Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Own | 10 Fall Fashion Items

Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Own | 10 Fall Fashion Items

welcome to ada style minute! for those
of you who know me welcome back and for those of you who don’t my name is Ada
a fashion designer and personal stylist and I help women become the best version
of themselves so they look great and feel great and do great with confidence
and today I wanted to give you the ten essential items to have in your fall
wardrobe that actually even beyond fall forever these are just great essential
items to have in your closet every woman should own them so let’s go ahead and
get started so the reason I put together this checklist was because sometimes I
feel a so many of my clients might get a little bit overwhelmed thinking oh my
god there’s so many things that I need to have in my closet to look great and I
do have an essentials checklist that you could download below but I wanted to
give you just 10 fall items to just get started with so when you do go shopping
you’re not just buying random things or you know the impulse buys with that you
see but you have kind of a checklist that you’re running with because these
are great essential items to always have in your closet whether it’s for business
casual or work play all that you could just mix and match so the first item I’m
actually wearing it is a silk blouse a white silk blouse
now if you’re not one to really like white maybe you could be a different
color for you perhaps a little bit more of an ivory or I don’t know if you shot
red whatever it may be whatever colors you like maybe something darker, gray
another neutral camel but I love to have a silk blouse in my closet because
anytime I need to go too quickly to a conference or night to dinner you throw
it on it just looks expensive you look more polished and it’s a great item to
also accessorize the next item item number two to have in your closet is a
good pair of black denim now trousers are also really nice but the reason I
say black denim is because with denim you can dress it up or you could also
dress it down so they don’t necessarily have to be cropped like the ones that I am
wearing right now they could also be longer they could be just whatever is
more fitting for your body type so this is a high waist by Levi’s I really like
the cropped look because I have a lot of different sneakers and ankle boots that
I’m gonna be pairing these with but definitely a nice pair of black denim
jeans is super great to have in your closet
the next essential item wardrobe item that every woman should own is a blazer
and I’m not necessarily talking about like a suit blazer like something with
like those big ol shoulder pads but a nice kind of casual blazer that is maybe
with like a plaid or some kind of print something that’s a little bit more
relaxed so you can dress it up or you could dress it down and you can throw it
over this outfit that I’m wearing right now you can wear it with jeans a t-shirt
you can even wear it with like leggings and a t-shirt and as a matter of fact
sometimes if I’m in my gym clothes and I need to run to my daughter school for a
meeting or anything I’ll just throw in a blazer and my little runners and I am
good to go so a blazer is a great essential item to have in your closet
and if every woman should have it the next item every woman should own is a
nice fitted cashmere sweater so I chose black but of course for you it could be
something else it could be navy it could be maybe an ivory or different color but
just a solid color what’s so great is this exact sweater I couldn’t put it
over when I’m wearing right now and create just you know a nice classic
outfit I could pair it with a skirt I could prepare it also with blazer but
it’s cashmere it’s fitted it’s flattering and of
course it depends on your body type and I do have in essentials checklist for
different body types of what looks most flattering on you but for me personally
I get really cold in the fall and cooler weather and I like to have my neck
covered so of course I’ll wear maybe a necklace or something like that so for
you maybe it’s a v-neck that you like or scoop neck or a cowl neck so different
styles for different body types but definitely just a nice cashmere sweater
is a great essential every woman should own the next wardrobe essential
every woman should own is a nice pair of dark denim jeans so this one here is by
made well whatever cut whatever kind of shape you like but a nice dark denim
pair because with these ones also you can dress them up you can dress them
down you can wear them many of my clients could wear jeans on Fridays like
casual Fridays but it’ll still be a little bit more dressy especially if you
pair it with like a silk blouse or just a nice blouse you can really dress it up
with some heels or ankle boots or a printed shoe so just dark denim is super
flattering on so many body types and just find a pair that is great for your
body type and having these essentials in fact I did a video that I’ll link below
on how to get ready quick all of these items you have them kind of in your
wardrobe separated out from the rest of your closet and you can just go and get
ready super quick but like I said I do have another video on how to get ready
quick and how to build up a capsule collection interchangeable wardrobe but
just some of these 10 items you’re gonna you’re good to go and you’re ahead of
like 80% the next wardrobe item that I think is so great to have that I think
every woman should own but of course just depends on your style is a leather
jacket so you know it might depend on the color you prefer may be that you
like camel or maybe blue or I don’t know berry whatever color you’d like but
having a leather jacket is such a cool add-on to your wardrobe is just you
throw it on you can even put it off your shoulders and it just says coolness
automatically and again you can throw this over a t-shirt and leggings you can
throw this over what I’m wearing and automatically is just create that cool
chic look also coming up this vault having a pair of black ankle boots is so
nice to have because it goes with everything in your closet so I say black
but again that could be cognac or tan for you but an ankle boot is so nice to
even wear with with cropped pants like what
I’m wearing just to elongate the line and matching your boots with your pants
just makes your legs look longer so definitely recommend to have a pair of
ankle boots especially if you have the black pants have them in black and it
just will go with everything in your closet there you have it
chunky heel also super comfortable it doesn’t have to be a stiletto or high
heel or even a kitten heel you can have a chunkier heel but so nice to have
these boots in your closet all right so now let’s move on to accessories and yes
I think every woman needs to have a nice leather belt in their closet or 3 or 5
or 10 500 so any if you chose maybe black boots then go for a black belt or
if you love tans and cognacs they’re so nice to have for fall this is the Carmen
belt from the ADA collection and this is the infinity belt from ADA
collection so having a nice denim belt will just polish up your look because
you’ll fill in the the loopholes and also maybe having a wrap belt so you can
also take this shirt out and belt it around the waist you could also wear a
like this lower so it’s so nice to belt some of your Blazers your cardigans
really nice to have in your closet and lastly it cross body handbag you’ll see
these all over right now cross body is so nice it’s just comfortable hands-free
you gotta have one alright there you have it 10 essentials every woman should
own this fall hope you like this video leave me a comment let me know what you
think leave me any questions and again give me a thumbs up and subscribe on the
bottom thanks so much for watching and see you next time on Ada style minute
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