UNIQLO X KAWS 店内大暴动 , 2分钟被扫空| Sammicci

UNIQLO X KAWS  店内大暴动 , 2分钟被扫空| Sammicci

Broken English starts now ! “What’s hits & Lits “ From north to south, from east to west , all i want is just you can stay with me Hello everybody ! Is your boy Sammicci , Welcome to ma show “What’s hits & Lits “ You guys can see that now i’m in my car , why i’m here ? i’m heading to Puchong Ioi mall now
Because Uniqlo Back for an encore , the Kaws summer collection is having a restock today my main purpose is to shoot this video to show that how many person actually will queue up for the items , or they purchase it for resell purpose I also can experience like the others feel how they feel when they queue up For me , i’m quite into this collection as well ,so i definitely will purchase 1 or 2 piece of it most important is i can experience the feeling to be there before the store open . the store will open at 10am and right now is 9am. i also can have a interview section with those kids that are queueing up , i’ll see u guys there i’m so excited because i can fake fake set the camera and fake fake open my car door OMG , i saw some sneak peek of the crowds , i’m quite shock about the number of crowds that shown up why you’re here at uniqlo today ? I’m here to buy sneakers !! nah , i’m just kidding , i’m here for kaws x uniqlo merchandise which is your favourite design ? I like that white tee design so you want to buy it for resell or keep it for yourself wear it myself what are you doing here at Uniqlo today? are you guys here for Kaws merchandise? so you want to buy it for resell or keep it for yourself? younger brother :i’ll wear it myself // Elder brother : i’ll sell it what are you doing here at Uniqlo today ? buy tee shirt so you want to buy it for resell or keep it for yourself ? wear it myself What time you started to wait over here ? since 8am with my friends 你们今天来这里干什么呢? 我们来买 Kaws 你们几点到达这个地方? 930am 就到了 你们想要购买多少件Kaws T ? 其实我只想买一件,因为上次想要买时卖光了 they thought the doors gonna open at the right hand side , so they run run run to the right hand side But the doors didn’t open at the right hand side , so they run back to the left hand side , run run run the reason why the lady is screaming Because there are some parents and lady stuck in middle of people,yet all the people are pushing towards and some even felt down just 2 minutes and poof , everything gone someone is scolding that person up there after war ! PS : i don’t know why the shoe is there finally i’m back in my car , i get nothing today, for me i think is not necessary to be like that wild to buy the items because you will never get enough of chasing the trend , i saw some people are standing beside me shooting videos of them crazy over the items so i ask them why don’t u go and get it as well? they answer me , they don’t really care if they can’t get it today i think this kind of thinking will turn the environment into a more chill & peaceful environment i also do realised that there is a bunch of parents are here today to accompany their kids to wait and purchase the items together i also saw the parents stuck in the middle of nowhere when the gates open , pushing by all the teenagers , for me is quite scary and danger And i also saw some secondary school students skip their school just to come here to purchase Kaws x Uniqlo Tee i won’t judge about this because i used to be like this as well lol( don’t tell my parents ) but the most dangerous thing happened today is the parents stuck in the middle of the crowds and get push into the stores,imagine is there’s a elder person between them , he/ she might get hurt from this situation ,this is very wrong! for my opinion Uniqlo or other organisation group that gonna organise something like this have to take extra care for the rules and all the arrangement , make sure everyone get satisfied even when they get nothing so is fair to everyone at first i thought today will be very chill because i saw the official instagram account post mentioned that 1 person only can get 1pcs from 1 design,but i never thought this kind of thing will happen today i feel disappointed & i thought i’m in other country today lol , never thought this will happened in Malaysia even though i can’t get what i want today , i won’t feel sad because i knew all this trend you’ll never get enough , even you get what you want today , you’ll dumb it away after you get a new item that you want .in my opinion , i don’t care if i can get it or not as long as you live your own style , live in ur way,don’t just follow the trend , be the one who lead the trend, once you be a good role model of yourself , there will be a number of followers with u ,live your own style ,know what i’m saying ? Here comes the end of this video , if you like this video ,press the like button ,subscribe to my channel turn on notification , i’ll see you guys soon ! Byeeeeeee

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  1. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. wow 传达了很好的讯息和想法
    商业都在瞄准着年轻人 因为年轻人都有很大的影响力 & 渴望追求
    说难听点就是消费年轻人 不知道是好是坏 但是最重要还是做自己有能力做的东西

  3. No guard meh worker oso useless dont control lucky my place we more beratur n got worker control amount purchase..got pink,blue n white baby one

  4. 认同 真的不需要太疯狂去买

    而且昨天我去别的一间outlet 他们是batch by batch进 我个人觉得做法是不错 但到了10点10分酱 门开始开完 全部人开始去抢了 大部分热门款都卖完了 只是kaws的有些衣服都没人买(条纹的)

  5. Puchong people are embarrassing. I'm saying this as someone from Puchong. haha. Even when watching movies… I rather go to Sunway Pyramid than IOI Mall despite the distance.. Had too many bad experiences with the Puchong audience at IOI Mall's GSC cinema.
    I find that Puchong crowd have lower mentality. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Thank goodness, I've moved to a much better place now.

  6. went to sunway pyramid and only 10 people were allowed to enter the uniqlo at the same time. Kuddos to uniqlo manager at Sunway Pyramid for have a brain. Ioi punchong manager seems does not have brain as he/she should have predicted that people will go crazy if you allow people to enter uniqlo at the same time. smh

  7. 我只知道我去買的時候差一點被鐵門敲到頭…🙁actually 我只是去代購而已哈哈哈 超辛苦

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