Watery Eyes May Mean Blocked Tear Ducts – SLUCare Health Watch

Watery Eyes May Mean Blocked Tear Ducts – SLUCare Health Watch

this morning’s HealthWatch if you
normally wake up wiping crust and gunk from your eyes you may have an abnormal
condition one SLUCare surgeon has two ways that may clear things up
Kim Hudson is on the Health Watch did you know tears also come out of your nose? That’s why you get a runny nose when you’re crying SLUCare otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon Dr. Joseph Brunworth at SSM
Health – Saint Louis University Hospital says blocked tear ducts can make you cry
even if you are not sad and that can be from infection autoimmune diseases You can even be born with the condition one sign is frequent infections Dr. Brunworth and SLUCare ophthalmologist Dr. Gabriela Espinoza work together to
clear the ducts from outside the nose So I will be coming from endoscopically
while she can do the puncta that’s the opening from the outside she can work on
the puncta make sure they are open leading down into the sac and then we
work in conjunction to open that into the nose Dr. Brunworth says that
procedure leaves a scar whereas another surgery is done entirely from inside the
nose it doesn’t leave a scar on the outside of the face which is nice and
recently has been shown to have equal results if not sometimes better on the Health Watch I’m Kim Hudson

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