wanna be MY DAY: slow morning, shower bottle and sweaty Bucharest

wanna be MY DAY: slow morning,  shower bottle and sweaty Bucharest

the alarm is still snoozing good boy, who’s coming from there well hello good morning sweetie oh how small and sweet you are today so small and cute shall we go to get some vaccinations today? yeah lets go such a nice thing to do yeah and Sami is not gonna get any vaccine today all cleaned up and checked the waters and starting to feed the dogs to have everything done before leaving to the vet they eat dry food mixed with another dry foods different qualities mixed up together to have more like medium quality food for all Otto is checking out the taste you like it? then it’s pretty much everything done the dogs have water, everything is cleaned everyone has food I’m going to the vet and gonna take a quick shower before that this is the water for the shower I took it out from the well this morning and it warmed up here in the sun during the day so now it’s warm just throw it on yourself summer time is so easy I need to show you this jungle is my yard on the other side of the fence is the shelter so I live right next to it and this is the main house which is not quite finished yet but it is already livable I stopped to fill the car and there are at least 5 dogs at the gas station until now done with the vet visit one dog remained there, Mazy will fly to Finland soon five other dogs were vaccinated and now I’m going to pick up one new one a dog who was hit by a car some weeks ago Carmen saw the accident and took him to the vet she has been taking care of him and now I’m going to pick him up to take him to the shelter his name is Moro I can’t handle it, his name is really Moro yeah, Moro will move to the Carpe shelter so I’m gonna pick him up and then I go back home luckily it’s not that hot anymore maybe something around 30 degrees but in the shadow it’s fine I need to show off my meals from today really no one should eat anything this stupid but I often do and then, soup for lunch it’s actually juice, but it’s thick and weird, so I call it soup I think it’s easier to handle that way and also it feels more like food when called soup sometimes I also eat some real things

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