
their body – right yeah that’s very true and well and the thing is if we start
early okay here’s the thing a lot of people right now are just learning that
these technologies or are being reintroduced and when I say reintroduced
I’m telling you that because a lot of this was already on the walls 3000 years
before Christ and in Mesopotamia so if you guys want to search into that it’s
pretty amazing the stuff that we already knew that we are just relearning and now
we’re applying our scientific methods to it and learning that wow we already knew
that we’ve known this for a real long time and so you know it’s just we have
to be willing to reset everything and start early you know it’s like if you
start wearing sunscreen when you’re in your 20s you’re gonna have awesome skin
like this okay and if you if you start though when you’re in your 60s it’s
completely different so if you have a liver like you were saying that’s only
gonna live to be 75 it’s not necessarily only going to live to be 75 if you start
taking care of it when you’re younger now if you’re already 75 which we all
know that you’re like 200 and that you’ve been having all those stem-cell
treatments and you’re just faking your age right but if if you start this now
I’ll you’ll say you’re 75 and now your liver is already gone I’m 65 Israel
that’s awesome congratulations you can get the ARP program or something right
so yeah so if you if you already have your liver going downhill now we got to
get it back right so now we have to completely flush your system again this
is back to that that comment if this person comes to you they’re in liver
failure or failure how serious are you about this and your lifestyle changes
bring in the NLP right bring in the the energy work get them cleansed out
get them reset and the stem cells are the wave of the future for that you know
they’re doing a lot of work right now also with like being able to create you
know organs using stem cells in their lab so they take the matrix of the of
the tissue and then they basically culture it and that’s something that is
down the line and obviously it’s not part of our rejuvenation thing we’re
doing here but I mean if you’re talking about a 200 year old liver you might
have to get to a point where you might want to replace that so they’re working
on that as well well when you talk about the liver I understand that there’s only
like one liver transplant available four out of four people and the other three
are dying because they couldn’t get a liver transplant right so that’s true of
pretty much all transplants yeah so is there an alternative on a happier note
or a lighter note to Botox is there some treatment or interventions that you can
inject or microderm are you experimenting with work in this area so
actually I’ve been a master injector for aesthetics for ten of my 20 years in a
nursing in the medical world and you’re 20 years old ten of your yes yes now I’m
43 so no my my experience has been we don’t
get the full relaxation like you get with Botox but if you use placenta the
specifically though I’ve been using the placenta from European wellness but
there’s some other companies that also do the same percent Assunta based
peptides you get a lot of relaxation but you don’t get that full relaxation that
a lot of ladies want and you’re not getting this brow lift
so we haven’t quite gotten to that point yet and I don’t necessarily know that
we’re looking to completely freeze this so if you like the look of it being
frozen then you you need Botox if you want to get back to looking like you’re
25 well then yeah let’s do some placenta you know let’s maybe do some stem cells
if you’ve got some more advanced age you know but placenta is only like a hundred
bucks a vial instead of you know thousands and we can do treatments that
way and an alternative to that would be PRP injections which is even more
affordable you know so it’s just kind of and by the
way when I say the cost of that vial that’s the cost of the vial it’s not the
cost of your doctor or nurse he was going to inject it which is you should
follow another couple hundred dollars so you have anywhere from two to five
hundred dollars depending on the person so by the way yeah so I love that when
people are like oh they only cost 100 bucks like yeah but I went to school and
I also been doing this for 20 years and you gotta pay me still so of course kind
of so people are also doing some treatments and I’ve just started myself
to help to assist in hair growth right so these peptides can be injected
directly in the scalp and I had one treatment done very tiny little needle
like smaller than an insulin me like I think was 32 or 34 gauge it was like
ridiculously small I use a 31 um yeah so depending on how advanced your hair loss
is we can do anything from PRP which is with your own blood to just straight-up
stem cells and it just kind of depends on how aggressive the patient wants to
get with it and then also you know we look at your scalp we assess whether or
not there are any active follicles there to even stimulate so you know if you’re
to the point where you have had like a waxy glassy head for 20 years
obviously it’s less likely than if we’re someone like you like yourself who’s got
a little bit of thinning happening and so you know hey we can get that going
you know not that you have no it’s yeah yeah just sorry I have this brutal
honesty things about me but I did it with a smile that makes it okay I always
like to do it with a smile oh yeah yeah you should always do everything with a
smile yeah yeah so it’s so good we’re talking about health life
I mean what’s more important than the quality of life right having the ability
to be active and do what you want to do in your life and and really you know
just finding people of like mind that are you know probably in a good state so
love and happiness is important as well right definitely
