Vanderpump Rules Returns with New Drama, Tears, and Love Affairs | Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Vanderpump Rules Returns with New Drama, Tears, and Love Affairs | Vanderpump Rules Season 8

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  2. When is Tom S gonna learn that Jax is not a real good friend for him and has fucked him over and over.Jax has been 10 times worse then James to these people and only looks out for himself.

  3. January feels so far away! But being a New Yorker, perhaps anyone that live in the north east can relate but January is like hibernation time for me, it's usually the time I watch the most reality tv. Until I come back to normal life in March. So, actually January is perfect.

  4. Reality TV needs more diversity. The show doesn’t truly represent the concept of love and doesn’t reflect today’s America with people from multicultural backgrounds. Diversity is something that should be celebrated, as it brings people together and provides new perspectives in media.

  5. Kristen and Stassi still aren’t friends apparently even after this was filmed.. oh well on a serious note, WE DONT NEED NEW PEOPLE.

  6. I never thought turning around could be cringey, but only scheana can make a simple hair flip turn around super cringey

  7. Hello everyone. I can’t wait for the new season. I have seen so many of these kids grow up. Love Lisa and the show so much . Thanks @andycohen and Bravo . 🌹😊

  8. Read/saw a behind the scenes video, commentary, that one of the alumni was laughing, that public still thinks they are all still working at Sur. Guess it's just a prop for the show now fourtee them now. They must all make enough on the show now, that they don't have to do other work, except hobbies, other than film. 3 or 4 of them bought million $$ homes in the same neighborhood. They are moving on up. Wonder if they think this gravy train will continue forever? They will eventually turn into a Real House Couple's franchise. LOL

  9. I'm confused as to where these new people came from?? Part of the reason I watch the show is because the cast members have friendships or actual relationships with each other. This seems forced

  10. Jax has lost it , he needs professional help. I have never seen such a nasty, permissic, and mentally off the charts man. So over Jax, pleassssse get rid of him.

  11. Yo that was Carli Bybel's ex . Smart vanderpump gains whole new audience she has a million fans .That also recognize him and will chat about it .

  12. I'm in shock that Brett Cap is going to be on this show. He seems like a nice guy. Most of the guys on here are douchey

  13. So that beauty guru Carli’s man is in this?? Also why all these new people out of nowhere

    Edit…. and why is Raquel not an official cast member?

  14. I don’t have a problem with new people but I find it odd they’re already in the opener when Lala and Britney had to wait a couple seasons 😂

  15. Beau’s in the opening credits but I want to see Layla’s Randall in there too… I know he’d look so fucking awkward that I’d love it

  16. I hope these people never have children until they are in their 50's. God help those children. I think Ariana is too good for any of them.

  17. Raquel needs to leave James. He is still drinking. She is way too young to put up with it. She needs to be alone for awhile and start dating someone with some class and pride in himself. James needs to get off the show and start deep rehab and therapy.

  18. Who the fuck are all these new people?!? Um no, if your going to bring new people add some color to the mix I’m tired of only seeing white bread

  19. Not happy about the new people. Kristen has always been the black sheep, but Katie telling her she's never been happy in her life… Has Katie? She is so vile and a bully, and as bullies usually do, she takes her insecurities out on others. Schwartz deserves much better.

  20. Kristen used to be my least fave. But she has become my fave. She’s got her own home, her own business, she worked to be good with Ariana and Tom..not sure why but she did. She owns the fact she’s vengeful while everyone else denies denies being that. As for Ajax why is Sandoval his best man? Why not Schwartz? No way would I have Sandoval

  21. Poor Peter. What does he have to do to be included in the opening credits? Become a SUR manager? Done. Work there 8 plus years? Done. Be the only professional reliable guy there without any drama that would cause him to be fired? Done.

  22. Katie needs to go on a diet and lala needs a brain transplant because that walnut that's in there now isn't giving her enough computing power

  23. These new people….you can see they're acting because drama sells. Also Stassi suddenly looks 45…easy on the botox dear. Not sure if I'm gonna watch. Every season a new damn wedding. Sorry but BORING.

  24. Me, like a lot of people, have stopped watching last season because of stand Katy. We all love a bit of drama but that was just so abusive I felt weird and icky watching it. Like I felt by watching it I somehow contributed to it because of better ratings. Kristen and Jax the other seasons were horrible but they at least got some karma. But last season with Katy….and Kristen. When I saw James got fired I turned of the tv and was done. I know reality-tv isn't always the most realistic but this was just another planet, and not one that was interesting of fun to watch. The only reason I might try this season again is because I want to see James come out on top. But it's really hanging by a threat.

  25. So funny how they photoshopped Lala’s hair color to blond in the opening, because it’s the same shot from last season, but they made her hair blond. 😂😂😂 it’s obvious it’s from last season, why would they make her hair blond?!! 😂 no need to do that imo

  26. I just want Kristin to win one so bad. She has had the worst luck with all her boyfriends, even one of the earlier seasons she said he cheated on her 5 times.. now her friends can't even be there for her. I just hope she wins one and someone sets Katie straight!

  27. Delusional one to delusional 2 come-in delusional 2…… yeah Rodger delusional one this is delusional 2 come back……
    These people live in a f**** dream world, and the scary part is they vote. Nothing to see here people all secure, uh yeah no! Bernie Sanders voice in the background……..
    I'm in the hospital and this is all that's on!!!

  28. Scheana of course she slept with a new staff is anyone really shocked 😳🤣 stassi I would of pull him to the side BUT TOM BOSS POSITION WENT TO HIS HEAD HE’S HALF OWNER!!! A sweet Tom why allow nasty disrespectful Tom to talk to your wife like that!!

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