Water plants while on vacation using water bottles

Welcome to another video In this one
I will show you how you can save your plants from drying out
when you go on a trip with a simple device that
you have in your home! It is not more or less
than a plastic bottle. Just a simple plastic bottle. You make holes in the plastic cap
with a hot needle. You heat it up on a flame and then
you just put it in the cap. 3 or 4 holes
should be enough. You can use 1,5 liter, 2 liter
even bigger bottles depending on the space you have. You put the caps on the bottles that are almost
full. The idea is that there will be a vacuum forming
inside the bottle and it will stop the water from flowing out. If you see, it stops flowing
But when the sun heats the water inside, the air
will expand and it will make some water come out. You just take the bottle,
you put it next to your plant… And try to put it safely in place
Just dig deep a bit Not too close to the plant so you don’t damage
the roots but
try to keep it… make sure that it stays straight. You also have the option to put a stick
on the bottle and tighten it with a piece of tape
or a piece of wire if you have… It depends on what you have available. Like this… This one will not go anywhere. If I tap it, it looks just like a water cooler. Because of capillary action,
the soil, when it dries, will draw moisture and water from the bottle. It will drain it slowly slowly. You put one bottle ore even 2 if it’s a
bigger pot… on each plant… These are the Goji berries, they have one
bottle for each. Showing you few peppers and 2 Avocado small
trees. And the Jasmin as you see,
it already draws the water out. The water is coming out from the bottle. The bottle is being squeezed. This will last 3-4 days even so,
you can be away for a week and you wouldn’t have a problem. They will still be alive when you come back. It’s a very easy trick and
it will save your plants and you will be able to relax on your trip. Showing you the Kaffir Lime with the same
bottle They work flawlessly If you liked this video, please
give it a big thumbs-up and if you want to see more videos like this
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how your plants are doing! 🙂

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