We Got New Bikes!

We Got New Bikes!

– I told the girls that
I when I pick them up I would have a special surprise for them. Are you excited to hear
what our surprise is today? – [Girls] Yeah! (upbeat music) (cheering) – Do you think they’re excited at all? I can’t tell. Sitting outside of the
Belle Meade Plantation which is an old plantation
here in the Nashville area waiting to pick up Addy
and Maya form their homeschool history club,
where they go once a month to learn all about history. And I told the girls
that when I pick them up, I will have a special surprise for them. So, I think they’re gonna be very excited to see me in just a few minutes. And I can’t wait to tell them, and you what our surprise is going to be. (upbeat music) How was homeschool
history club today, girls? – [Girls] Good! – What’d you learn about? – I learned about the war. – I learned about pink, my favorite color. – Oh, interesting. Are you excited to hear
what our surprise is today? – [Girls] Yes! – If it’s so exciting we have to vlog it, it must be really exciting. – It must be a good surprise. We have beautiful weather out, it’s a little windy right now,
but it’s been so cold lately. And we had pretty weather yesterday. We went for a bike ride. And Maya a couple weeks
ago you learned to do what? – Ride my bike with no training wheels. – Ride her bike without training wheels. Have you seen that vlog yet? if you haven’t, you could check that out, it’s a really good one. – After this one, of course.
– We gonna go get new bikes! (cheers) – Do you think they’re
excited at all, I can’t tell. Maya’s bike, the bike we have at home I bought it for you when
you were four years old. And she looks like a
giant on it, don’t you? And it still has training wheels. So, it’s time to upgrade her to a big girl bike now without training wheels. – Yeah, so we’re heading to Walmart? – We’re gonna go to Walmart,
we’ll just start there and we’ll take a look. And then Addy– – I need a new bike. – Your bikes seen better days as well. And you’ve grown a lot, too. So I think it’s time for you to get like a real, like, big bike. So, I figured we’ll start at Walmart. – Yeah, let’s go. – We’re gonna look for some bikes. – All right, let’s go. – And hopefully, since it’s
a beautiful day outside, come home and test them out. – Yeah let’s go, come on. – It’s bike shopping time. (upbeat music) Wow, there are so many
bikes to choose from, girls. What is it? – Are any of these my size? – These ones, let me see. This is way too small, Maya. This bike is probably the size that, I think it’s smaller than the
bike she actually has actually This bike, I think Maya, I think
these are all 16 inch bikes and I think you need a way
bigger bike than a 16 inch bike. – That means I get a big girl bike. – You do get a big girl
bike, that’s why we’re here. I think this whole section
is too small for you, Maya. These are all like
– Go on the other side. – starter bikes, 12 inch, 16 inch. – But the ones on the other
side are too big for me. – I think you can ride a
bigger bike than you realize. Let’s go to the other side. This sides too small,
let’s check the side. Addy says they’re all too
big on the other side. I hope that’s not the case. (speaker away from mic) Over there? Okay. All right, we’ll go check out those. Here we go. – Is this one my size, 20, up there. – I think 20’s probably
what you need, Maya. – All right, so we know I need 20. – Let’s see, this is 20 inch, too. But it says it’s for
heights 4’2, to 5 feet tall. I wish I remembered how
tall you guys where. Maya’s definitely in that
range, you’re not 5 feet yet. – I’m definitely not 5 feet,
and I’m more than 4’2, so. – So you’re right in there. – Yeah, so we can both get a 20 inch bike. – Probably so. All right Maya, let’s try one. You see one you like? – Let’s go see the ones that’s over there. – Hey, wait, wait, wait. What about like this one
up here, this ones cute. – No that’s too big. – No, no, no, that’s the right size. (upbeat music) One says Seastar, it’s Huffy,
have little streamers, Maya. – Things for like, the
training wheels aren’t on, so I could try it. – All right, you wanna give it a go? It’s just like a car, you
