UPCYCLE Sweater into DIY Chanel Inspired Jacket | Dress Like a #BOSS

UPCYCLE Sweater into DIY Chanel Inspired Jacket | Dress Like a #BOSS

Hi loves
In today’s video I’ll show you how to transform an old sweater into a Chanel inspired
vest For this tutorial you’ll need and old sweater
black trimmings bias tape
fabric scissors and a sewing machine Cut the middle open first
Take your trimmings, place it on your vest and cut different strips Now pin it in place so you can sew it Since I didn’t have enough trimmings for
the whole look I decided to use the fancy stitches on my
sewing machine for the horizontal lines I tried a couple of them and mixed it up so
each line had a different stitch But if you prefer choose one and sew it several
times This is what it looks like in the end Now grab your bias tape
this is what it looks like when you open it up Open your bias tape with the wrong side up
and place the top on the border of your neckline Leave a piece at the front so you can fold
it in later Do it all around your neckline Now sew it all around Fold the front bit of your bias tape in, then
fold it over your neckline and sew it all along Now add the bias tape to the middle of your
vest cut it leaving some extra on the top and bottom Open it up and place the bias tape on the inside of your vest pin it then sew it Fold it from the outside in
Pin it then sew it Now lets add the bias tape to the bottom
Open your vest and place the top of the bias tape on the wrong side
Cut it leaving extra space at the beginning and end Sew the top first then fold it from the outside
in Pin it and sew it
Do this and you’re done And this is the final look! If you would like to see more refashion tutorials
let me know in the comments below If you enjoyed this easy tutorial click like
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this video with your friends Thank you so much for watching and tune in
next week for this DIY Balloon Sleeve Top

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  1. I love it. Also love the yellow top you are wearing too. Did you do it yourself? That's how it looks, when I buy xxxl Tops and make them smaller on the hips.
    I love this style.

  2. Girl I just realized my notifications wasn't on ๐Ÿ˜‘ smh! It's on now. Very creative and yes keep the refashion tutorials coming please! Xoxo

  3. Great idea, i want to try this. Also, I would like to see a video on tranforming an old 80s baggy colorful sweater into a fashionable cardigan. Thanks!

  4. Hey,kun je eens kijken naar Junky Styling? Want daar maken ze van heren kostuums hele leuke apart rokjes,etc.Ze staan ook op pinterest. Het is mij niet duidelijk genoeg om te weten hoe zij het in elkaar zetten, misschien zou jij eens iets kunnen maken ongeveer als dat?Alvast bedankt, groetjes

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