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  1. Hey isn't 'i' the Vant Hoff Factor? As far as I know ionisation constant is Ka (for acid) or Kb(for base) or Kw(for water)?

  2. Professor Anderson, why did you choose to utilize bars over MPa megapascals. Bars is not approved by the international system of units (SI). I would also assume since psi pressure is a physical force relatable to measurements conducted in physics studies and other STEM science studies. It is also labeled in my pearson textbook as such. I ask because the only place I have ever seen bar measurement is weather stations, and on pneumatic technology and compressors frequently.

  3. Question – if the ionization constant of sugar (no ions) is 1, NaCl (two ions) is 2, is the ionization constant of MgCl2 (three ions) 3?

  4. my name is Sai and every time I hear you refer to psi, i chuckled, thanks for explaining well, also our AP Bio teacher told Us to take notes on your videos so that is what Im doing right now

  5. This is something that confuses me sooo much I’ve had tutors try to explain it my teacher tried to explain it to me, only some of it has sticked.

  6. Really ur teaching is appreciable, it really helps to understand water potential. Actually I have doubt in question given in Ncert book, can help me?? Send ur reply I waiting…

  7. Can someone help me with this problem:
    A closed, saclike membrane, completely filled by a solution with an osmotic potencial of -27 bars, is immersed in a solution with an osmotic potencial of -21 bars. Assume that the membrane is permeable to water only and that the osmotic potencials will not change with osmosis. What will be the water potencial of the internal solution at equilibrium? The osmotic potencial? The turgor pressure? Answer the same question for an external solution with an osmotic potencial of -16 bars and for one with an osmotic potencial of -20 bars. thanks

  8. Question: what would you multiply -5 by in the example problem if the coontainer was closed? How would you find out the pressure

  9. Paul, there is another convention for significant figures. The rule I use does not use only figures in the answer equal to those given. it uses the all the, “certain” digits and then the first uncertain digit, but no more. So, at 8:47, I would provide -4.9 bars as the answer.
    In engineering, this is common practice.

  10. at 9:19 why is there zero pressure on an open beaker? do you just not account for atmospheric pressure when calculating water potential?

  11. AP Bio is hard but worth it. Can't wait to study biotechnology after high school. I'm also taking biotech this year.

  12. it’s 1:30am, i have a quiz tomorrow on a bunch of stuff i don’t even know and im 3 seconds from a breakdown.

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