Urban Decay Troublemaker Sweat Wear & Review on Straight Lashes | SamiJoie

Urban Decay Troublemaker Sweat Wear & Review on Straight Lashes | SamiJoie

Alright. I just got home, and I’m gonna
assume my mic’s on — let’s check first. This is such an awkward situation because I have
a ring light, but it’s not big enough to support my shotgun, so my shotgun is
just lying underneath my camera while it’s being — while it’s attached to the
ring light but anyways that’s not what this video is for. This video is for this
mysterious purple package that I just got in the mail and I don’t recall
ordering anything so I really have no idea where this package is from there
there is no return address whatsoever so… You know it’s a cute purple envelope
like it’s such a – color but there’s no easy tag to open it so away we go with
the scissors. What’s in here? No way. Oh my gosh. I got a sample of Urban Decay’s
newest mascara, Troublemaker, and it says it’s for super fat, super long, sex
proof mascara. Girl, you listening? I’m not sexually active so I can’t test that
part out for you, and if you’re here for that definitely go to a different video,
but aside from that stay here and watch mine. But uh I just got it so there’s
this card here that says, “Hey, you want to get into a little trouble? We want to
hear your review.” So I’m gonna review for them. So this little information card in
here is the sample itself. Now because my lashes — I already have my scare on them
if you can see — yeah alright. I’m definitely not gonna put
this on right now but I will try it on in a different video probably tomorrow. It says that you can stir up trouble with 13.7x the lash
volume which would be amazing you know because my lashes they’re not voluminous in
any shape way or form. They’re little sticks of hair sticking out of my eye bulbs. Really? Did I say “eye bulbs?” Eyeballs, but really it’s eyelids? I’m so tired Anyways. It also includes
before-and-after photos of people — if it’ll focus on this and not me. There you go sorry for the glare hopefully that helps. But you can see the before and
after. I don’t know how exaggerated these are
or if they’re using falsies just to keep that in mind I will be using my
completely 100% natural lashes no falsies. It says that for it’s
for super fast super long and sex proof holds up in hot and heavy situations. I feel like a lot of people in Cali should be getting this because
apparently it’s super hot. And according to Urban Decay they tested it out
themselves. So opening it up… Look we have another — same thing again
first and then a little bit more about it and here y’all can pause that and
read it for yourselves if it’s in focus. Here, I’ll bring it up close for you. Now is the time to pause if you haven’t already. Now onto the package itself I
can actually talk about that because this is a small version of the big one
it shouldn’t be that much different. Aww it’s so cute! It’s so cute, look at that! Aww isn’t it little? It’s so precious, look at that. It’s so cute. And very geometric, like you see
you have all of these ridges all over it. it’s just it’s so adorable it’s so
freakin adorable. It has a trademark UD And~ yeah, I don’t think it’s waterproof
but it says it’s supposed to hold up in heat and during sex. Opening her up. This brush actually kinda reminds me of the lash paradise brush, which is currently
currently my go-to mascara. There it is for you and I will try this for you guys
tomorrow and you know what? In order to get the full effect to see if it will
hold up in hot and sweaty situations I will go and work out on a Saturday
morning. *Nervous nose whistle* *shudders* Alright I’ll see you guys in a couple of hours. 16 minutes
on the stair stepper and doing weights this is what I look like now. Looks like the mascara is still on. This one where I put the primer is still holding up. This one — mascara is still on but my eyelashes are they going downhill, so I
will just — If I were to buy it under assuming that it’s going to do
everything it says it’s going to do, I would be severely disappointed but
knowing that it works better with a primer I think it’s good, but I really wouldn’t spend my money on it because it’s like $34 (IT’S $24). Sweat session over. I’m like
glistening. So up close and personal
here’s my right eye. The curl’s like no longer there. In a sense it just looks
like nothing. And then the left eye. Not the best lighting so
yeah but you can kinda see it. I just rinsed my face off, and it still feels like — nope,
the mascara is coming off with water definitely not waterproof, so just I’ll just wipe
that on the inside of my shirt so no one sees it. Here we go. But this one’s still holding up. Sort of. It’s kind of coming off. Again. But not as much as this side. Now it’s time for lunch and I have yet
to make up my mind.

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  1. It cracks me up that it says it makes them 13.7x more lash volume because that seems SO SPECIFIC ahah good video 🙂

  2. i'm glad you were honest about the review! I've never heard of this mascara but I do love the Lash Paradise you mentioned 😬 maybe I can give this a try! love the cute little sample sizes haha

  3. What type of ring light do you have ? I’m glad you was honest about this ! Most people just tell us what they think we wanna hear

  4. Lol about that LA hot situation…can't stop laughing & that's why I like watch your videos. I like UD though

  5. I love your glasses! Thank you for the honest review. Lol at wipe it on the inside of my shirt so no one sees it.

  6. You have a very vibrant personality and I love it. I feel the energy. Honest reviews rocks all day long lol! First time here and I just subbed.

  7. Lol uhhhh so it’s not the same as waterproof!?? I’m not buying a 24$ mascara. They all do the same to me. But the packaging is cute.

  8. Samples are great!!! Especially when they are free lol I would not be buying a mascara that much and it doesn’t work!! The package is cute tho!

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