What’s up, y’all everydayKaShay here giving you real natural tease out here, you know with this little low bun Jesus Christ! Anyway, Barb and I just decided to stop an errand to pick up some stuff from Walmart So I’m about to go in do a little trial haul Oh Barb do a little try on haul and we’re gonna see what they have because I hear they have some which my jig some Follow fashion stuff. So anyway All right, so let’s get into it first up is this really cute camo cropped and adjustable windbreaker hoody Love the lime-green detailing. I got this in an extra extra-large. And this was in the junior section It is definitely worth the buy only about 1288 So definitely grab it now, you know, you gotta hold yourself down with an all-black pair of cigarette pants Perfect for leisure wear as well as for business casual I wanted to grab these prints because they were under $15 y’all and a perfect grab for fall You can wear them with a black shirt Like I did in a lovely cardigan Which is exactly what I’m wearing in this clip as you can see I went with the red black and white cardigan I got it a size up which I would recommend just so that it would fit on my arms But I love how it fits in the bodice. Very nice loose comfortable And it falls just about mid thigh. So gives you great length 1596 and other colors are available Now you can’t go wrong with a pair of lovely sweat pants now, I did size up in these I went with a size 20, but I thought about these with a pair of easy waverunners right these would be perfect they’re super comfortable feel phenomenal y’all and I believe you can get these and the top for a total of $12.88 This dress was a little questionable for me It’s a sweater dress, but I love the split detailing on the sides for the legs makes it super sexy I wasn’t wearing the right undergarments So it just a good grab for me but I would definitely recommend you all go to try it on he is called the rib duster and retails for $16 96 cent and they have other colors next up We have a pair of plaid pants in gray and I absolutely love these because they were a bootcut pant I believe these pants cost $18 and some change but these are perfect They remind me of something that you can find at New York and company so definitely worth the grab All right, and here is another pair of cigarette pants this time in some fun Leopard I actually want to size down in the leopard print so I got an 18 they fit a little tighter But still appropriate for work So they’ll also worth the grab Oh y’all I paired these cheetah pants here with the super bright pink sweater Which was super cute and comfortable I was just trying to turn the sleeve around though because it’s such a structure fit Definitely worth the buy though and great on price as well Here’s yet another sweater that I’m showing off with these sheet of pants And this one is a stripe kind of ribbed sweater It fits amazingly around the bodice and gives some additional room in the upper chest and arm area which is Perfect, and it just made me look good. I felt good in it. Lastly. I’ve got two cardigans to show y’all These are longline cardigans and I love when the sleeves on my longline cardigans are super Long it makes me so like, you know super cozy So this longline cardigan the first one in 10 was about $15 and now you see the second one is a plaid Longline cardigan, which is super super comfortable and super warm y’all. This was definitely a great Buy It does go for a little more in I believe $27, but I would definitely recommend buying it. So go check out your local Walmart y’all because they have tons of fall fashion I didn’t get to accessories this time But definitely stay tuned for the next couple of videos because I am going to be shopping at Walmart. Don’t sleep on it Okay, don’t forget to Like comment subscribe y’all and I will see you in the next one as always. It’s been amazing blah blah You

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  1. I really like the gold and leopard, but that pink and leopard was ?. Pink is my favorite color. Love it, keep up the good work.

  2. I already know this video’s about to be ? so I already liked. Love camo in fall. That red cardigan is ?. Yes to the plaid in fall,I picked up two pairs at old navy. Cheetah in fall ummm yes ma’am!. To me a cardigan in fall is a definite must have in fall. That plaid cardigan was definitely a yasss hunty. Love these types of videos,it gives me a bunch of style options. ??????✌?

  3. I literally just bought a sweatsuit from somewhere else and wish I saw this video beforehand bc that's a nice price tag for the set!

  4. I so was about to do this video when I saw this girls rendition m. Great minds think a like!! Love that camo jacket & plaid pants

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