you’re gonna segue into whether or not we put stem cells into penises and
vaginas aren’t you do we oh yes we do thank you um well the you know about the
O shot and the P shot yeah okay so basically we just use those stem cells
instead of using your PRP or using a higher Linna gas and so for sexual
stimulation for women we tend to right now would you Oh shot with a cc of
higher learning acid and it basically pushes the g-spot up a little bit
further so it’s easier to access during penetration so a lot of women don’t get
orgasm about 80% of women supposedly don’t get orgasms during intercourse
right okay so if 80% of women aren’t getting an orgasm from penetration
you know why is that well the g-spot is not getting hit a lot of times that can
be because the man doesn’t necessarily even know what a g-spot is but it can
also be that it’s just the G spots not pressed forward enough to be found so if
you put that that filler behind the g-spot then that pushes it forward that
gives them some more stimulation now if they are a little bit older and they
just don’t have the the tissue they’re not the tissue I want to say the
circulation and the PRP the stem cells actually kind of bring that youthful
vitality back in there so the tissue can kind of you know bring itself back to
more fluffy I go like this you know the same thing for a man now I do higher
link acid fillers for penis enlargement now is a pretty big thing to do or
little thing to do depending on what you’re talking about
yeah and that obviously you know helps a man if he has insecurities with his
girth and it can get a little bit of length but you know they they’re finding
that they can do your your pee shot which they do up by the prostate area
also with the stem cells and that seems to last longer than your PRP and that’s
that’s kind of worse that’s like you do the PRP if the PRP did well then you
know stick with it because it’s a lot more affordable than stem cells right
but if the stem cells never sorry if the PRP was minimally active or maybe only
helped you for a month or so and you don’t want to have to come in every
month then you might go to stem cells so you just kind of it’s a stepwise
approach to your sexual health or gratification or whatever you’re doing
it for right so it’s very effective very good
with the understanding that also quality of life revolves around optimum hormone
levels I understand that part of the stem cell transfers can improve the
pineal gland the testes the ovaries essentially that’s another way the
adrenals right – to rejuvenate the body through direct improvement in the
hormonal production of the body right definitely
so the stem cell treatment when you do a full system reset if you’re like for
instance I’m going with European Wellness because they’re who trained me
so if you guys hear a bunch of that about European Wellness they’re awesome
they’re amazing go there so anyways um but we do specific treatments that will
help a woman who’s in menopause they’ve actually been able to reverse menopause
for some women so you know if you think about that I mean I that’s that’s a
game-changer for ladies who are wanting to maybe start a family later in life
yeah I’ve seen Audrey mikkel was telling me and she’s a physician practitioner
and she was saying that she’s aged I think she’ll let me say this 72 and
she’s still having menstrual cycles she’s done certain things to enhance –
peptides that we’re talking about I understand there’s organelles and
different things that we can do and with the proper hormonal intervention the
proper herbs to modify to make them safe like dim and dull 3-carbon all it’s
interesting that you know he or she looks and feels like a woman that’s just
years younger you would never expect 72 and yet you know she has the vitality of
a 26 year old yeah I have actually not met a 70 year old that still gets
periods but I’ve like late 50 or 60 and for all that most of us hate our periods
and we’re like oh it’s the one thing I look forward to in menopause it’s also
it’s it’s that Sentinel moment where you’re also have to think about the fact
your estrogen going down also means vaginal atrophy and dryness and
it means less libido I mean at first as you’re going through menopause your
hormones have this little bit of a spike as your body is going wait wait we don’t
want to lose our sexuality and so that’s where women in their 40s and 50s are
like sexual demons they just are just insatiable all right wonderful yeah
that’s awesome right unfortunately guys are only sexually insatiable usually oh
no could you not stem cell guys right but most guys their sexual peak is like
18 to 30 right much true and then here’s women are sexual Peaks 40 to 50 it’s
like it’s just a joke thanks God so anyways with the advent of stem cells
though we can all have a sexual peak together yes yeah we’ll just we’ll make
that an advertisement later but yeah it’s it is one of those things that our
our period disappearing is yeah no more pads but at the same time now we got to
think about how do we see ourselves as a woman sexually for our future right and
so now do we want to do hormone replacement well hormone replacement
comes with its own dangers you know any of you dangerous a stroke you you know
yeah to qualify you you want to make sure if
you are going to do it by identical and the doctors care yeah all those those
herbs that modify it and I put people on a Whole Foods diet plant-based so that a
lot of times things that are mistaken to be a result of the hormonal intervention
which is TRT which is synthetic hormones often times it’s there on a poor diet of
you know a diet that’s not going to be conducive of help so but I like your
idea the fact that you can jump-start basically your own organ system
essentially to start producing more youthful hormone levels right definitely
and actually so my clients I consult with and because I am a nurse I cannot
