Wake up and pour the water in!! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]

Wake up and pour the water in!! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]

(Seonho got inside in Team YB’s tent.) (I should take care of my precious shoes.) (Seonho gets inside his sleeping bag.) (Wiggling) (Ravi is approaching the tent from a distance.) I can see you moving from far away too. Really? (There is no privacy or whatsoever.) (Piles of hot packs) (Pressing) (Ravi puts the hot packs to survive the cold.) I can’t believe I’m sleeping outdoors. (It’s exciting to have the first outdoor sleeping.) (DinDin gets into Team YB’s tent.) Gosh, it’s chilly. (All Team YB members are ready to sleep.) Of course, it’s Jongmin. (He spots Team YB.) Guys, is it comfortable? – Good night. / – Sleep tight. Ravi is sleeping right in front of the door. He is going to run after the mission in the morning. Goodness. Your shoes would get wet if you leave them outside. Right. Put them inside. (It’s not easy to get inside Team OB’s house.) How do we get in? How do we sleep here? (Jongmin got in Room 101.) (Tottering) (Room 102 and Room 103 are occupied.) (OB House is comfortable like their own house.) – They built a nice house. / – Right. It’s nice. This house is nice. I’m relieved that we have a long blanket. – Please wake me up. / – I’ll wake you up. (Everyone, good night.) (What about Team YB?) (Passed out) (Rummaging) (It’s Ravi’s first time to sleep outdoors.) (So he rummaged a bit.) (Snoring) (Ravi perfectly adjusted himself to this life.) (The night gets deeper in this freezing winter.) (Fluttering) (It gets very windy suddenly.) (Team YB’s transparent plastic is fluttering a lot.) (What sound is this?) (Empty) (Half of Ravi’s body is out.) (Rummaging) (He spots Ravi shivering.) (He quietly gets up.) (Seonho fixes the plastic tent.) (This should be okay.) (Thank you, Seonho.) (They are at peace again thanks to Seonho.) (But it only lasted for seconds.) (Windy) (The wind got stronger than before.) (The plastic tent is about to collapse) (because of the wind.) (Eyes wide open) (What’s going on?) (He gets up to see what is going on.) (Packing) (They are fixing the tent for the second time.) (Working meticulously) (He got inside after fixing the tent.) (Snoring) (Ravi is deeply asleep thanks to his teammates.) (OB House on the other side) (Snoring orchestra) (Base: Jongmin) (Baritone: Junghoon) (Tenor) (Moon Seyoon) (Touching melody that breaks the peace at night) (As the night orchestra ends,) (the morning has come at the winter academy.) (But they are still asleep.) (Junghoon gets up.) (He gets up as if he’s possessed.) (It’s fallen regardless of the repair work at night.) (He gets up too.) (Seonho is the first one to get up from Team YB.) (Junghoon gets ready to go out) (for the morning mission.) (Seonho gets ready to go out too.) (After preparing himself, he goes back to bed.) (Junghoon is the only one who’s awake.) (What is that?) (Knocking) Seyoon, get up. (The morning alarm goes off.) (Good morning.) (The camera bows.) Gosh, my back. Jongmin, let’s go. (He leaves first.) (Team YB gets up right away as well.) We need to get up! (Ravi isn’t awake just yet.) (He’s lost.) (In their hearts, they’re already running.) (But their bodies won’t listen.) (Meanwhile,) (Junghoon already arrives.) (They need to grab one of the prepared items) (and get water from the valley.) (Each team needs to fill up their water tanks.) (The first team to pour over the red line wins.) (Which one should I pick?) (Their choice of item matters.) (He’s in a dilemma between the basin and the ladle.) – One each? / – Yes. (He picks the basin.) You’ve picked the bottle. And you? (Ravi, third in line, picks the ladle.) (Plastic bag?) Hold on. (DinDin, last from Team YB, picks a pair of boots.) (Seyoon automatically gets the plastic bag.) (But in actuality, the plastic bag Team YB didn’t pick) (turned out to be very useful.) (He could carry a lot of water.) (What is Team YB’s strategy?) (They just run.) (They continue to run without resting.) (They speed up.) (They hurry.) (They hurry more.) (They hurry a bit more.) Why are you so fast? You’re the fastest. (Meanwhile, what’s Team OB’s strategy?) (They make the most out of each trip.) How could we beat them? One, two. (This looks like) (a grand cataract.) (Pouring) (Ravi cheats.) (He steals a ladleful.) We can keep doing this. Let’s go. (They return from another trip.) – What are you doing? / – There’s not much left. – Share some, will you? / – What’s wrong with you? Let’s share. Ravi, do it right now! Ravi, hurry! – What’s wrong with you? / – Hurry! – Let’s pour it. / – Let’s go. (They try to turn the tables around.) Hurry! – One, two, three. / – Hurry. (Despite Team YB’s interruption,) (the 2nd cataract is formed.) (Deluging) (Team OB wins with flying colors.) – There. / – Team OB wins. That was easy. Oh, my! – Oh, no! / – Why were you standing there? Why were you there? (He looks miserable.) My team members are competent, so one of us just needs to wake up early. (They won because of the basin.) (Dejected) Team OB wins. They can now get off work. (Team OB can go home.) No one was here when I came. Good work. Team YB, let’s go work. – Let’s go. / – Have fun. (Laughing)

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  1. i think the reason it dont have alot of views is that 2d1n comes in bits and pieces.. we dont know whats happening, we dont know which 1 comes first and which 1 follows.. meaning, we dont understand the whole show, its frustating to watch.we just end up not watching anymore.. sigh

  2. These teammate so awesome. Their take care each other, YB or OB they share everything. When the game start it, like war fields. After that everything is share to each other…..
    Nice job guys…..
    Hope those peoples can see how good they are. …

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