VLOG#1 İtalya’da 2.el ve antika pazarını gezdik!

VLOG#1 İtalya’da 2.el ve antika pazarını gezdik!

Hi guys, Today We’re visiting the flea market of Turin Yea The smile that burned the world If i buy these, could I become a richer person? I don’t know, I don’t think so You have to know which one is useful Perhaps there might be something valuable These are interesting How much is this knife? -50€ okay press F to pay respects Turn it (I’m wet already) I wonder if they killed people with this? Can we taste it? Try it Go on Italian gibberish You eat too But what is this? Which animal? This is a UHMMMMMM What will you do with this video? Oopsie copystrike by some old lady I want to buy something but I don’t want to just because second hand items might be cursed When you buy it, it becomes third hand so actually lift the curse Yiğit I might saw something about China There are too many This one Can we take a video?-Yea sure UwU how beautiful How much does it cost? Good tho -wait wait -You should come There’s also Turkey How much are these ones? 10€ but i can make it 7€ I’m from Turkey so you can you make a special discount? Alright 5€, you in? I dunno, still thiking and this? I can make the Soviet one 3€ 3? Lenin (bitch) Yiğit is very indecisive This one is German How much is this? Same I can make 5€ at total And this? ( enough) This is Sputnik, It’s a collection. Therefore it’s 10€ We’ll come later I wanted to buy Turkish one but 10€ is too much I didn’t want to buy it for 75 tl I could find in Turkey for 50 tl I hope Are those Japanese? -No, Chinese How do you understand it? From clothes Also writings How beautiful this is UwU wait I should try speaking Chinese Ni hao fam I forgot the rest Btw, Camera’s battery is dead Because we shoot the tram for 30 minutes Ilaria okay, I L A R I A You buy this Put it in your room and do not sleep anymore HARAMBE BIG F Euroksdksdksfk I’d buy something if they were cheaper Everything’s either 10€ or 20€ or even 30€ Like when you go somewhere like here, you think about buying everything for 1€ but it doesn’t go like that INDIAN EFFECTS TIME T-SERIES FUCK YOU bitch lasagna dicksquad issa balloon damn a1 turkish skills for 10 second Now i start communist language Okay guys Pope is here Okay my fellow viewers Today i made this vlog As i said before, we visited a flea market This market is open in the first week of every month So, it’s actually an unique bazaar I wish I could buy something Because I went there to find Something second hand and nice But everything was enough expensive so I couldn’t buy something at all But it’s been a good window-shopping And i wanted to share this with y’all I thank my 3 friends who came with me today You can follow them on IG Don’t forget to follow them Good day to everyone. And I hope to see you on other videos Don’t forget to subscribe

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