prescribe I can advise right I advise them to go get blood work and test their
DHEA and their FSH and her estrogen and get all their stuff done and I tell them
what doctors to go to that are their local that I trust and so I do a lot of
consulting and I do a lot of referring and then I do a lot of coaching so I
always advise people to go the herbal route first you know look into the vitex
look into raspberry leaf look into doing you know just natural diet changes
you know before you go jumping off into taking supplements but the same time
that we’re talking about that we’re at an aging an anti-aging conference okay
so when I tell a patient go take some supplements and play it out you know I’m
also telling them this is the natural course of Aging just play it out so now
here we are at this anti-aging conference and we’re saying well why
don’t you try some herbal stuff first well that’s honestly we are naturally
aging and it is normal for us to stop having those hormones it’s normal for us
to stop having those desires and things that we have there associated with those
hormones – so at a convention like this I probably wouldn’t say that to people
I’d say go get some stem cells go get this stuff to stop it from going any
further if you are a person who wants to live forever or is just really feeling
like you know I have to I have to do something about this doing something
about it isn’t just you know laying back and letting nature take its course
because nature taking its course is gonna be you aging like any other person
and then sitting in here at the age of 75 having done nothing with everything
falling down and then going gosh why didn’t anybody tell me this when I was
40 right right right absolutely well I know you have an exhibit here at
Radford and you have a special device share with us just briefly what it is
that we can detect in terms of I guess is it picking up through energy medicine
is it a device that was developed in Russia I mean give me a little
background okay so and I am here today with dr. Olga and she’s got one of those
really hard to pronounce last names and so everybody just calls it doc – Olga so
we are presenting the regen u3 and regen u3 is a is a machine that it has a
biofeedback and a bio frequency so it has a differential diagnosis component
to it that allows for us to go ahead and assess people i recessed me I will
assess you I’m looking forward to it I know you are all right yes as a matter
of fact we are recording continue so oh sorry so so yeah so as
far as the the machine the Machine does the differential diagnosis so we can
first set it up and get your meridians checked it’ll give us a wheel and if
you’d like later on today we could bring your cameras and we can do a live demo
of it but uh so it will first show us a will give us an idea of what areas of
your body might need some help usually a client comes in and they’ll
say you know I’ve been having a hard time for anything or I’ve had this at
whatever and so we’ll have an idea right you know but I actually I enjoy to not
look at the chart or to hear it first cuz I like to see it but I I’m also a
Reiki Master and I enjoy to also be able to kind of scan them and know so I kind
of look at them and I kind of get my ideas and then I let the Machine look at
them and then I ask them okay what you have yeah that’s kind of fun that’s more
fun for me that’s that’s about me so let’s take me out of the equation the
machine does do a differential diagnosis now it’s not a doctor and and it’s not
lab work okay so what it does do though is it recognizes the frequencies that
different illnesses put off so each bacteria each cell each virus each each
thing in your body thing in the world has its own frequency ramp and so dr.
rife had found that these different frequencies can be read and that
different cells in different virus bacteria protozoa amoebas what all kinds
of different stuff can – can die this fungus whatever all those different
things all have their own frequencies right and then he thought to himself oh
gosh if these all have their own frequencies that I can be able to tell
what it is by looking at it I wonder if they also have a frequency that I could
kill them without healing the healthy tissue and so we put a lot of research
into that as well and he found that why yes indeed I can kill things without
killing everything else and so that was like a game-changer now everybody back
then you know he found out he the America were not allowed to say these
things kill cancer so I’m not saying that these things kill cancer but I’m
going to tell you that back when dr. rife first made these this discovery
Big Pharma was and people accused him of all kinds of
stuff they locked him up they put him away eventually they let him out but
they took away all of his research and they they they shunned him and they made
him like like he was like this horrible person and anyway what they do to people
right and so later on it was discovered they he was actually completely right on
you know he was able to kill off all kinds of viruses and and do all kinds of
awesome stuff and in other countries they use that as a first line of defense
for things so this machine here we’re using it for beauty purposes yes come
we’ll make you pretty no just kidding so it’s a therapeutic device it tests
for different frequencies we’ll see that there’s a signature that you have been
exposed to something and we would advise you that you should go see a doctor and
go get some blood work but at the same time we’ll also get a treatment plan for
you using energy and we will go ahead and start your treatments but we will
always advise you to please go see your Western medicine physician to follow up
yes looking forward to it Chandra Lyn dr. Nick Delgado here be well be strong
and thanks please share and let us know what you think have a great day we’re at
rad fest be well

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