Underswap #3 – Glamorous tears – [Animation]

Underswap #3 – Glamorous tears – [Animation]

(are they gone yet)
zzzzzzzzzzz… (This ghost keeps saying “z” out loud repeatedly, pretending to sleep.) Move it with force? Here comes Hapstablook. * Check This monster doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor… oh, i’m REAL funny. Happstablook is staring into the distance. * Flirt i’d just weigh you down. Really not feeling up to it right now. Sorry. Happstablook is wishing they weren’t here. * Threat You give Happstablook a cruel look. go ahead, do it. Happstablook is staring into the distance. * Cheer You have Happstablook a patient smile. heh… Happstablook looks just a little bit better. * Cheer You told Happstablook a little joke. heh heh… Cheering seems to have improved Happstablook’s mood again. * Cheer Happstablook wants to show you something. let me try… i call it “pretty blook”
(blook bonito) do you like it… Happstablook eagerly awaits your response. * Cheer oh gee… i usually come to the RUINS because there’s nobody around… but today i met somebody nice… . . . oh, i’m rambling again i’ll get out of your way [English captions by Demirramon]
(If you translate this, change the language, the name and erase this line!)

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  1. IMPORTANT (+ some little Undertale spoilers)

    Remember that this isn't just Mettaton without or before their robot body. This is Underswap, meaning that they swap their place and most of their personality with Napstablook, so they're not suposed to act like Mettaton at all, but like Napstablook.

    (Recordad que esto no es simplemente Mettaton sin o antes de su cuerpo robotico. Esto es Underswap, y eso significa que cambia su lugar y gran parte de su personalidad con Napstablook, así que no debe actuar como Mettaton para nada, sino como Napstablook)

  2. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..
    *(Are they gone yet)
    *this ghost keeps saying 'z' loudly repeatedly, pretending to be asleep.
    *move it with force?
    <3Yes *No
    *Here comes happstablook.
    >Act >Happstablook >Check
    this monster doesn't seem to have a sense of humor….

    *Oh, I'm REAL funny.

    *Happstablook is staring into the distance.

    >Act >Happstablook >Flirt

    *I'd just weigh you down…

    *Happstablook is wishing they weren't here.

    >Act >Happstablook >Threat

    You give Happstablook a cruel look.

    *Go ahead, do it.

    *Happstablook is staring into the distance.

    >Act >Happstablook >Cheer

    You gave Happstablook a patient smile.


    *Happstablook looks just a little bit better.

    >Act >Happstablook >Cheer

    You told happstablook a little joke.

    *Heh heh…

    *Cheering seems to have improved happstablooks mood again.

    >Act >Happstablook >Cheer

    *Can I show you something?
    *Let me try…

    *I call it 'Pretty Blook'.
    *Do you like it….

    *Happstablook eagerly awaits your response.

    >Act >Happstablook >Cheer

    *Oh gee…..

  3. So.. if you are playing game as Chara named Frisk, does it mean, that Frisk was the first fallen human and when you name yourself "Chara", you will get hard mode? >.>

  4. Why the ruins color isn't blue like the second episode & the song is undertale ruins song & it's undertale fight style not underswap ( like the last episode (second episode) )

  5. Wait if in the swap world everything is swapped

    The the river man say" beware the man who speaks in hands"

    What is it In the swap world?

    "Beware the man who speaks in toes"?

  6. Can you make an alternative end for hapsta

    Cheer x3 then threat

    I've done it on undertale

    Trust me it's hard but a good ending

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