Väliloppukasaus – Audi S2 ep22

Väliloppukasaus – Audi S2 ep22

I need a taller camera stand cos I cant stand but have to sit Finally it’s time to start putting everything back together. and we try to get it ready for inspection Everything that needs to be done will be done in this episode so this could be quite long episode But we start from rear. Lights needs to be installed Some wires needs to be soldered and someone had put bit stronger stuff between body and light that could be tuff to remove we start from those and continue towards front and put the car to one piece but let’s get to it so there was bit stronger stuff here which is hard like silicone think this could be hard to get off think that light has taken off in somepoint think this side is original as this is what it should be soft and rubbery I will replace it with same kind of stuff these wires needs new plug thanks to Arto for sending me a new plug some soldering needed, but we start from here and continue toward the front section took the calipers off and put those to electrolysis those were so rusted that it’s better to rebuild those now slide pins were so rusted that those needed some heat heres one which was totally jammed have to get new sliders and rubbers or that repair kit everything else seemd ok, so we rebuild those now. ok rear is now done. bleed and wheels and those are ok. Front disk are there and we install those bigger calipers at this point also. Adapters are still in the making when those are ready we can then bolt everything together after that we can bleed but now I start putting fenders and stuff back Took the caliper off from this side also changed bolts to track arms there was just some generic bolts and there was new ones which came with the car so I changed those and it’s ben few days since last clip calipers are now painted. Didn’t film that cos there was so much paint dust so didn’t want to risk camera… but got new stickers and those are clear coated with Sikkens 2k clear so have to see how it holds but… next we have to do some work with the exhaust took the last section off which goes over the drive axle that needs to be shortened because I will replace that 50cm silencer that doesn’t fit properly so I got new one half the size which fits and that has inlet in the middle as this one that is on the side so that pipe needs some work that I get the pipe go that way but I start to do that next… ok pipe has got some supports welded that with 316 sticks and the you should have 309 sticks for proper welds.. but think it that holds what it should then.. got adapters thanks to Markku for reducinng those new bolts for those are there and these are the reference how long those should be need to cut these to length couldn’t find correct lenght with the right threads or there was but I would had to order 100 pcs so got bit longer ones which are with XZN head think these were from Audi A8 rear caliper bolts but don’t remember which year and then new pipes which goes from caliper to that flex pipe. those smaller ones were too short changed…. that one there and this one..ffuu… and this one was here but it was too short so we change this one to hard pipe all the way there but I start to do these and hopefully we get to bleed after these. Hard lines are now there. had to struggle with bolts bolt holes in the adapters are not 100% on the same spot compared to calipers bit tight to install but those will stay in place.. and that turns without any noice another side and then we get to bleed Finally we are ready for bleeding did the other side and installed pads also to this side we start from rear right then left rear. Right front and finally left front. atlast we can start that and go for test drive.. Finally we have got car out from the garage It stalled during the test drive like it doesn’t get fuel, thanks to Jouni for tips, could be fuel relay or some ground problem as central locking stopped working aftercooling fan starts to operate it seems like it doesn’t get fuel don’t know what problem is the next brake feel is too soft there was almost none markings on the drivers side rotor after braking heavily prolly theres still just air on the system but have to see those thought we could get it to inspection but theres no reason for now but now I start to clean up After that I drive it back in and bet working that problem have to read error codes and see if theres something but still we didn’t got to MOT altho I did almost 4 weeks work but… Sometimes it’s like this but anyways, remember to order caps Winter is coming and it’s good to wear cap everywhere But, Bye for now!

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