[VIETSUB/ENGSUB] [Episode] ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ MV Shooting Sketch

[VIETSUB/ENGSUB] [Episode] ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ MV Shooting Sketch

We are pouring blood, sweat and tears while preparing now (This comeback is) gonna be awesome.. RM: Almost paradise~ Noblemen
RM: Almost paradise~ Noblemen I want to be sexy (I am) feeling a bit cheeky So handsome They look awesome on screen this time This is the personal story scene filled with pain I’ll be hidden under the veil Feeling a bit painful The two wings (which are supposed to be on my back) are ripped off I’m filming the scene where I will get back up again Fighting! Next scene now Suga here Now I’m gonna play the organ! My concept is playing the organ But that organ is not even connected to the power supply The MV’s color! So artistic! My tongue turned green as well If you see the MV you will realize that there are a lot of green stuffs Does looking at this handsome face Make you want to be kissed? We’ll get to eat something nice today right? A bowl of ramen please See you guys tomorrow S: See you tomorrow! JH: Thank you Today is the second day of filming Blueberry~ PD: Ready Block my eyes like this So scary When I take the eye patch down there’s gonna be paint here I poured my blood, sweat and tears Yet it turned out to be green I wore a pajama How old is this kid huh I’m gonna fall down from this height So I’m kinda worried now The water is gonna come up here To be honest I’m not really confident in myself Cause I’m so sure I’m gonna be startled Will Hobie really be startled? Jump I tried to hold it back but woah My feet are pretty You’ve worked hard! Well, J-Hope is the one to end it all Jumping Around
Jumping My heart is fluttering Even if it’s just a statue I don’t even know what this means Who looks like statue more now? My acting was not bad just now Feel like a beast watching Yoongi hyung V: Want you a lot and a lot~ Hyung, “WINGS” is the album that is made just for us right? Chew Chew
Chew Bad kind of sexy? Kya Ya, let’s go in and arrange the formation BTS always do their best
Till the end Finish filming “Blood Sweat And Tears” MV Everyone! That’s a wrap You gotta end a day of work by an MV To really be able to taste the greatness of finishing Of course, this is how we’re supposed to finish things 2nd Full Album’s MV is finally done We worked hard I hope the “WINGS” is gonna go big Fighting! Where is their ending? You can’t see their ends Cause they will never stop going further Do you want a kiss from this hard-working hand? Hahaha I’ll give you one if you want Haha you have worked hard today

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  1. ê mấy cậu ơi, có ai có ảnh cap hoặc fanart cái khúc Hobie cầm cung mặc áo khoác len đỏ honggg, bữa giờ mần lục tung mấy fanpage với cả twitter mà kiếm hong ra ahuhu

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