gotta do a test drive. That’s a cute one, too. Charmer, has the little hearts on it. And a basket up here. We learned that Maya is big on baskets. She likes the bikes that
have baskets in the front. So I told her we’re not
gonna select the bike just based on the basket. We can always order a basket afterwards. We’re gonna pick the bike that feels right when she rides it. (mellow music) How about the one Addy’s riding? – It has a handle brake and
you can also pedel backwards. – [Mom] Oh, that’s nice, do
you wanna try that one, Maya? – Yeah. (laughs) – [Mom] Whoa. What are you thinkin’? – I really like the one
that one was over there. I wanna go see if that one. – All right, let’s go try that one. I think Maya’s feeling
a little bit nervous because she isn’t riding
as well in the store. So I’m trying to remind
her that we’re in Walmart, there’s aisles, it’ll
feel much more natural when we’re outside and not constrained by bikes and isles and toys and things that she’s afraid of running into. This ones too small for you, love. It has training wheels
and you will outgrow that by the time you’re 4 foot 2, which I think you
practically are 4 foot 2. This is a cool one, too. – [Maya] But it has training wheels. – It does have training wheels. It’s an 18 inch so it’s
between the size you have now and between a 20 inch, so I’m not sure this would be something
you’d outgrow too quickly. Maybe it’s just the right
in between, it’s cute. Should we pull it down
just to take a look at it. – No. – No? Okay. Maybe not, it’s cute lookin’ though. Addy’s checking out this
bike, which is pretty cool. But we’re not sure yet. There is a Target right down the road so we could head to Target
and see what bike they have. And kind of compare, what do you think? – But what if we go to Target and we don’t like those ones, how would– – [Mom] Then we’ll come back here. Headed off to Target. It’s a
shame because we use to always do our bike shopping at Toys R Us because they had tons to choose from. And now there’s no Toys R Us’s, we’re kind of just
trying to piece together maybe a Walmart, maybe a Target. (upbeat music) Target bike section is
not as big as Walmart’s but we’ll see if we can find
something here that works. This one is 20 inch, this
one could work for you guys. You’re gonna pull it out? This ones a little too
big, that’s 24 inches. – What about that one? – This one up here,
yes, that one looks like it could work for you. Addy, you might need a
bigger size, actually. I can’t tell if you just
need to raise the seat. You might be able to try a 24 inch bike. This is cool mountain bike, Addy. – What’s a mountain bike? – It’s just a little bit more rugged. So you can ride up not just on roads but on different, like, slopes and– – Okay good, because I
literally in the arboretum there’s this area,
basically, how I pass people is I get in the grass and it’s
really bumpy for my old bike. – Well this might be
perfect for that, then. You wanna try it? Woo. (laughs) Thing about mountain bikes is
they have gears that you shift so you shift it depending
on whether you’re riding uphill, you make
it easier to pedal. If you’re going flat, you
can make it harder to pedal. So it’s a new thing to learn with bikes. – Do you think I’ll be
ready for this kinda bike? – You looked pretty good on it. – Yeah, I feel good on this one. – Maya really likes this bike. This is not at all what I
pictured you’d be picking out. I thought you’d be picking out something really frilly with a big
basket or a place for a doll. But this is the one you like? Why do you like this one? – ‘Cause it looks like a big kid bike. I wanna big kid bike. – [Mom] It does look like
a big kid bike, Maya. That one? Or this one? – That one, the one you’re wearing, Maya. – [Mom] Like the unicorn,
you like that one on her? – Yeah, it looks cute. – [Mom] She can have a big kid bike but a cute unicorn helmet,
I like the combination. – A big kid. – [Mom] But I think
they’re both for big kids. – I want a big kid one. – That’s a big kid one. Try the other one on, too. Remember you have plenty
of years to be a big kid. So, I say be a cute little seven year old with the unicorn helmet
as long as she can. – Fits good. – Fits good, so which ones it gonna be? – This one.
– That one? All right, girly. – Big kid.
