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Hello friends. Namaskar let it be any washing machine. Top loading, front loading, semi automatic or fully automatic the basic function is one. We have to find actually where the problem is existing. In this video we will see. Actually I am facing drain water problem. I solved it. In this video we will see. How I solved and how I succeeded. Thank you This is Water is draining from tub. I mean water coming from this point to here Now we have to open this We opened it If you open it. It will be like this See water is getting drained from tub and coming to this and going out through this. Now we are suspecting the seating which is inside may be getting stuck up So this is thing which is visible. This is the thing which is holding the valve seating. The valve which is going to sit stops the water draining when shut. What we will do. We will open this. When we open this. You see how we can open this. I will tell you One procedure. Use your left hand. When you operate it. It will rotate like this. Open it. We will see what may be inside. See I opened it After opening. You will see such type of thing Now you see. It will be called valve. Actually it gets operated. When sound comes from washing machine. When TAK TAK sound comes. What happens When sound comes from washing machine. This one gets operated By operating this By operating this. This will go and stop the water which is coming out of the valve seating Now see. There is a spring inside There is a spring inside. For operating this there is a bend for connecting the other side to washing machine Now what . See earlier I have told in my earlier video. if any puncture on this. Like in this area. See the construction of this. If get punctured it will lead to leak So. You have to watch very carefully for any puncture. In this there is no puncture. It is OK. Now we will see. This rubber sealing is excellent. Little dirt is there. By cleaning this it will be fantastic and will become very good And the second thing. In this area there should not be any punctures. If any punctures in this area then 100% water will leak through the washing machine water outlet drain. When you start filling water in tub for washing then water level will get lowered When you open this. Take little care to open this. What happens some times. In diffrent types of washing machines For installing there will be problem So opening is easy. If once it comes out. You have to practice it. Don’t fear. First you open it. After that every thing will become alright. Now see. In this there is no problem. Getting operated exactly. There is no stuck up If. If doesn’t get operates properly. Suppose when you operate the machine. If it doesn’t get fully shut. Now operating. When I release it. It goes and shut fully. From here to here see. If doesn’t get operate correctly. See this much only released. It means. It did’t get close fully. So there is a clearance between valve seating and rubber sealing. Then your water starts leaking through outlet drain of washing machine So you have to check this one also. But actually it stays inside. We can’t find. Until you don’t open it. So that’s why. At any cost we have to open it. Then check for any clogging. If you can’t see from this side. If you are unable to see from this side. So what to do Put this mirror like this. By putting mirror. See we can see the front portion of drain valve facing for any jam/clogging Now This is actually this all is one way. How you see. if suppose I put wire. It will go like this Basically one way One way only See this. Some dirt particles have come from inside. Little ones. Not too big ones. But something is lying inside. Mean block/clogging is there For shutting this. If any small little particles obstructs. Then hundred percent water from drain outlet will get drained If any block. From this unit. In this seating if let it be any small particle/piece. Then 100 percent it will not hold and water will leak from washing machine. Maximum problem will be in this only. Watch it very carefully if any thing is existing inside. It is very problem. See this. You are watching this small piece. This actually see More we will see what may else is remaining in this If any thing blocks on there on seating then hundred percent See this. If any small clog remains Then leak will start This is seating. On this, do not use sharp objects to clean this. Wipe it with the cloth only. If you use sharp item to clean this. It will get punctured and water will start leaking. Clean it with the cloth only Let us see. And what more on this. There is no problem on this. All remaining is perfect . We will clean it. And we will fit it and let us give connection to the link provided. Now see. Watch very carefully. Not to use much sharp items. But remove the dirt very slowly. See the dirt. Remove it like this. See how I am removing. How it is coming out. see it Very much dirt will come from this. By not cleaning this. What happens. The sealing will not be perfect. When sealing is not perfect. What will start leaking. It is very simple Now it is cleaned. Now sealing is accurately perfect. This is my practical washing machine. Now the leak should be stopped hundred percent. Why because we did some work on this. You can watch this how it was earlier and now. Back of this plate there is a mechanism. See when it will get operated. One mechanism is there. To make this forward and backward. I mean. In this horizontal position, to get it operate. Here is a point. This will get connected up in the bottom. When When it is connected at the bottom. We have to check whether it is fully getting shut or not. See here it is a point. This is automatic. There is a point. See When it get operated. Will be operated like this. When sound comes while operation of draining water. That sound is TAK, TAK. What happens. That is this. Actually. What is getting operated. Basically what is getting operated This thing is only getting operated. This getting closed and getting opened. See this, its a point. From this. Actually this tray is obstructing to view back side. And I can not make washing machine up right down. Why because the washing machine is suspending on four points. If I make it so. The washing machine will come from the other side. . So. See. And this point. See my finger. This point is going to housing and operating it. See here, Watch carefully This is now in shut position. When I operate it. See this is open position. It is in open position. And this is shut position. Now open. And now it is shut. Now we will assemble it and check it. Whether it is holding or not. As per my concerned. I am so confident. When the work is done on this. Hundred percent water should not leak from this washing machine. Clean this valve seating also thoroughly. From inside. This fits under this where groove is provided. See this. There is a groove. It will get fitted inside this. Fit it inside valve holding assembly. After that. Make it to sit properly inside of this. Once its gone Please remember. All threading to be fully inserted. Do not leave a single thread. If you leave even single thread. The valve will not shut properly. Now. I will say one important thing in this. See let it be any washing machine. Constrictions is same. Little differences are there between diffrent washing machines manufacturers. If this point is here. In other washing machines it will be little bit more distance than this. But basic purpose is same. The thing which I shown and did is basically to check if anything is blocked. So after that you can clean it and fit it back again. But there is a important point this. If there is a very little obstruction to operate the valve properly to sit on valve seating. Then your washing machine hundred percent will start leaking. This is main point At last what we have to do. Take this. This side is coming from tub side. And this is going to drain. So what we have to do. That’s all. Make it to fit properly. That’s all your job is done. Actually I rebuilded this one with the new material and also made a video regarding how to open this and to rebuild. So this is the rebuilded one. That’s all. Finally it is over. Now. Your washing machine will not leak. You can do like this

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