– Big kid. Okay, I feel like we have a
lot of helmets in our garage. Helmets that I’ve kinda
collected over the years we’ve gotten from grandma
and grandpa’s house. But we’ve had a couple
of fit issues with them. And now that they have big girl bikes that are gonna be a little
bit more challenging for them I really wanna make sure they have helmets that I know fit well and that are secure and that I know are gonna keep these little heads nice and safe. (upbeat music) Lookin’ good, girls. Now we have to figure out
how to get them in the car. I’m gonna have to move
some seats around here. (upbeat music) I was trying to avoid
taking Colin’s car seat out, but maybe we can take his car seat out and then we can free up a lot more space. Ready to do that? – Yes. – [Mom] I actually think I got it. You think it’ll close? – Yeah, but I’m just
not sure about my bike. – It’s your bike that’s hangin’ out here? – Yeah. – Moment of truth, we’re
gonna try to close the trunk. All right, here we go. Here we go, will it close? (sighs) Denied. Angle this wheel up a little bit more. That might close. Come on. (gasps) It closed, we got the bikes in. – We did it, yay! I’ve never been so happy
to fit bikes a car before. – Hi, Colin. On the way home from the store, we actually picked up
Colin from preschool. He’s still a little sleepy,
which is why he’s so quiet. He was sound asleep
when I went in the room. So I had to get him up
and try to wake him up. What’s next to you? What are those things back in the trunk? – Bikes. – [Mom] What are they? – Bikes. – [Mom] Bikes, who’s bikes are they? – Maya and Addy. – Maya and Addy. They are Maya and Addy’s bikes, but we have a special surprise for you. – We got you a bike. – [Mom] Are you gonna
have a big boy bike now? – No, but I want a tiny bike. – [Mom] You wanna a tiny bike? (laughs) On our way out, we actually stopped and got Colin a balance bike, too. They are those bikes that
they don’t have pedals on them but they suppose to be really good for teaching how to balance for
like a big boy bike someday. So, it’s still small
enough that he can learn to hopefully ride it and balance on it. And that way when it’s time to put him on a real big boy bike
without training wheels, I’m hoping he’ll be ready,
so it’s interesting to try because I think Maya had
one when she was younger but she never really used it. So I’m hoping he gets the hang of it and is able to enjoy it. Who wants to go ride bikes now? – [Girls] Me! – Home we go to put the bikes
together and start riding. Do you wanna see your new bike? Yeah? It’s in the front seat. You can help me get it out. – I wanted a Spider-Man one. – A Spider-Man one? – You still have your Spider-Man tricycle, and you can still ride that too. But this is just gonna be like a bike to help you ride a big boy bike. (upbeat music) The girls seem like they
are already good to go. Just a couple test drives. We’re just gonna get Colin’s up and going and let him try it a few times. And then probably head to the arboretum, which is a beautiful trail
just down the road from us. And do maybe a couple loops around there and let them get really warmed up and feelin’ good on their new bikes. (upbeat music) Colin, did we even have
to get you whole bike? Did you just wanna a wheel? – Yes. – [Mom] Yes, just a wheel. – Yes. (laughs) – Look, daddy needs the wheel now. (upbeat music) Let’s see how you ride it, buddy. Addy’s gonna help you. All right, start walkin’. Just like that. (upbeat music) Now see if you can go a
little bit faster, Colin. Wow, look at you go. – I guess this is how you teach
a toddler boy to ride a bike – [Mom] You wanna try again? – Yeah, sure, I wanna go fast. – [Mom] You wanna go fast, okay. I’m assuming that just with over time he’s gonna get quicker and quicker and balance a little bit better. – It’s scary. – It’s scary, it’s okay. – I keep goin’ down. – You keep goin’ down,
it’s all right, buddy. But it’ll probably be a learning process. We’ll get better, bud. We’re comparing Maya’s
old bike to her new bike. And her new one is so much bigger. Which is crazy to see how
small her bike was for her. I can’t believe you were
riding this tiny one. (upbeat music) We made it to the arboretum. Colin’s bike is in the stroller with me because I knew he couldn’t ride it here and he probably can’t
ride it the whole time but once we get to an
area where it levels out, we’re gonna let him ride
it for a little bit. And I’m gonna always have the stroller to either put it in, or
him in when he tires out. (upbeat music) We lucked out because
it’s a beautiful day. It’s been so rainy and cold lately. And I think it’s gonna be
rainy and cold again tomorrow. – I heard, boo. – The next three days we have rain again. So we’re gettin’ out while we can. (upbeat music) Well, we haven’t quite
picked it up yet today. We’re draggin’ the bike with
us now, but we’ll get it. Maya took a long time to
get off her training wheels, we just had to wait until she was ready and I’m sure it’ll be the
same thing with Colin. We have to wait til he’s ready to do it. And he’ll do it just fine. (mellow music) Thanks for watching Tic
Tac Toy Family today. The girls are doin’ great on their bikes. Colin, do you like your bike? – No. – No, not so much. We’ll get there though. We’ll see you guys next time. For now we’ll leave you with XOXO!

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